Hot easter surprise 3


Hot easter surprise 3We all seemed to be frozen, me with my cock inside my mother-in-law for the third time that day and my hands on her 36DD breasts, and my fiancée, who had just come downstairs and caught us fucking, staring at the scene she saw before her.I waited for the tirade of abuse to start, for the tears, the pain and anguish to come flowing forth, but to my immense surprise, none of them did.”I thought I’d come down to drag you to bed,” My fiancée said, breaking the silence. “But I see my mother beat me to it!”She walked over to where I was sat, with Anita on my lap, my cock still impaling her pussy. She stopped just in front of us and looked down at her mother:”Do you like the feeling of my fiancé’s big cock inside you mummy?” She asked sweetly.Anita stayed quiet, not even looking up at her daughter, obviously ashamed of what she’d been caught doing.”Answer the question!” She shouted just loud enough to make her point, but not loud enough that anyone upstairs would hear.”Yes.” Anita answered meekly.”Good,” She replied, “How about having his hands playing with your breasts, do you like that?””Yes.” Anita answered meekly once again.”Great, does he make you cum when he fucks you?””Yes.””Brilliant!” She said seemingly genuinely happy with her mother’s response, then turning to me, “Do you cum when you fuck her?”I tried to protest, but my fiancée’s glare changed my mind, and I answered her question: “Yes.””Where do you cum?””In her pussy.” I replied, wondering where this was going.”Oh, I bet she likes that, I know I do. Do you like it when my fiancé floods your pussy with his cum?” She said, turning back to her mother.”Yes.””You know where I sometimes like him to cum? All over my breasts. Do you think you would like my fiancé’s cum all over your breasts mummy?””I suppose.””Well then, why don’t you try it right now?”We didn’t move, neither of us understood what she was playing at, and we didn’t really want to have sex infront of her anyway.”Go on, don’t be shy. Just slide up and down on his lovely big cock mummy, like you were doing before I came down.” She instructed, then turning to me, “Make sure you play with her breasts as she rides you, then just before you’re about to cum, pull out of her and shoot it all over her big breasts.”Anita looked back at me, not knowing what to do, I shrugged my shoulders and started playing with her 36DD breasts again, working her nipples between my fingers. Anita, slowly and carefully started bouncing up and down on my cock, very aware of the fact that her daughter was watching her.”Oh, I bet you like that don’t you mummy. I bet you like the feeling of my fiancé’s big cock slipping in and out of your sopping wet pussy. Look at how hard your nipples have got mummy!”It was true, Anita’s nipples had got very hard, and her pussy was very wet. She was obviously enjoying this an awful lot! I have to say I was to; there was something highly erotic about fucking my mother-in-law whilst my fiancée watched.We quickly got back into the rhythm we were in before we were interrupted, Anita bouncing up and down on my cock whilst I kneaded her breasts like dough, toying with her hard nipples between my fingers as she moaned in pleasure.”That’s it mummy moan in appreciation for the good fucking you’re getting, I bet you’re going to cum soon aren’t you?”Anita nodded her head, her moans were increasing in volume and intensity as she neared her orgasm, her pussy was completely soaking wet and her juices were running down my cock and onto the sofa, thank God it was leather!”Fuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk, yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss.” Anita screamed as she came, her juices came gushing out of her pussy onto my cock and then onto the sofa, I kept grinding into her and kneading her breasts as she collapsed back into me.”Did you enjoy your orgasm mummy? Did you enjoy my fiancé fucking you until you came? You certainly looked like you did!”Anita nodded her head blissfully as she recovered from her orgasm.”You know what? I think you should change positions to make it easier to shoot your cum all over mummy’s big breasts.” She told me. “Mummy, why bursa escort don’t you lie on your back on the sofa?”Anita, having recovered from her orgasm, slowly unmounted me, my cock springing free out of her pussy.”Take your skirt off mummy; we don’t want to get it dirty now, do we?”Anita slipped her skirt off, to reveal her well fucked, clean shaven pussy to her daughter. A mixture of her juices and dried cum from earlier glistened on her thighs. I stood up to allow her to lie down on the sofa; she lay lengthways across it with her legs spread wide. I clambered in between her legs, on my knees, and inserted my cock back in-between her slick pussy lips. She groaned in pleasure as I once again penetrated her, my cock slipping easily into her. I started pounding my cock deep into her pussy, watching her breasts wobble around on her chest, getting even more turned on knowing I’d be covering them in my cum soon.”Don’t forget to pull out before you cum.” My fiancée reminded me. “I’m sure she’s had more than enough cum shot into her pussy for one day.”It wasn’t long before I was ready to cum and quickly pulled my cock out of Anita’s pussy, aimed it at her breasts and jerked rope after rope of cum out of my cock and onto her, covering her 36DD’s with my sticky fluid. Collapsing back against the arm of the sofa when I’d finished.”Does it feel good to have my fiancé’s cum covering your breasts mummy?””Mmmmm, yes.” Anita