Boobs Grabbed In The Parking Space

Boobs Grabbed In The Parking Space
This incident happen with me after I broke my virginity that 4 year back. .Just Completed Engineering this year now doing interior design course diploma of one year in pune .I am 21 year old. I am fair in color & height is 5.2 inch & figure is 34D-28-34 just trying too losing some weight. I had lost my V about four year back to a sir. I didn’t had sex like 6/8 months before this incident & even I don’t masturbated because I believe in sex it give me pleasure .Any how that’s all about me.

This Incident happens with me in month of February while returning from Aurangabad (hometown) to pune (current city) With Abhi this guy is my c***dhood friend. We use too leave in same society but further on I move to new place but still we are in contact .

He is 5.7inch height average looking according to me. But had a big fat Dick 4.5 or 5 inch something like that. So I leave in pune with my friend (she is the true lover one & I am complete opposite of her) I always try to say to her that “everyone in getting married So have fun with life” she said “It’s About loyalty to your soul mate” bla bla bla her her name is Neha . She is brown in color 32-28-32 her figure. She was in my collage. Now we both are doing the same course. Let’s Being

I had some work in Aurangabad of college so I tell my roommate. She came to drop me at bus stand. I went to Aurangabad .Next day I went to college to do my work .I saw abhi their.

Me-abhi I thought you was in pune??

He-wow… Just came to take my mark sheet.

Me- what are you doing in pune?

He-some computer language course until I find a job & U.

Me- interior design course It’s one year diploma when are you going back to pune?

He-Tomorrow at night.

Me- Me too… Just gave me a call so we can go together.

He- ok I will what are doing tonight?


He-ok then I will call you in evening.

Me-OK bye.

He – bye.

We meet in evening . I was wearing V shape neck red top & blue tit jeans & black hell’s on bottom. we went to coffee shop . we had some chit chat while having chit chat I was noticing that he is staring at my boob’s that day I was wearing tit bra which was exposing my breast. So easily my cleavages are seen. I was trying to cover them by adjusting my top. So anyway we order some snakes & later coffee.

After then we went somewhere else he said “parking your bike here we will go somewhere” “where??” “Just park and sit behind me” “ooook” .I Park my bike in parking behind the coffee shop and we went to mall . He had to buy some clothes .I had select few shirt for him & said “try this?” “ok” & he went to trial room. Till than I was look for some Patiala salwar for me .

I select one for me and went to trial room .He just came out of trial room “how’s this” “looking good on you” meanwhile he saw salwar in my hand “so you’re also shopping??” “yap if it look good on me” “anything look good on you you’re so pretty” “thanks’” and gave him a naughty smile and when to another trial room next to him .

I undress my top & jeans. I was in bra & panty’s notice that He was trying to seen from bottom of that room. Just to tease him I remove my bra & act like bra and fell down so I bent down to pick it .

I notice that he was their but I act like I didn’t see him and wear the salwar kurta & went outside to show him (it was while salwar kurta and it was little transparent so my compete boob’s are easily visible) “abhi how is this?” “Sexy looking too good on you” “have some shame I am your c***dhood friend” “ok ok sorry… so are you buying this?” “I am thinking is it looking good me” “believe me it showing your beauty” “you really think?”.

“Ask any man he will say the same” “so nice of you” & I hug him & went back to trial room. But this time abhi was look from up I remove my salwar kurta and put them aside .I wear my bra and I was looking in mirror .I was playing with my body for few second like figuring and pressing my boob’s after few second .I got dress up and went outside waiting for him to came.

When abhi come I notice that his dick was erotic. Which he was trying to cover with t-shirt. “Ok which one are you buying?” “All of them” “okk then give it me I will hold it for you” & I took the basket from their & put my salwar kurta in them.

