Lindsey: An unlikely Romance

Lindsey: An unlikely Romance
It was mid October, a week from Lindsey’s eighteenth birthday. And I got a call from her mother.

“Will you come to Lindsey’s birthday party? She is to shy to ask you, and with all you’ve done for her, it would be nice to see you there.”

I was in a conundrum! It might look suspicious if I declined, but the same if I went! I asked what day, it was on a Tuesday. A school night. That might make it easier to make a quick getaway. But it would ba awkward talking to her parents after seeing their daughter naked in my shop, and being moments from having sex.

The night had arrived. Lindsey had no idea her parents had invited me. I arrived at the restaurant about ten minutes after they had been seated.

The hostess walked me back to their table. Lindsey’s eyes lit up. Her fathers was the first to get up and shake my hand and thanked me for coming. Lindsey practically shot out of her chair! She was in an incredible black dress! She was flanked by some friends from school, Cindy I recognized from band, the other girl I had not seen before. Her name was Katie.

Katie was from Lindsey’s old school back in Minnesota. She had flown out for the week. Lindsey practically ran over to me and gave me a hug and planted one on my cheek. I handed her a small wrapped gift. She teared up immediately. I felt a wave of panic wash over me. She was getting too worked up over a small gift! I said “Happy Birthday!” And hugged her back. Her father guided me to sit next to him across the table from the girls. Katie whispered something to Lindsey, then Lindsey nodded embarrassed. That didn’t put me at ease!

Fortunately, Jack, Lindsey father was talking to the waiter and didn’t see the exchange.

Jack asked me about my work. We talked about that for a bit, then he asked about this car of mine that Lindsey keeps talking about. I gave him the run down on the Chevelle, and he talked about how he always wanted a first generation Camaro. So I told him about the one I just started on. Jack wanted to swing by after dinner to take a look.

The rest of the dinner went well, that was till Lindsey opened my gift. All it was was a violin key chain. I thought it was something that was totally innocent and meaningless, but Lindsey teared up. Lindsey’s mother got a suspicious look. But just looked over at me and smiled.

Jack insisted on paying for my dinner. I argued but it was no use.

Out in the parking lot I showed him the Chevelle. They followed me home.

I led Jack out the shop, we drank some beers and shot the shit about cars for an hour. The girls were wandering around my yard and house. Lindsey’s mother had left from the restaurant in her own car and went home.

It was getting late. Jack said he had a long day tomorrow so she should get going. He gathered the girls and we said out goodbyes.

Sean just came home from his friends. And I helped him with some homework and then went to bed. The second I opened my bedroom door, all I could smell is Lindsey’s perfume! My bed had the comforter messed up like someone was in it.

I went and took a shower and came back and as if I didn’t already have a problem sleeping. It smelled like she was in bed with me!

But somehow, that relaxed me enough to sleep like a baby.

Two days later I was doing wash but I had a hard time bringing my self to wash what was left of her perfume off.

That January, during an orchestra concert, I spotted Lindsey’s parents in the audience, I made way over and noticed they were in the middle of an argument. I turned around and found a seat elsewhere. Karen sat next to me.

“I think Lindsey’s folks are splitting up.” She whispered.

When the show started, Lindsey had the first chair. She clearly was upset. She was just very mechanical in her playing, she hit every note spot on, but her heart wasn’t in it.

During the after party, all the other parents were chatting and congratulating the k**s on the performance. But Lindsey and her folks were nowhere to be seen.

I walked out side. Lindsey was sitting at the bus drop off area, and her folks were in the parking lot having a knock down drag out screaming match!

Lindsey looked mortified! She hung her head in shame.

I wanted to go talk to her, but I went back in and asked Karen to go have a talk with her while I got her parents to calm down.

None of the other parents or students had seen the scene thankfully.

I walked over and got Lindsey’s parents to calm down.

We sat in silence for a min or two, then I found myself lecturing them on not airing their personal business in front of her daughters friends.

They agreed after they seen what state their daughter was in. Karen walked Lindsey over to their car. She got in without making eye contact. Then they all left.

Karen informed me that Lindsey got accepted to Stanford and Harvard! Lindsey wants to stay close and go to Stanford, but her parents are splitting up and they’re insisting she go to Harvard. Her mother is moving to Boston and she would live with her.

I didn’t know what to say. This complicated things. I couldn’t be the reason Lindsey doesn’t want to go to Harvard!

We went back in, nobody had even noticed what had happened thankfully. Sean came up and asked if he could stay the night at his friends, it was a Friday night regular thing now. I let him, they were going to swing by the house and grab his things. He drove himself and I planned on staying as usual to help with the clean up.

Me and one of the other dads sat in the parking log bullshitting till about eleven. Then he noticed the time and we made our way home. I pulled up and Lindsey’s Z4 was in my driveway.