replied, looking down at her cum covered breasts.”Would mummy like some help cleaning herself up?”Anita nodded that she would. With that my fiancée walked over to the sofa, bent over and started licking my cum up from her mother’s breasts! She licked Anita’s right breast clean first, paying extra attention to her nipple and then proceeded to do the same to her left breast. I just looked on shocked at the sight of my fiancée licking up my cum from my mother-in-law’s big breasts. Unsurprisingly my cock quickly got hard again at this sight. When Anita’s breasts were completely clean she stood up and walked towards the door.”I’m going to bed; I’ll leave you two in peace to clean up.”With that she left, and went back upstairs.”What the hell was that all about?” I asked Anita.”I have no idea, but I don’t think that’s the last we’ll hear of it.” She replied.”Oh well, I suppose it could have been much worse!””Definitely! Well, I’m going for a shower and then to bed.” She said, then looking down at my hard cock, “Maybe you could do with a nice shower to deal with that?””I think I could, yeah!” I said with a smile.We grabbed our clothes and quietly made our way up the stairs to the bathroom. I locked the door as Anita got into the shower; I then quickly brushed my teeth before joining her. As I got in I looked her up and down, her hair was matted down by the water which was running seductively off her huge breasts, and not for the first time that day I thought to myself just how lucky I was to get to fuck her. We had to be quiet to ensure we didn’t wake anybody up, the last thing we needed was to be caught a 3rd time in one day. We had to get really close together to both be under the water, it was such a turn on feeling her naked wet body pressed against mine, especially her massive breasts and hard nipples. She felt my cock pressing into her and whispered to me:”I think I best go deal with that!”She slowly dropped to her knees, running a hand down my chest as she went. Then she took my cock in her hand and stroked it gently a few times before looking up at me, smiling and taking it in her mouth for the 2nd time that day. I adjusted the shower so it wasn’t running directly into her face and looked down to watch her suck me. Her warm mouth felt so good around my hard, aching cock as she bobbed backwards and forwards on it, using her tongue expertly, trying to tease cum from it into her mouth. She alternated between long strokes, taking all of my cock in her mouth and short strokes, where she would just take the head in her mouth and tease it with her tongue. She was definitely very good at sucking cock, and I knew I wasn’t going to last long.She licked up and down the bursa escort bayan shaft, trying to coax cum up from my balls, I was in heaven, this was even better than the blowjob she’d given me in the car on the way home earlier. She again took all of my cock in her mouth and my balls tightened, preparing to shoot their load, sensing this she quickened her pace and then, with a groan, I shot my load into my mother-in-law’s mouth. I could have sworn I heard it hit the back of her throat; she quickly swallowed the first load and continued to suck me dry, before letting my limp cock fall from her mouth. Anita stood up, and pressing her body as close to mine as she could, whispered:”Now I know why my daughter was so keen to lick your cum off me earlier, that’s the best tasting cum I’ve ever had!”We quickly finished our shower in silence, still not wanting to disturb anyone, before getting out and drying ourselves.”I think the three of us need to have a little talk tomorrow.” Anita said.”I agree, see you tomorrow, night.” I said as I left the bathroom.I quietly made my way to my room, and got into bed with my fiancée who was sound asleep, I kissed her goodnight before rolling over to my side of the bed. It didn’t take me long to fall asleep, I wonder if all the physical exertion had something to do with it!?**************************************************************I was woken up by a knock on our bedroom door: “Yeah?” I shouted sleepily.”Can I come in; I’ve brought you two a cup of tea each.” Anita called back.”Hang on a sec.”I quickly woke my fiancée up and then called back “OK.”Anita opened the door and came in carrying two cups of tea, she was only wearing a nightie that only came down to her thighs and what’s more it was nearly see-through! Although you could still only see very little, I easily made out the shape of her breasts and dark nipples through the thin material. She put the cups down on the desk next to the bed and then said “I think we all need to talk”.”What do we need to talk about mummy?” My fiancée asked before taking a sip of her tea.”About what happened last night.” Anita replied.”Oh that.””Yes, that.””OK, but why don’t you get into bed with us to warm up mummy? You look very cold stood there in that nightie.”That astounded me, I couldn’t believe my fiancée had just asked her mother to get into bed with us, and I don’t think Anita could either. Although she did look cold as her nipples were obviously erect, so she was either turned on or cold, either was possible! Anita wasn’t quick to take up on the offer, so my fiancée got out of bed, naked, and shepherded her mother into bed, then got back in next to her, so Anita was sandwiched between the two of us.”You were saying mummy?””Yes, last night. I just wanted to say that as much as we may have all enjoyed what happened last night, it has to be just a one off, something like that can never happen again between any of us.””I agree