“abhi so are going to do some more shopping like pant’s or anything??” he was so nervous he was acting So wrong & I took my hand toward him for t-shirt he said “I will hold them no problem” “But I had the basket na” he snap basket from my hand and said “why don’t you go and look for some pant’s on this t-shirt” “oook what wrong with you” “nothing it fin” “what size” “what??”

“Of your wrist?” “ooo that 32” “ok” I went to pants section & selected few pant’s for him and went to show him. He was in the same position “try this” “and he went to trial room “abhi basket??” “yay” he gave me the basket & my eye went on his dick. He notices that “abhi???” and he went inside the trial room. He tries the pant and said “ok” .I had a little smile on my face.

We paid for our stuff and went to parking & I just could not control my laughs & I started laughing . He said “its nature like your breast never get erotic? Let go?” but I was laughing so hard. He got so angry that he grabs my left boob and press it soo hard. “abhi…” “now we will see who will laughs” and he stared fake laughing.

I was lit embrace he said “now what happen where is the laugh gone” .again he grab my left boob’s and press it hard. I said “If again you try to touch my body I will slap you so hard that you will remember it your whole life lets go” “you started it” we went outside of the mall .

We was on a empty road it has less traffic So I grab his penis so hard that he stop his bike on the spot and I said “now you will feel the pain” let’s go” he got angry and said “you had to pay for this someday” “haha let go” we went near my bike .I took my bag and went near my bike .

Where my bike was park there was no one so he took the advantage .I was above to started my bike .he came for behind and grab my both boob’s and stared pressing them for few sec like 15-20sec and run toward his bike I shout “abhi I will kill you” till then he ran away I adjust my dress and when to home next day I got his call.



He-Still angry on me? You started it if don’t laughs I would do such thing.

Me -I don’t want your explanation.

A- Come yarr sorry for it. It was little out of line and I accept it.

M -it’s ok say how do you call me??.

A -hmmm I was booking ticket for tonight. So are you come or??.


A -Not Because of that last night incident.

Me-I am not like you to remember such things & I know I was embracing for you I should not laughs at you. So I am sorry for it.

A-yay me too I should not grab your boob .I was in angry. At least I should think that you are my c***dhood friend.

Me-it ok so what’s the timing of the bus ask him for the ladies seat?

A -I had talk everything with him it sleeper A/C & only two seat are left & it was last bus so??

Me-sleeper so we need to share bed.

A-don’t worry I won’t touch your body I promise

Me-ok then you pay for me I will pay you later

A-ok don’t worry

Me-ok bye see you soon


So I pack my bags and said to my mom

Mom-when? Knight

Me-yay it a ladies seat don’t worry and it a reputable bus service

Mom-ok then I had too made so many things in less time

Me-mom if I need something I will buy their.

But mom is mom .anyhow in evening he call me in same café too talk about the bus .I went there (I was wearing black n white Patiala salwar black jeans & heels that day my bra & panty was not dry due to rain session so I was complete naked for inside).He was sitting there waiting for me.

I went on the table. he showed me red buss app and said “look no seat are available” “it ok you I trust you” he came lit close to me and said “really sorry for last night incident” “It’s ok until you accept it was your fault” “what?? It was your fault you laughs at me”.

I ignore him and gave the order and said to him “the nice guy is who accept another fault on him” “ha ha ha you really know whose fault it was you better accept it otherwise” “you just dare to do and I will kick in (and look on his dick)” he started doing his fake drama acting of pain. Making noise of oo it pain. Sorry sayali please sorry .

I just gave him smile and said “not funny”. We got your order we finished it and went near bike both your bike was close. I said “ok then we’ll meet at night” but he was in the mood of total fake drama taking his hand’s bring near too my boob and take it back .

He had done this couple of time & one two time he had touch my boob’s but it was just a normally touch I said to him “people are thinking that you’re a clown before the start throw money on you please stop” but he continues to do the drama.

They I gave him money of the ticket. He take the money and seat behind my back and doing acting of last night bringing his hand near my breast from few distance moving his hand like he is actual pressing my boob’s “stop it” and I started laughing after few min he stop and said “ I wish my dick get erotic again so that I can grab them again”.

