Big Cock

Friday lunch at Mark’s and again I am in the kitchen making him a sandwich and getting him a beer. When I bring it out to him he thanks me. As I’m heading to the kitchen to clean up from making his lunch, Mark tells me there is a cupcake in the fridge for me. I thank him and ask if he wants one also.

“No, that’s a special treat I got for you. Since you’ve been making my lunch all week I though I’d get you something to say ‘thank you’.” he told me.

I opened the fridge and found a chocolate cupcake with cream filling. One of my favorites. I brought it out and sat on the couch watching Mark finish his game while I ate the cupcake.

“Is it good?” He asked.

“Yes, it’s delicious. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Time’s almost up. Get this cleaned up before we have to go back to work.” he commands.


“How about a little respect in my own house?” he says calmly. “How about a ‘yes, sir’.”

“Yes, Sir.” I say without even thinking.

I clean up his plate and glass and then we head back to work. After work he invites me to his place again for games and dinner. I agree and ask what we’re having.

“Nothing special. I though we’d just get a pizza.”

“That sounds good.” I replied.

“Tell you what, why don’t you go home and shower and change then bring the pizza over. Say about 6:30.”

“Yes, Sir.” I replied without even realizing I had said it again.

So at 6:30, I knocked on Mark’s door with pizza in hand. I had also picked up a 6-pack of the beer Mark liked. He seemed contented when I brought it all in. He sat on the couch and waited for me to serve him dinner. Which I did.

After dinner Mark told me there was another cupcake for me in the fridge. And again it was the same kind and I ate it while we played video games. This actually became the new routine. I served Mark lunch and dinner. Sometimes at my place, but usually at his. He gave me a cupcake.

The following week while I was eating the cupcake Mark asked me if I liked the filling. I hadn’t really paid much attention to the filling. So I focused on it on my next bite. It was not quite as sweet as the typical filling, but it wasn’t bad. It was a little sticky, like the sugar had started to melt. I told him my description.

“But do you like it?” he pressed.

“Yes, it’s very good.”

“I made that filling just for you.” he said with a smirk.

I was shocked to think that he had made something for me and wasn’t sure how to respond.

“That was so nice of you, Sir. Thank you.” I heard myself say.

“You’re welcome. Maybe later I’ll show you how I made it.”

After a few beers we were watching a porno flick. It was hot so both of us were in our shorts only. Marks tone body was oddly attractive to me. I admit I have always had bisexual tendencies, but had never acted on them or thought anyone else had really noticed. At least not anyone where I lived now.

At a scene where a girl was deep throating the guy in the movie, Mark paused and handed me a cupcake. He told me this one was just a regular cupcake, but if I wanted he would show me how he makes the special cream filling.

“I’d love to see how you make it.” I said starting to rise.

“Don’t get up, just hold out the cupcake.”

He stood up and before I could react he had dropped his shorts and his cock was out and in his hand. He was already stiff from the porno flick we had been watching. He stroked his already stiff cock to a full erection as he pointed it at the cupcake and my face. I was staring at his cock about 2 feet in front of my face. I found I couldn’t take my eyes off of the smooth head. Then finally I took in the length and bredth of his manhood. Mark continued to stroke while I sat there watching.

“You like what you see?” he asked.

I just nodded, still was holding the cupcake in front of his cock. Mark picked it up and pushed the opening of it against the head of his cock. I saw his cock pulse and throb and knew he had cum. His cum was now inside the cupcake. When he pulled the cupcake away, there were a few crumbs on his now glistening head. Held there with a couple of drops of his sticky seed. I realized the special cream filling Mark was talking about was his cum. I was shocked speechless.

“Go ahead and take a bite. I’ll wait.” Mark stayed in front of me, his cock now hanging over his testicles.

Almost as a passenger in my own body I took the cupcake from him and took a bite. Sure enough it was eactly like the cupcakes he had been giving me, although a little warmer in the center. I chewed the bite still staring at his cock, watching the crumbs on his cock head soak up the last drop of his emission. Mark noticed and put his hand on the back of my head. He pulled me forward and held his cock up so it was almost touching my lips.

“Lick the crumbs off my cock.” he ordered. “Taste the cream from the source. I’ll even let you suck my cock if you want to.”

Extending my tongue, I licked the head of his cock, which jumped as my tongue touched the sensitive skin. Instinctively, I reached up with my free hand, grabbing his cock at the base to hold him still. The taste of his nectar with just a hint of chocolate was amazing. I closed my lips around his head and gently started to suck. My saliva built up quickly, just as it does when sucking a lolly-pop. I swallowed, causing his cock to throb and stiffen again. Mark let me suckle his cock a bit before he stepped back.

“You can suck me off while I sit. It might take me a while to cum again, so you’re really going to have to work for it this time.”

Still holding my hair, Mark stepped back to his chair and sat down. His hand pulled my hair when he moved. I moved to my hands and knees as he dragged me between his legs to his cock. On my knees between his hairy legs, I reached up and held his cock in both hands this time. Stroking him a few times to make him turgid before closing my lips around his cock again. I tried to go deep but gaged. Mark told me to take it easy.

“You’ll have plenty of chances to learn to deep thoat me. For now, just focus on giving me the best blow-job you can. Let’s see if you’re a natural.”

I held just a couple inches of his manhood in my mouth. Cradling his cock with my tongue I sucked him in and out a little bit, rubbing his head against the roof of my mouth. I heard the movie start playing again and Mark watched porn while I sucked his cock. Since he had just cum, and was distracted by the movie a bit, it took a lot of sucking to bring him to orgasm again. When he did, I swallowed every drop of his cum he could issue.

“Oh yeah. You’re going to make a good little pet.”

I stayed between his legs, beaming at the praise and promising myself that I would indeed be a good little pet for him.

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