gay massage in Thailand


gay massage in Thailand
Massage in Thailand

I was boring in Bangkok, too much traffic and people around, so I decided to
Go to Chiang Mai. By airplane it is only a good hour flight, I booked true Agoda
a room in a small hotel in the center of Chiang Mai. The first days I walked in
town just looking around, evening had dinner outside and after went to some
gay bars, Panda bar, 69 bar and some more. They were good, but I did not met
a guy who is really my type, many very young 20/25 years old, I prefer 30 over.

Late afternoon I walking in town and I passed a massage saloon, it looked good
From the outside, I was feeling horny and so decided to go in. If nothing special,
Then have a massage and that will be all. I went in and had a very good
welcome, was presented a cup of tea. A few second later about 5 boys came
to present them. The “mama-san” came to sit next to me to see what I was
looking for. He asked me many question, I replied good masseur, gay and not
feminine guy. I already notice a guy who was not too young and not skinny,
well build and older than the others. I pointed out him to the mama-san. The
other guy left, the guy came to me and presented him as Kamon, he asked me
to fallow him.

He lead me to a room, the room was clean and had shower. He gave me a
towel and asked me to shower. He left the room and told soon be back. I just
was drying myself of that he came back with a basket full of things to massage.
He told me to lay down on the bed on my belly. I had asked for a cream
massage, prefer that to oil-massage. He started to put some cream on my back
and massaging my neck and back. Slowly he went down to my buttock and
massage my cheeks. I love they massage my cheeks, even go further and do my
rosebud. But he went further down to my legs with some extra cream. He did it
quite good. Suddenly he spread my legs apart and did whole my legs one by
one up to my ass, slowly with his fingers touching my balls. After that he
started massaging my cheeks, spread them apart and putted some cream In
middle of my crack, sure he could see my crack was shaven. Wow that made
me a little bit hard. With both hands he massaged my but, his thumbs in the
middle of my crack, so up and down, mmmm was getting hard. I was sure he
was playing with me, to see how far he could go, but for me too early to react.
He went up higher and massaged my back, I could feel his dick against my but
while he was sitting on me. Suddenly he went of me and said turn around. I
turned over and lay on my back, now I could see him better, a nice body and
not bad dick I saw, but still floppy. I saw he looked at mine and sure could see
that my dick and balls were shaven, and above my pubics were trimmed. He
started to massage my chest while sitting on me, just above my dick on my
belly. He massaged me and moved down, he spread my legs open and sat
between them massaging my belly. He went more down and massage the
inside of my legs my groin with his thumbs touching all the time my balls. My
dick woke up, but still I did not react. He went more up and started massaging
around my dick, who became harder and harder. Suddenly he took my dick and
started jerking it off. I looked up and smiled, I saw his dick woke up a little bit,
so grabbed it and jerked it also. He lay down next to me, sniffing in my neck,
was mmmm. He whispered what you like in my ear. Mmmmmmm many things
I like, I am versatile and you? Sure he did not expected that answer, can I fuck
you he asked me, mmmm I replied if I can fuck you also. He turned me around
on my belly, spread my legs, he took some cream and went to my rosebud with
one finger. I started moaning to show him I like that, rim me I asked. I know
some don’t like to do it, but I love getting it and doing it before fuck. He went
down with his face to my butt and licked around my rosebud, quickly he put his
finger in my ass, I moaned harder to make him more horny. He fingered me
with only 1 finger. He took a condom put over his dick, rubbed some gel on it
and pushed his dick in. Wow I felt great, pity I did not had some poppers. He
fucked me very hard and fast. He moaned very loud when he cummed inside
me. He pulled his dick out and turned me over, I saw the condom full of his
male juice. Took of the condom and cleaned his dick.

Now me I said, I pushed him on his back and lifted up his legs, mmmm nice
Rosebud I saw, made my dick harder. I started licking around it slowly and
massaging it with one finger. I felt he loved being rimmed, I continue and licked
his rosebud more, pushed my tongue inside. Then he moaned harder, time to
fuck now. I put some gel on my finger and went in and fingered him longtime.
I took the condom put it on, some gel on it and pushed my dick in his rosebud.
This way I could see his face, and saw he licked it, I kissed him little bit while
fucking him, quickly I had my orgasm. Pulled out my dick with a full condom of
my male juice. I pulled of the condom and cleaned my dick with some paper
there. I lay down next to him to relax a little bit. Wow was great I told him and
gave him a kiss on his cheek.

Shower time he said, both went to the shower, he soaped me in and washed
hole my body, took care of my dick balls and ass. I did same with him, washing
his dick with a lot of soap woke up a little bit. He jerk my dick and I jerked his
dick while we were under the shower rinsing of the soap. I felt horny doing this,
so went on my knees and started sucking his dick, meantime playing with his
balls. His dick became very hard in my mouth, but I knew cumming twice is
difficult. Suddenly he pulled me up and went on his knees and sucked my dick.
Mmmmmm I loved it. He went up and asked me softly, can I fuck you again?
Wow young boys are more horny then me, older guy. Ok no problems I said. He
went out of the shower to take gel and condom. I helped him to put the
condom over his dick and put some gel on it, I turned around, he fingered me
with a lot of gel and pushed his dick in. Fucking me that way standing up in the
shower I like it. He pushed his dick hard and fast in, and fucked me hard, my
face against the glass of the shower. He fucked me very hard and fast and
climaxed very loud. He pulled out his dick, but not too much in the condom, but
that I founded normal. We took shower again, dried of and get dressed.

He was quicker dressed then me and cleaned up the room little bit. I know
have to give him some tip for the extra favors he did, went to my pocket took
some money out, I gave him 1,500 bath. I saw he felt happy with it. I was ready
to leave when he called me, a moment he said, gave me a paper with his name
and phone number on it. If you wana see me call me he said, can come to your
hotel. Sure this week I said to him and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

I left the massage parlor and was very happy with what happened, not always
I had good experience in those places, much depends on the guys in what
mood they are. I know they are hooker-boys under the name of massage-boys
and all is about money, but some are better then others. With this guy I felt ok,
I fucked him once he fucked me twice was very good. Sure in the next days I
will call him to see me in hotel. Hope we can do same and maybe more

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