I walked up the steps, she was sitting on my porch and had been crying. I grabbed her by the hand and led her in the house.

I turned to her, handed her a tissue. “I herd you got accepted to Harvard! Congratulations!”

Before I could finish she lept into my arms and kissed me wildly!

She wrapped her legs around my waist, she was in the long black dress that was standard for the girls in orchestra. This girl has me wrapped around her little finger!

I carried her over to my couch and laid her down. I moved over top of her, on my knees between her legs, supporting my weight with my hands.

With her legs still wrapped around me she unbuttoned my shirt and almost ripped off. I got up and she let lose enough to frantically take off my belt. I stopped her there!

I made her stand in front of me. I turned her around and unzipped her dress. I let her dress fall to the floor and she stepped out of it and turned to face me. This was it, my last ounce of will power was gone! She was in such a state that I couldn’t just leave her. I couldn’t bring myself to do anything but give her what she wants!

Sitting, I pulled her close to me, kissing her stomach as I unclasped her bra. I kissed my way up to her breasts. She was breathing heavily. I ran my hands down her sides, catching her panties on the way down. As I pulled them down I leaned in and kissed the area where her leg meets her crotch. Her knees buckled and she nearly fell!

I stood up, kissing my way from just below her belly button to her neck, then her mouth. I laid her on the couch and kissed my way back down, passed her belly to her aching sex.

I lifted her leg, I kissed my way from her calf twards her crotch, I stopped behind her knee and gave it a gentle lick, she shuttered in response. I made my way kissing down her leg and stopped just for a quick kiss on her clit! She was drenched!

I kissed my way back down the other leg to her calf. I looked back into her eyes. She gave me a wanton look and begged me not to stop.

I went back to her crotch and gave her clit another quick kiss, only this time I included my tongue. I gave a quick gentle lick, than another! Then I went for the full, long slow lick! She screamed! She was panting and whining! As I licked her to a body shaking orgasm. She grabbed and pulled my hair and buried my face in her little cunt! She was shaved except for a slight landing strip of red hair.

I could have licked her for hours! And I probably licked her for a half an hour when she said she need a breather!

I picked her up and carried her to my bedroom. I laid her on my bed, I kissed her breasts and every touch sent shock waves through her body.

I dropped my pants and moved over the top of her. I just looked her in the eye, she nodded. Then I guided myself to her burning hot opening!

I’m not what you would call small, I’m six foot three and let’s say I’m proportioned accordingly.

I was only able to get my head in when it was clear I needed to wait.

She winced, and then relaxed. Then she nodded again!

I pushed past her hymen with a single thrust. Her hands were around my neck and she had a death grip on me. She even bit my neck a little. I gave her a moment.

Then with a sigh of relief, she said. “Ok, ok, go slow.”

I went just a little farther she inhaled sharply as I did! But she seemed ok. So o pushed the rest of the way in. She had an almost frightened look just before I was all the way in. Then once I bottomed out, that look changed to a lustful one!

I pulled out slowly. “Are you ok?” I asked.

“Yes, it was just more than I expected!” She chuckled.

Then she kissed me passionately and I went in again, still slowly. I worked in and out slowly, but her body language told me that the pain had subsided and she was ready for more!

I picked up the speed gradually. Still a relatively slow speed but full strokes. Soon I felt her orgasm build! She was gushing wet but she had a tight grip on my rod!

I would have never expected to last this long! But I was nowhere close and all that was on my mind was Lindsey and how much she was enjoying her first time.

She was sweating profusely and her smell was intoxicating! She was definitely loosening up, she was now meeting me halfway way with my thrusting! I rolled over and had her straddle me. It took her a moment but she got a good rhythm going.

Before long she was riding me wildly! Bouncing on me like crazy! She suddenly was rocked by a massive orgasm! It took a good minute to ride out! She just slumped over with her head on my chest.

I lay there with her impaled on me rock hard inside her. She came back around and worked up and down on my pole again! Soon I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell!

Lindsey must have felt it too, she was grinding her pelvis into mine cumming hard as I finally erupted into her!

I felt her cunt squeeze every last drop out of me! She lay over and kissed me deeper and more emotionally charged than ever before!

We lust laid like that for an hour! My cock had softened but she was so tight I stayed in! Finally, one last passionate kiss and she got off of me and went to my bathroom.

I laid there, not knowing how to feel about what had just happened.

On one hand, I was finally able to share something with her that we both had wanted for quite some time now.

On the other hand, I really passed the point of no return! What we did was legal, but was it right? I didn’t force her to do anything she her self didn’t want as least as much as I did.

When Lindsey got up she asked me where I keep the towels I showed he and told her I would be right back.

