An invite to my neighbor Lisa’s house for tonight. Lisa and I can best be described as “Neighbors with Benefits”. It had been a month or so since we had matching schedules. I can say, I was really anxious for what this night could bring.

The evening came and we went out for a quick dinner and some drinks. While there, Lisa kept excusing herself and would go outside and make phone calls.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked after she came back from one of her trips.

“Oh, no, nothing wrong. One of my friends is just going through something. I’m just trying to help her, you know.” she replied.

After dinner we retreated back to Lisa’s, where she immediately escorted me to her bedroom. Impatience grew on me and I immediately began to make a move, so soon as I did, her phone rang.

“I have to take this, you go ahead and get ready.” she said as she left the room.

I decided to get ready, as Lisa suggested. After a few minutes, she returned and found me naked, lying in her bed.

“Good, you’re almost ready.” she said as she walked into her closet.

“I’m ready, are you going to be ready?” I asked.

Before she could answer her phone called again.

“Just stay there, I’m sorry.” she muttered as she excused herself from the room.

After several minutes Lisa returned, she went back into her closet and came out with a box. She removed several straps and a blindfold.

“I like where this is going.” I said.

“Maybe, we will see, there is some curiosity abound.” Lisa said as she began to tie me up. First she bound my arms to the head board, then my legs. She finished by placing the blindfold over my eyes. Then she placed earbuds in my ears and music began to play.

I was now a bit puzzled, I understood the blindfold, the straps, but the earbuds? What could we be doing?
Ideas began to brew in my mind, my cock grew in anticipation. I was just laying there, waiting for any touch or feel of something. I’m not sure how long it was, but it felt like forever.

After a while I heard the door close under the music.

“Lisa? Are you there?” I asked.

No response. I adjusted myself around the bed, hoping I might bump into Lisa. Nothing. After what seemed to be a lifetime, I felt a slight touch, a fingertip, it started at the tip of my cock, tapping the head a few times and gentling running down to my balls. Then the finger returned to the tip. It swirled around the head, focusing on the underside where the head meets my rock hard shaft. The finger then began to gently message the hole, playing with the precum.

Next a felt a hand grip my shaft and slowly stroked up to the tip, and slowly back down to the base. Up and down, slowly she stroked my cock.

“That feels so good baby!” I exclaimed.

The hand left my cock. I once again was just laying there. Then I felt a warm, wet lick from a tongue. The tongue licked in circles around the bulging head. It felt so good. My cock was then swallowed into that mouth. Down it went onto to my aching shaft. Slowly it rose back up, releasing my member. The hand began to slowly stroke it, while the mouth once again licked and swallowed my head. The mouth became so wet, the warm spit was now dripping down my shaft and down my tightened ball.

The mouth once again released my cock. I could feel movement on the bed. Two legs straddled my chest. I anticipated Lisa’s juicy hot cunt to smother my face, but it didn’t happen. Instead she began to suck my cock again, very slowly. A foot hit the side of my head and knocked out one of earbuds, just enough I could hear outside noise in the room. I could hear heavy breathing and the sloppy sounds of my cock being sucked.

“That’s good just like that.” I heard Lisa whisper.

“Mmmmm this is good” was said in a whisper. A whisper that didn’t sound like Lisa.

“Lisa?” I began to ask.

Before I could say another word, I could feel the legs move and get closer. Then my face was covered. I opened my mouth and began to explore with my tongue. I was licking and found a mound of hair. Lisa was normally trimmed short, however it is possible she let it grow out, it had been about a month. As I searched I found the meaty lips. I moved my head to be better aligned. The smell of her sex and the taste of her juices were different. A few more licks and I began to consider that this was not Lisa. I took her labia in my mouth and sucked on them. I licked inside her warm tasty folds. I flipped her hood with my tongue and began to lick her swollen clit. She moved to get a better placement and began to moan. I continued to work her juicy hot cunt, but before I could make her cum, she stood up and removed herself from my face.

I lay there again, blind to the scene, strapped to the bed. It seemed like minutes. Then the bed began to move again, I felt two legs, one on either side of my hips. Then my cock was grabbed tight.

“Just slowly lower yourself down on it” Lisa whispered.

“Lisa? What’s going on? Is there someone else here?” I asked.

I then felt the head of my cock rubbing against dripping wet lips. Slowly I felt her lower herself onto my cock. Her pussy was so wet, it slid right in all the way to my balls. She just sat there still. I could hear her sigh. I shook my head to free the other earbud.

“Lisa? Who else is here?” I asked.

“Shhhh. Just lay down and keep quiet.” Lisa said.

Then the pussy began to rise, right up to the tip, then lowered back down. The pace was very slow, her cunt was very tight. Very, very tight. After about ten strokes, the pace picked up. It was not fast, but it was a very comfortable pace.

“There you go, that’s it. That’s how you do it. How do you like it?” Lisa whispered.

I could hear a voice whisper very softly to Lisa, I could not make out what was said.

“Are you sure?” Lisa asked.

I did not hear a response, but I felt a hand touch my face, then the blindfold was lifted. After my eyes adjusted to the room light I looked up and saw a beautiful petite blonde riding my cock.

“Hi, I’m Autumn.” she said with a nervous smile.

“Hi” I replied back in shock.

“This is Autumn” Lisa said, “That is her girlfriend Andi.” Lisa said, pointing to a woman sitting in a chair in the corner.

I looked over and saw Andi, sitting with her hand inside her tight blue yoga pants. She gave me a quick wave with the free hand.

“So, Andi and Autumn are lesbians. I work with them. Andi use to have a boyfriend and Autumn had never been with a guy. Autumn wanted to try it and Andi said it was OK. So I volunteered you, hope you don’t mind.” Lisa said.

“No, I don’t mind at all. Not at all!” I said.

Autumn looked somewhat relieved and began to bounce a bit faster and harder on my cock. I looked down at my cock and it was covered in Autumn’s thick sex juice. Up and down she went. I was mesmerized on how tight her pussy was gripping my cock. After the anticipation I knew I was not going to last long.

“Fuck, that feels so good, I want to blow.” I warned.

“No not yet!” yelled Andi from the corner.

Autumn stopped and dismounted me. Andi got out of her chair and came over.

“I just love the taste of my Autumn’s pussy. Can I taste her on your cock?” Andi asked.

I looked at her and then looked at Autumn. Autumn then slid over making room for Andi. She came over to the bed and leaned in and licked my cock, from the base to the tip.

“Oh my god her pussy taste so fucking good.” Andi said.

She went back to work on sucking my cock. Autumn and Andi took turns. After a few minutes my balls tightened and my cock was throbbing.

“See Autumn, he’s going to cum any second, just look at his balls, feel how hard he is!” Andi encouraged.

Andi and Autumn each had a hand stroking my cock. It felt so good, I tried to hold on as long as I could. I could not hold it any longer. Along with a loud grunt I began to flow, each pulse shooting hot ropes and hot cum, splattering all over Autumn and Andi. Each stroke producing a spurt until eventually I was dry. Andi took her cum covered hand and licked her finger.

“It’s as good as I remember. Here Autumn, taste it.” Andi said.

Autumn took Andi’s hand and licked my cum off her hand.

“Thank you so much. I have been so curious about sex with a man ever since Andi told me she had been with a man.” Autumn said.

“No problem, I am so glad I could help.” I said looking at Lisa, who had a big smile on her face.

“So you sit back and relax. Get some rest while I have the girls show me a little about being with a woman. Then maybe you’ll be ready to go again.” Lisa said.

“Yes, I will be ready to go again, and again.” I said.

What a night!

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