A Bull’s Point of view on cuckolding a couple

A Bull’s Point of view on cuckolding a couple
]I’m the Bull …Laurel Was his Wife, Now Dan’s A Cuck – How I Poached A Man’s Young Wife From Him And Made her my Baby Mama…..

Dan asks, “Everything OK.”
“Yes super.”
“Good, Laurel and I have been talking and”
“I like you, I like the way you kiss me and hold me and touch me. You touch me like you respect me as a woman. Shall we?”

I sit back next to her and lift her lips to mine. A soft kiss as I cup her breast, she begins to unbutton my shirt.

“Laurel do you have any limits sexually?”
“No, please fuck me however and wherever you like, Sir.”
“If you do not like something say, stop.”
“Yes, Ok, Stop” she replies as I caress both her breasts. Her blouse and bra fall quickly after that, her nipples are hard and fully erect. I pull back a bit and ask Laurel if she would like a massage. Dan had told me earlier that she loved a full body massage as foreplay. So the three of us go into the spare bedroom where my massage table is setup. Candles scented oils etc. were all laid out earlier.

“Very nice, Sir, Thanks for planning ahead.” as Laurel removes her slacks and panties.
“Please lay down face down. That’s right, let me adjust this and place this pillow to lift your hips. Is that good?”

I start at her shoulders and neck working my way down her back to above her hips. I then moved down to her feet. She moans as I rub her feet, ankles and lower thighs. I slightly separate her legs as I lower her legs and begin to massage her upper thighs outsides first then moving to the inside. I can smell her juices as she spreads her legs more teasing me to her pussy. I hold back moving to her butt cheeks first, I rub down her crack pausing to stroke her asshole, I then quickly wash my hands adding more oil.
I return to her inner thighs massaging up one then the other, I pause then slide my hand over her soaked pussy. She moans loudly, as I stroke her erect clit. Her passion builds as her breathing rapidly speeds up. I slide two fingers into her cunt and stroke her clit with my thumb as she rapidly cums. She orgasms repeatedly, seemingly easily as I glance over at Dan.
Dan is watching but rubbing the back of his neck as he sits in a chair, as I make his wife squirm and she fucks my fingers.
I pull them out and after a minute, ask Laurel to roll over to face up.

“Dan, are you OK, can I get you a more comfortable chair.”
“No, I am fine, please continue.” Laurel looks over at him briefly as I begin to massage her face and scalp. Down her neck to her shoulders then down to her feet. She moans softly.
“I love the way you massage my feet, feels sooo good.”
I move slowly up her legs watching as her chest moves up and down as her breathing increasing in tempo. I Then move the lower part of her breast, first one then the other being careful not to touch the nipples, yet.
She is moaning now, time to….I grab both nipples rolling them between my thumb and fingers. She loudly moans then her body shakes, she is cumming again. I start to pull her nipples and breasts upward as her orgasms continue.
I give her a break as I rub down her tummy to her hips, then I glance at her face, her eyes slightly open, watching as I slide my hand between her thighs to her pussy, her hips respond, eyes close, thrusting on my fingers forcing them into her. I place one hand on her clit spreading her labia as the other hand fucks her cunt. Laurel is shaking and trembling as she cums and cums. I lay on her chest and kiss her, she grabs me as I try to keep her on the massage table. Finally I relax my fingers as she begins to come down from her orgasms.

“Laurel, please stay lying down on the table so I can get you a drink before you try to get up.” But she tries to sit up anyway, practically passing out. Fortunately Dan caught her. I gave her a glass of cool water, which she rapidly drank.

After she has rested for a few minutes, and her blood has redistributed itself, I lead her into the bedroom-where she and Dan have had sex, where he time and time again had failed to satisfy his young wife. Laurel takes down my pants and briefs, taking my cock briefly into her mouth. I have Laurel place one of the Magnum XL, which Dan had be told to buy ahead of time. I was not in the habit of letting condoms on my cock, but knowing that in time I would be able to breed Dan’s wife into pregnancy I agreed for her first time with me..after all this is our first time together and I could relish the thought of her afterwards wanting to feel my thick penis bare inside her. Laurel takes the large sheepskin condom and sticks it between her lips then slides the condom over my cock.

“Fuck me please.” Laurel requests. Dan nods in compliance.
“That is what I have in mind dear I told her as I gazed deep into her foggy lust filled brown eyes that look of wanton lust unique to an unsatisfied married woman one of hope that it is her husbands inability to perform not her attractiveness that has led to her sexual disappointment in him, the man she married some 6 years ago.

I now have Dan’s wife bend face down over the bed. I lube her virgin married round full white ass, then slowly slide an anal suppository into her knowing that it will take just seconds for the infused d**g to activate…run though her veins and make her one hot wanton married whore.