“ha ha ha after the you will get a hard slap” “oo I am ready for it” then he bring his hand near my Breast .My black scarf which was on my neck was covering my boob over the salwar .

He put his hand inside the scarf and apply them on my boob but he was not pressing them “abhi it is not funny please remove them I am feeling uncomfortable & embarrassing” & I was trying to remove his hands he said “but I am ready for slap” “abhi please” he started pressing them slowly slowly.

My one hand was on handle and another one was on right boob over his hand “abhi please stop” “wow no bra you’re so sexy” “please stop we are c***dhood friend” “you’re also enjoy it” and he increase his speed then he put his one hand inside my salwar and started pressing my nipple and from another hand he was trying to put inside my jeans but I hold his hand tightly they he turn me around to kiss he kiss me but I was not respond him for few second after few second I went away from him. He went on his bike but I was stand away.

After sometime I went on my bike and said “bye and don’t let anyone know about it” “wait I enjoyed now it your turn” and he hold my hand and put over his dick Started press his dick. they he leave my hand for a moment to unzip his pant too take out his dick but till then I started my bike and went to home .I went in my room .My pant was wet so I unzip my pant and put it inside my bag .

I was half naked and my room door was open. My salwar was covering my main area. suddenly my mama (he is unmarried doing job in a small company and stay with us) came in the room and said “it this new style too wear clothes in pune” “mama…” and stretch my salwar down which exposed my cleavage and my right nipple came outside of salwar.

So I keep one hand one my boob and another near my pussy. “cool down sayali I seen you naked many times don’t worry just came too said you that mom is gone outside to bring food/snacks for you she will back in hour and I am also going out OOOK” “Hmmm” they he seat on the bed and said “came seat here”.

I went and seat near him he said “Don’t worry I had seen you doing naught things many time like putting finger or the rubber thing (dildo he mean to say) in your pussy (I was shock he was knowing everything about me so I remove my hand put my nipple inside my salwar ) had you don’t sex??.

” “No” “are you saying truth or lying coz from few year I was noticing the way your figure is growing” “no really” “they why?? Your figure is growing like this!! Coz your age girls in not growing like this look tell me the truth had you kiss somebody??” I became more scary I said “yay one two time’s” then he keep his hand on my right leg near pussy and started moving it slowly slowly “so it means you had let the guy press your breast that why they are growing right sayali” in slow voice “yay”.

“I had notice when you go to college you wear bra and when you return to home your bra is miss so your panty also like now” and he push my salwar up to see if I am wearing my panty or not suddenly I put my hand on my salwar to cover my pussy and said to him that “no today my bra & panty are wet that’s why I don’t wear them”.

“But you have old pair of it you can wear it .it means you lied to me that you don’t had sex” “no really” “I am not k** that you can fool me how many time’s?? And if you lied than it will not good for you” “two three time” “how much??” “three time” in scary voice they suddenly he said to me “take out your salwar off” I started crying “no mama please” “how your mother will feel if her girl his having sex in this age so do as I say”

After few min .I stand in front of him unzip my back chain and took the salwar off “great you have any awesome figure which every man dreams of” I was crying “now came near too me” “please don’t please” he make his eye big so I went lit bit close to him. He grabs me.

I was trying to cover my body. he grab my ass & press it for few second then he remove my over my boob & started sucking them after min’s he was removing had over my pussy but he got call from his friend how is standing outside .

He slap on ass so hard that the spot he slap became red then he went away .I went too bathroom too clean myself get ready (wearing black tit pajama and white shirt and heels coz I had only bring heel with me & I had wear black bra & panty inside it .the top which I had wear was little bit transparent & like double the size of top I wear) had lunch mom call my mama to drop me on bus stand I had two luggage one is on my back and another one in my hand .