completely mummy. We definitely shouldn’t do things like getting into each others beds only wearing a skimpy, see-through nightie, should we mummy? That would be very naughty, wouldn’t it mummy!””Mmmmmmmmm.” Anita moaned.”But you like being naughty, don’t you mummy?””Mmmmmmmm.” Anita moaned again”I like being naughty too mummy, do you think I inherited that from you?””Mmmmmmmmmm.” Anita moaned once again.I was now wondering what the hell was going on, but a quick look under the cover soon informed me, my fiancée was fingering her mother. I lay there in astonishment for a while, wondering what the hell to do, before I was given a cue:”Would you like my fiancé to remove your nightie so he can play with your breasts mummy? You like it when he does that, don’t you mummy?””Mmmmmmmm.” Anita moaned again.I lifted her up off the bed slightly and then quickly removed her nightie before laying her back down, so all three of us were now completely naked in the bed together. I then leant over her and once again started fondling her huge 36DD breasts. I fondled them for a while before leaning over, and taking the hard nipple of her left breast in my mouth, I toyed with it with my tongue escort bursa for a while before doing the same to her right breast, her nipples were hard as rock when I finished, and the combination of me playing with her breasts and her daughter fingering her meant she was moaning loudly in pleasure.”How would you like to pleasure your daughter mummy? Make her feel as good as she’s making you feel?””Mmmmmmmm.” Came Anita’s reply.My fiancée took that as a yes and manoeuvred herself so that she was crouching over her mother’s face, I could see the glint of juices on her pussy, this was definitely turning her on! She slowly brought herself down on her mother’s face, to allow Anita to lick her out, she moaned in pleasure as Anita’s tongue ran across her clit. I decided to position myself between Anita’s legs, put my face in her pussy and start licking her out. Anita’s juices were already flowing from when her daughter had been fingering her, so I eagerly lapped up the sweet liquid from her thighs and pussy lips before turning my attention to her clit. I nibbled, sucked and blew on Anita’s clit whilst she licked her daughter, my fiancée’s pussy out, her tongue probing deep up inside her. I saw Anita was getting close to cumming and redoubled my efforts on her clit, she came quickly and violently which caused her tongue to shoot deep inside my fiancée’s pussy causing her to cum at the same time. I sat back and watched for a second as mother and daughter finished their joint orgasm, by which time my cock felt like it was about to explode. I quickly headed for the closest thing to hand, the sanctuary of Anita’s sopping pussy, I sighed loudly as I slipped easily inside her, her juices cooling down my red-hot cock as I thrust in and out of her.By this point my fiancée had got off her mothers face and was watching as I fucked Anita, her gaze darted between Anita’s wobbling breasts, her face and my cock pounding into her pussy.”When you’re ready I think mummy would like your hot cum all over her breasts, wouldn’t you mummy?” My fiancée said.”Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.” Anita moaned in reply.It didn’t take me long to be ready and after one last hard slam of my cock into Anita’s sopping pussy I pulled out and shot ropes of my hot sticky cum all over Anita’s huge 36DD’s, covering them with my seed, her nipples getting erect as the cum splashed onto them. I then sat back and watched as, just like last night my fiancée licked up my cum from her mothers breasts, but then instead of swallowing it she slowly moved her head towards her mothers, Anita opened her mouth having worked out what was coming. My fiancée then immediately pushed her tongue into her mothers mouth, depositing my cum into it before withdrawing and allowing Anita to swallow it. Quickly she dived back in, passionately kissing her mother before finally pulling away completely.Then with a serious look she said “I’ve come to a decision as regards what I’m going to do about this situation. I love you both dearly, despite the fact you cheated on me behind my back and I don’t want to lose either of you from my life.” She then turned and looked at me, saying “So I’ve decided to allow you to keep fucking my mother, after all everyone deserves to have mind-blowing sex now and again.” She then turned and looked at Anita “However, I believe I have a right to also be involved in this, which means that mummy, you’re just going to have to get used to licking your daughter’s pussy!”**************************************************************That all happened four years ago, since then my fiancée and I finished university and two years ago, she became my wife. At the same time I took a job that required me to have my very own personal secretary, a position that my mother-in-law has filled to the best of her abilities! Every day she turns up for work wearing a short skirt, with no knickers, and a lacy push-up bra held in by a tight suit jacket that shows off her ample 36DD goodies. She drives the whole office to distraction, especially during lunch when everyone can hear her moans of pleasure as I fuck her on my desk, or during meetings when they hear the slurps and smacks as she sucks my cock.My life couldn’t be any more perfect, especially as my wife is now expecting our first c***d, thank goodness I have my mother-in-law to fall back onto, or should that be into?

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