I then have Dan come to the side of the breeding bench to his now lust filled wife and instruct him to roll her over for me. I then fasten her small arms to the light restraints. Her legs are attached to the upper frame of the bed, hanging in the air slightly spread widely. I slide between Laurel’s legs and slowly slide my fingers into her pussy. I bring her to orgasm, her hips thrusting upwards, rolling and bucking as he lubes herself more fully than she ever knew possible…pure anticipation her vulva pulsates and deep inside her fertile womb begins to prepare for her mating ritual with me. I then replace my fingers with my penis. It is now at full alpha state, swollen, thick and at its full 10” girth, my balls begging to load up with sperms especially for the breeding of Dan’s young wife. I slide my phallus deeply into her soaking cunt, soon again Laurel is cumming repeatedly-multiple orgasms as my rid probes places never before touched by her husband . I pause for a minute remembering her husband Dan is watching “ See Danny Boy..this is want YOU can’t do…this is why you had to recruit me ….. Say it…tell Laurel that you are a little beta boy” “ Look at your husband Laurel, he has something to tell you” “Say it Dan “ Dan now begins to tear up and as he sees my stiff curved 10” sex prong arched up near his wife’s vagina he blurts it out “ I know Laurel, I know – I am not man enough to satisfy you…I am a wimp…its okay I deserved to be cuckolded…its okay, let him mate on youI accept my fate”

“Dan are you sure you don’t what to join in?…oh sorry little man I forgot you can’t, even if you want to. you can jack yourself off…..jerk than tiny thing Dan while I fuck Laurel really really good.
“No I just watch, you enjoying fucking my wife and she enjoying being fuck by you.”

So now I begin to fuck Laurel even harder. My cock can feel the empty lude suppository in her ass, knowing she is stoned out of her mind one that mixture of ludes and “X” just adds to the intensity of Laurels cunt wrapping around me, contracting rapidly, milking my dick and grabbing my cock hard when she cums.

I release Laurel’s arms and she wraps them around me holding me as we fuck. I slow my thrusting to give her a break from cumming. She slams her tongue between my lips kissing me hard and deep. The kiss is initially pretty dry, but rapidly becomes wet. I feel her hands grab my buttocks, a finger strokes my asshole pausing for a second then plunges into me. I thrust long, hard deep at rapid speed into her – Laurel is experiencing a rue Alpha Male Power Fuck now – her hips grind into my hips as her back arches her off the bench to meet my every slam. Now slowing I bottom hard into her pussy and penetrate her cervix. Moans of lust emit from her trembling lips, sweat being to glisten her youthful but full naked body… The Laurel begins to grab my ass holding on hard as in rhythm with my thrusts we are no longer two but one bouncing convulsing sexual flesh, mating like primitive man and womanthere is no turning back now. Laurel is mine, she has left Dan in her Mind and Body…she is now my wife and will have my babies inside her …Dan is but part of Laurels history be for “US”.

“God what will make you cum?”
“Oh you will, Laurel. Why do you want me to cum? Are you getting tired?”
“No, want your seed in me…I want your baby in me …cum in my womb…my egg’s are fertile and ready for only you…..give it to me….please…cum in time….

As she says that I hear Dan finally crack, he is sobbing and I look over and his dick is limp, shriveled from the humuilation, tears stream down his face in shame…..”Looks like to k**s for you and Laurel Danny Bou…she’s not just my bath now..Laurel is gonna be my baby moma…and I just laugh at her stupid husband…what a dumb shit think he could just have some fun watching another guy fuck his wife. with no consequences…what a dumb fucker..I just poached his woman right in front of him

I pull away from Laurel and freed her legs from the restraint. Laurel attacks me, grabbing my cock and thrusting her head over it. As she sucks my cock she slides two of her fingers into my ass.

Finally I pull away from her mouth as her head collapses into my chest, fingers still in my ass. We are both exhausted.

I pull my still rock hard cock from Laurel’s now soaked sperm covered cunt then showed Laurel the shower and she started to get ready to leave, I glance at the clock. I really fucked her for nearly three hours, came in her at least 6 times, only the first with one of those stupid condoms…..I’d Say not only was Dan now a total cuck, his wife was probably totally knocked up.
Laurel got out of the shower.

All too soon, Laurel is dressed, we embrace and kiss.

“Well Laurel I certainly enjoyed our first time together.”

She smiles and kisses me again, “Sorry I have to leave. I am sorry that You did not cum with me, but we can deal with that next time.”

Then for the kill “ Laurel, what if we say Dan leaves and goes to a motel and you and I…well lets go to your house and in that bedroom you share with Dan… Well you and I can continue to develop out “ relationship”

Laurel smiled and just beamed, aglow in delight. She wraps her arms around me and I tilt her head back and give her a long deep kiss…

“ Go Dan, I am sort of done with you any way…sexually at leastGo get a room some where. Anywhere…just not at home

…To be continue

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