I said bye too mom and went to bus stand. I went to collect my ticket and said to mama “you can go now” he said “when is the bus?” “Just now about to came” “seat behind” he take his bike in a dark corner near bus stand .I got scare .

He grab ass & started pressing them. My bag which was on my shoulder was cover it for few min he keep pressing it and then he put his hand inside my pant & started figuring my pussy.

I cover it with my bag after few min’s it and started kissing me yakkess we kiss for a long time on aside he was pressing my boob’s over my top after few min he said “go until bus came bye” “ok bye” I adjust my dress and went near the shop from where I had collect the ticket .I buy a bottle of water to calm me down after 5-10 min’s I saw abhi had came with his friend. He said bye to him and came near me said “had you collect ticket?” “I had just collect my ticket coz my mama had to drop me” “

He went inside and collect his ticket” I said to him “please take care of my bag till then I will came from washroom” I went to washroom .clean my pussy and gargle my mouth & went back & sit next to him “so?” I said “So?” “Why did you run away??” “Coz I was feeling uncomfortable & got embrace of how you can do with your c***dhood friend” “so you are a girl & I am a boy it nature rule” I gave him a fake smile “and I like you from the day I had seen you” “really??” “but always get scare of say you”.

“hmmm” “I love you” “sorry abhi too broke your heart but I had a bf” “don’t worry I don’t have any problem from him” “I can’t date two guys at a time” suddenly bus came we pick your luggage and started walking toward bus he said “please na yarr look I want too married you” “wo wo where is this going??” “I am serious” we went inside the bus and went to your seat. I call my mom too we talk about 15 min’s so that she can sleep. He came sit next to me “so you’re not serious” “look… give me some time to think they I will said to you” a boy came asking for tickets .

I was setting near window & your seat was upper berth to gave him ticket I bend lit bit which made cleavage exposed .He was staring them like he never seen any girls cleavage. I went back adjust my top. abhi was staring at my cleavage I notice it I said “look front” “it my eye’s” I slap him were slowly with a smile .he started doing his fake drama of hurting his penis I said “stop it” and laughing then bus started on the way .we was out of city.

I took the blanket which was there. Which he snap from my hand “give it to me” “no” “it will get cold at night” “hello I am also in the bus” “ok ok we will share the blanket” so we share the blanket it was enough for both of us but he was put his leg on me and sometime his hand & I was moving it and laughing at him .he came closer to me and smooch me again I gave him a slow slap. he understood & started kissing me .

We kiss each other for 15min and at the same time he was pressing my boob he said remove your top and bra” so I remove my top & bra throw them in a corner and climb on him and started rubbing my boob’s on his face. he go complete mad and started sucking them Squeezing them biting them after few min I went down remove the blanket and took off his short and underwear & throw them in a corner and took the blanket over me and started sucking his dick for 5-10min’s.

I suck his dick mean time abhi remove his shirt then I went on one side to remove my night pant and panty. I went in sleeping position & abhi went down to lick my pussy .he licking my pussy for 5-6 min’s .

I was pushing his head more inside my pussy he licking my pussy and biting them on same time then he took the condom from his bag when I see & said “you came prepared to win the war” “I am going to kill??” “Let’s see who is going to kill whom” he put condom on him dick and put it inside my pussy his dick my fat and enough to make me happy & started fucking me ooooooo aaaa hmhhhm.

I was biting the blanket he cum & I said “Wait I was about to cum” he keep fucking me they after few min I cum then he went in sleeping position and again I climb on him and remove the condom & started lick his dick for few mins then he put another condom & inside his dick inside my ass. I think work can describe the feeling when his dick was inside my ass ooomggg I grab the blanket so tit he grab me and kiss me after few min went on 69 positions for we was in this position for 15min.

Then he applied another condom and he went in sleeping position so I climb on him & put his dick inside my pussy and from one hand he grab my ass and from another he put his middle finger inside my ass & started fucking me. ooommmyyyy godd he full field my 8 month s frustration he fuck me 5-6 min’s then he said “stop let’s go to sleep” “what happen tired so soon come abhi” “no yarr some other day” and he pull me away.