I threw on some pants and grabbed her keys. I went out, and pulled her car into my shop in the back. This way if anyone came around they wouldn’t be able to see it.

I went back up to the master bathroom, Lindsey was already in the shower. I jumped in.

And immediately Lindsey was in my arms again. We kissed under the running water for some time. Then I grabbed the wash cloth and began to soap it up to wash Lindsey.

Finally being able to explore her beautiful body was almost overwhelming. I didn’t miss an inch. I let the wash cloth go and just used my hand.

I rinsed her off and kissed every inch of her body. When I got to her beautiful little slit, she stopped me. “I can’t right now, I need time to recover.” She moaned. “My turn!” She said.

She filled her hand with liquid soap, then began to rub me down. First my chest, then my arms. She seemed to appreciate all the time I spend in the gym. She worked her way down my stomach, bypassed my crotch and washed my legs and feet, my cock was coming alive inches from her face. I could still see red at the base.

She put another few drops of soap in her hand. She picked up my cock and with both hands stroked me to full hardness! She washed my balls gently, looking up to gauge my reaction, to make sure she wasn’t hurting me. She took the shower head and rinsed me clean never letting go of my cock. Once I was clean she looked up and gave me an evil grin! She bit her lower lip and dropped to her knees!

I would not have expected head from someone who had only lost her virginity an hour before.

She was face to face with my dick, she hesitated, Then she closed her eyes and put me in her mouth! She just held it there for a second, then started jerking my shaft with one hand and cupping my balls with the other.

She definitely looked like she was trying to remember how, then before long she was bobbing up and down like a porn star! She went from being unsure of what she was doing to being completely confident in her activity!

“Oh my god! Where did you learn how to do that?” I moaned!

“YouTube silly! You can learn anything there!” She giggled.

“Porn hub is more like it!” I joked!

“Yes, there too!” She laughed.

She went back to it, trying to deep throat with little luck, but the trying had me there in no time! I announced I was ready to shot! She pulled back and jerked me onto her chest! When I was done, she licked the last drop off the underside of my head, tasted it, paused then scooped up a glob off her chest with a finger and put it in her mouth! “That’s not so bad!” She said in a surprised tone!

After our shower, I asked that she text her parents and let them know she was alright. ” I texted them when I got here, I told them I was staying the night at a friends. They won’t bother me till I’m ready to come home.” she said.

I ended up changing my sheets, there was a spot of blood where I had deflowered her.

We lay there the moonlight shining through my window, Lindsey lay across me with her head on my chest. I ran my fingers through her hair, and asked if she was ready to talk.

“No, just this, just this right here.” She said quietly. “Just hold me all night.” She added. In no time she was sound asleep.

I sat and reflected on what had just happened and what it could mean. On the one hand, I was without a doubt in love with this young lady. But I also want what’s best for her. And the two may be incompatible.

That morning I woke and Lindsey hadn’t budged. I slipped out from under her and got dressed. I made coffee.

When it was ready I got a cup and went back up stairs. I just sat in the corner chair and watched her sleep.

That bright red hair, beautiful white skin. I wished I could capture that image forever. She looked cold, so I went over and pulled the blanket over her and gave her a little kiss on the ass cheek as I did.

I went out on my deck to watch the sun rise. I was out there for about half an hour when Lindsey came out just wearing my robe. It looked giant on her tiny frame. She crawled up into my lap and gave me a fantastic good morning kiss.

She had already put on makeup and did her hair and brushed her teeth. Apparently she had loaded her purse anticipating staying the night.

Little things like that made me feel less like I was just taking advantage. And reassuring that she had intended this to go this far.

As we sat on the deck Lindsey opened up about the fight she had with her parents.

Her parents were pressuring her to go to Harvard. But she had her heart set on Stanford. Even before she met me, Stanford was where she wanted to be. She wanted to go into more of the tech sector rather than law or finance like her parents. And she never applied to MIT because, well they came from Minnesota and she was sick of the snow! That’s another reason she wanted to stay in California. “Not only that, from the beginning my parents told me that when the time came, it would be my decision!” She added.

That put my mind at ease. She wasn’t basing decisions about her future on me. She already had her mind made up without my influence.

We made out watching the sun rise. It was getting a little heated, but she stopped it. “I’m sorry, I’m still very sore! That thing is a lot to take for the first time!” She chuckled.

She offered me another blow job, but I countered with breakfast.

I suggested that when we do this again, she bring a change of clothes. “I would have, but once I made my mind up I just threw some stuff in my purse and ran out the door!” She said. “Well, what if I had turned you away?” I joked! “Like you could refuse this!” She leaned grabbed my rod through my pants and kissed me!

After breakfast. Lindsey went home to change for her violin lessons. Her parents never asked about where she was.

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