DEVON DELIGHTMy wife Sarah and I were enjoying a holiday in Barbados. Sarah is 52, blonde, following the menopause she gained a bit of weight going from a size 12 to a size 16 but due to her being 5 feet 8 tall she carries it well. She has very long legs, great bum, nice 38D breasts and a great smile. She is also very chatty. often described as flirtatious, having worked in customer services for 30 years, I think due to her personality, looks, and the fact that blonde women are a rarity in certain countries, she was getting a lot of helpful attention from the hotel pool staff, which i didn’t mind as i was also getting great service and never without a cold beer.The added bonus is I can go off and do my own thing with no worry of her being bored. Generally I make use of the sailing facilities and in an effort to keep in shape I try to go to the gym every day. I often find the gym is a very under used facility in a lot of resorts and if you attend regularly the staff give you a lot of time and will even exercise with you.That was the case in this resort. Devon, the gym manager was very chatty and helpful and exercised with me on a couple of occasions. On the third time he saw me in the gym he asked me how it was going. I told him I was just doing a bit of cardio as my back was hurting. He suggested I get a massage, and I laughed telling him I wasn’t going to pay extravagant resort spa prices for a back rub. Thats when he told me he was fully qualified in sports massage and as a gym user he would be prepared to treat me for nothing.Outstanding, I thought and took him up on his offer asking him when he could do it and he told me to just come and find him as soon as I had finished my workout. Devon was about 25, he stood about 5ft 8 and, as one would expect from a gym manager, he was lean but very well muscled. I found him about 15 minutes later and told him I just had to shower off. He told me I could use the shower in the massage suite so off we went. The shower in the massage suite was a large wet room with 2 shower heads and I could see they were both detachable and had multi setting function. I told him it was quite posh and he told me he often used it for hydrotherapy treatment. porno hikaye He then said, ‘I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but you seem a like a man of the world, my partner and I have had a bit of fun in it a couple of times after a long hard day.” I laughed and told him I would probably do the same given the chance. I asked him if his partner worked in the resort and he said “Yes his is the food and beverage manager” I must have seemed a bit taken a back and he asked me if I had any issue with a gay man massaging him. I told him I had no problem at all and that I had friends who were gay. I jumped in the shower and he started to watch me telling me he was just seeing how I moved assessing my range of motion in my back. He asked me to turn the water off and stand with my back to him and bend from side to side a couple of times and then bend forward and back. Then he asked me to stand still.He kicked off his sandals and stood behind me putting a firm hand on my shoulder then pressed in my back near my pelvis with two knuckles. I felt a sharp pain and jumped.He apologised but told me he had clearly found the route of the problem then told me I could probably do with some hydrotherapy before massage and asked if it would be ok. I told him it was fine. He took his clothes off and asked me to move to on end of the wet room with my back to him, detached a shower head and turned on the water. He then sprayed the hot powerful jet right on the spot where ha had put his knuckles before. The heat and pressure were instantly soothing. He let it run for a couple of minutes then turned it off and reached around me and filled his palm from the shower gel dispenser on the wall. As he did I felt his cock brush against my thigh and I looked down. His cock was really big and nice. He was circumcised and had a big helmet on the end of a nice thick shaft, dangling there between his legs. He started to rub the gel into the part of my back which was hurting and rub his thumbs across my back in long firm strokes side to side, he asked me to bend forward slightly and began to rub along my spine from the middle of my back to the top of my buttocks. He moved my leg back slightly and I could fry his bell end resting seks hikayeleri against my thigh. He asked me if in my current position the pain extended into my buttocks and I told him it did. He asked me to show him how far.I lifted my hand up to show him and I brushed his cock on the way past trying, to make it seem accidental, I apologised immediately and showed him where the pain finished. He told me it was quite ok I was more than welcome to touch him if I wanted to. I did nothing and he grabbed my hand and lowered it so it rested on his cock and he asked me if I wanted to feel him. His cock felt really soft and heavy and I wrapped my hand around it and said “Yes! Yes I do want to touch you” I began to stroke his cock and it stiffened really quickly. He reached up and got more gel on his hands and began to massage both of my buttocks and his fingers ran along the inside of my bum crack. I felt him slip a soapy finger into my bum hole and i gasped a little.He told me to get some gel on my hand and massage his cock with it, I could feel all the veins on his shaft as I stroked his soapy cock. He pushed his finger deeper into me and I after rubbing me a few times he pulled it out and he stuck his thumb into my bum and while he rubbed me his fingers rubbed my balls. He put a hand on my shoulder and he put his mouth next to my ear and asked me if it felt nice.I told him it was very nice. He asked me if I had ever been fucked before. I told him I had tried once but the guy had never done it before either and it didn’t work out. He asked me if I would like him to enter me and I nodded. He used his foot to part my legs and told me to lean against the tiled wall of the shower. I saw him get a large amount of gel in his hand but didn’t feel him touch me.After a few seconds I felt the tip of his cock pressing against my bum hole. He prodded a couple of times and then he pushed his bell end into me. I loudly sucked in a huge breath and felt myself go onto my toes as if i was trying to get my bum away from his cock. He paused and as I let out my breath I lowered myself and groaned as I settled on his bell end. He asked me if I was ok and I told him I was. He then started to push his cock into me further, erotik hikayeler quite slowly, and I let out a long groan as he went into me. In my head I was praying for it to stop. Then I felt his hips against my buttocks and realised he was all the way in. He held himself there and the pain began to subside. He asked me if my bum had relaxed and I told him it had. He put his hands on my hips and began to thrust in and out of me slowly. Each time he pushed in it hurt but I didn’t want it to stop, the pain was giving me such an adrenalin rush.He started to go a bit quicker and the rush of adrenalin in my body got stronger and actually made my head a little fuzzy. I looked down between my legs and saw that my cock had gotten hard and I could feel a real tingle in my balls as his cock rubbed against my prostate. He increased his speed even more and I could feel his strong hands gripping my hips so hard it hurt. He started to grunt with every thrust and my legs started to tremble and I felt my orgasm hit. I looked down and my cum was spurting from my cock. He slammed into me with a huge groan and I felt him trembling and his cock pulsing as he pumped his cum into me.As my orgasm ebbed away I felt my legs going week. He pulled out of me and I knelt on the shower floor. My head was spinning, my heart pounding, my breathing heavy and my bum stinging. I felt the surge of hot water cascading over me, Devon had turned on the shower and the warm water felt wonderful. I stood and he rinsed my soapy body and his own then he pulled the shower head down, turned me around and douched my bum hole, although it stung the hot water felt good.We finished showering and towelled off. The he asked me if I was ok. I told him I was but felt quite drained. He told me to hop up onto the massage table. I looked at him. He said “well that is what you are here for isn’t it and I promised you a nice massage.”He gave me a very nice massage. I thanked him and found Sarah. When she enquired why I had been a long time I told her the gym manager had given me some hydrotherapy and a massage free of charge. “Oh, lucky you” she said. “So did he sort you out?”“He certainly did” I said with a sly smile.“Well, toy will have to see if he will do you again” she said.I’m happy to say he did. I met Devon for sex twice more on the holiday which included a session with him and his partner, Joel, but thats another tale…….

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