So when too sleep naked I was in the arm’s while sleeping he grab closer and we went to sleep bus stop at place for tea and snacks .he wake me up I got dress up put my bra and panty inside my bag till then he was outside of bus so I was climbing down I notice the same guy who had seen my cleavage was staring at my ass. He was shouting tea/snack/bathroom. I need to cross him took get out of bus.

I know that I didn’t wear bra & panty and while crossing him definable we we’ll get close to each other. So I took my back while cross him I was feeling dick touching my ass as if he was not wearing underpants & he was in the shorts. So while crossing to him suddenly bus driver applied brake which gave us a push.

I was about to fall in front but boys grab my breast and hold me till 10-15 sec.while he grab me my left boob was complete press to his hand as if he was hold my left boob so anyway I said thank you. Meanwhile bus driver done it again actually he was parking the bus and abhi went so fast I thought that the bus was parked. This time I was in front of him we almost kiss him not not kiss but my lips was close enough and he grabs my ass & presses it.

I said sorry to him and went down abhi and I had tea. He said “I need to smoke you go to seat”. “if you smoke then you’re not going to touch me” in a angry ways and went from their while going in a bus I notice the guys was stand outside so I went near him and said “how much time remaining for pune” he said “in pune where you need to go” “I said karadi” “ooo karadi almost 2.5/3 hour .are you from pune?”.

“No my family leave in abad and I am studying in pune” “what are you doing?” “interior design course” when I will build my house I will call you” I gave him smile I ask him “where is washroom?” “don’t go Madam it to dirty you won’t able to go there .do their behind tree” “I get scare of lit insect” “don’t worry I will come with you” “no way I can do in front of you”.

“if you don’t trust me the go alone & I am married” “ok ok came but do look behind?” “Ok madam” we went there I saw abhi was still smoking I ignored him and went near the tree and said “are you here na” “don’t worry madam I am here only” so I took off my night pant and done my thing and pull the night pant up. While doing I was looking behind he was staring me so badly as if he dream to fuck me anyway we went away from there.

I notices that he dick was erotic .we came near bus we was talking like general thing while he was talking to me he was staring at my boob and I was staring at his dick. He was rubbing his dick while talking to me. After few min I went near abhi .he was standing there I ask him “what happen??”.

He was staring at stars and then started staring toward me” “abhi…”and I got blush and bus blow his final horn almost everyone was inside just few people was stand outside I was the last one to climb in bus .abhi was in front of me and the guys behind. While climb my seat he grab my ass. I didn’t say anything I went to my seat.bus was on his way .abhi got undress I got undress we had sex till 3/3:30 then abhi went to sleep near window I went down to ask him how much time is remaining for pune that guys said madam half hour is remaining.

So again the guy came back to wake up few people while I was going toward my seat I was climbing up he grab my ass and pressing it I went to my seat abhi was facing toward the window and the guy went way I got undress and wear my bra and panty and got dress back .My stop came abhi was wake up till then he said bye and I got off the bus my luggage was in the trunk of the bus so said too the guys he help me to get off my luggage. I was checking my luggage it is ok or not .

He got some courage again he grab my ass …after that incident abhi got job and never get time like on weekend he call me but he stay away from me & I also didn’t have any interest on him & about mama he got transfer to Amravati his hometown but wherever he came for festival. He use to try so hard but all family member are at home so he leave hope poor guys but he keep pressing my body whenever he had a moment that’s my i****t Sex Story .

Every girl has a story of sex but she will never share it because of her reputation. & a Special Thank you Guys for Such an awesome platform…I had more story to share with you guys but I never get time and few story which I had share got rejected due to incorrect word I hope I will correct them Soon & share with you guys you can contact me but don’t ask for no or any personal detail you know well I am not going to share it

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