My Son in Law (Part 05)

My Son in Law (Part 05)
By Dina Petro

A continuation of the same story from part (04)

Writer’s Note:
Dearest Fans & readers, this is a true story that happened to one of my very close friends, not me personally, but she had given me the full consent and approval, to go ahead and write it.
Of course I have done my best to alter all of the personal facts and informations, to protect privacy and personal life of her and her family, it will be written as the first person, in my own words, for making it more fun to read and enjoy, the story was broken into a few parts to avoid making it boring for the readers.

My Son in Law (Part 05)

A continuation of the same story from part (04)
I looked at his Cum leaking, hard cock saying “why don’t you wipe that thing out, it would leak over the carpet, and how could you pull it out of a girl, you were supposed to be making love to, and run like that so fast?
Like a real pastured he answered in a cool manner “well, first of all, I pulled my dick out of your daughter’s ass right after I came in her ass, because I heard a noise out there, luckily she did not hear it” he looked at his cock and at me, smiled and continued “secondly, what you have called a thing, which is my cock, is fully immersed in a precious mix of my cum, your own daughter’s pussy and ass juices, it should not be wasted and wiped with a dirty towel or paper towel”
He was pointing at me and at my mouth, he must have wanted me to suck it, my lower jaw dropped almost to the ground, screaming “what? What did you just say?”
He said “shut up bitch if you want your daughter to stay where she is now, get closer, I want my cock sucked dry and clean, I bet you are dying to taste your little daughter’s fresh young pussy, and it is all right here on my cock, take it baby”
I was mumbling things, looking him straight in the eyes with so much anger when he interrupted me saying “Mom, look at yourself sitting on the bedside, with me standing in front of you with a real, wet, hard dick, imagine me calling Mai now, she would come in here running, can you imagine what would she think seeing this lovely show between us?”
The son of a bitch was really blackmailing me by all means, I had nothing to say, there was no way I could refuse or else, I would have been put into a real bad situation with my youngest daughter Mai, I just looked at him, relaxed, took a breath, let out a tiny small smile saying “I guess you win this time, ok, come closer you pastured”
He walked a few steps till his dick was lining up with my head, I took it in my hand, lead it to my lips, wrapped my lips around it and started sucking on all of the leftovers from his dick, which was a real mix of his cock cream, and my young daughter’s fresh pussy juices.
I closed my eyes and started sucking deep, but the thought of licking my little daughter’s pussy juices off of my son in law’s dick, was turning me on somehow, I was just imaging my lips were over her young, fresh pussy, licking her pussy juices right from their natural squirting point, her pussy, that by itself was making me so horny, my pussy was boiling by then and soaking wet, without noticing it, I seemed to have been giving josh one of the best heads I had ever given him till that point, he was moaning so loud.
I guess Josh could not handle it any more, his cock was growing harder and bigger each time I took it so deep in my throat, he placed his hands under the rim of my dress, pulled it all the way till it flew away over my head, he undid my bra and started lowering my panties.
I said “why the hell on earth are you stripping me naked boy?”
He said “I want to fuck you mom, I could not handle it anymore, I want your pussy so bad, I guess I have told you before, no matter how many girls’ or women’s, pussies I fuck, I would never be satisfied half as much as I am while fucking your lovely, wise, mature cunt”
I have to admit his words sounded as the best flattering I had received, they pleased me adding more heat to my pussy, and I was more ready to be fucked than he wanted to fuck me, in no time my legs were wide spread and up, his rigid hard dick did not need any help or guidance to find its way right in between my wet, swelled, pussy lips.
As soon as Josh’s cock head found my pussy lips and started pushing itself in between my lower fuck lips, Josh used power and force, pushed his dick in me in one strong, fast and hard push, and he was balls deep in me like a light flash, that wasn’t easy for me, his cock is so big, but it was an endless pleasure same time, I guess my body was shivering waiting for this fuck, and my pussy was more than ready, that was why my pussy took his monstrous dick in it so deep and so fast.
Josh’s hands were glued over my tits, he was fucking me, slamming his dick in my pussy so fast, so hard and so deep, my eyes were fully closed, my mouth wide open and I was screaming so loud, enjoying each and every beat of his cock in my slutty, wet cunt.
I thought I heard a giggle, a strange one that came from further than Josh’s mouth was, I opened my eyes to find the strangest situation I had ever dreamt of being in, it was my little daughter Mai, standing right there, leaning on the room door frame, fully naked, crossing hands, she was looking straight at her brother in law’s cock fucking her own mother’s pussy, strange enough she was smiling and giggling, she seemed to be enjoying the show we were putting on for her eyes.
Opening my eyes on that sight, I was totally shocked, I almost had a heart attack, I was about to jump up from under him, but Josh used all of his masculine power to pin me down to the bed, till I was not able to move anywhere, he continued fucking me, but in a real slow motion.
Josh leaned over me, placed his mouth next to my ear whispering “it is ok Mom, don’t you worry about it”
I screamed “she is watching us Josh; she already knows we are…”
He interrupted me saying “I told you it is ok mom, she already knows it, and she knew we fuck”
I said “what, you mean Mai knows you fuck me, how long has she known it?”
He said “cool down mom, all of your questions will be answered clearly and thoroughly, but not now, this is not the right time for it, and we have another plan for now, so please be quiet and watch ok?”
I was speechless, silent, trying to figure out what was going on, I was totally lost by then, I felt my pussy drying up around his dick, I was no longer in the mood of having sex anymore.
Josh turned around, looked at Mai, smiled and nodded, she walked towards us, Mai got on bed with us, without a word, she faced him, saddling my head, she started lowering her pussy over my face slowly till her pussy lips touched my lips, I was shocked, not knowing what to do, but for sure my eyes were glued on her pussy while it was landing over my face so slow, I was watching and seeing the most precious pussy, the prettiest I had ever seen till that moment.
As soon as her pussy lips rested over my mouth, Mai said “please lick my pussy mom, I have been dying to feel your precious tongue over my pussy, would you please?”
She did not give me a chance to answer or even react, she pushed her pussy down so fast and strongly over my mouth, I was hardly being able to breath.
Josh leaned over saying “Yes mom, lick her pussy please, for her, for your own self and for me, please do it”
She lifted her pussy up till it was just touching my lips, I guess I had no other choice, I stuck my tongue out and started passing it over the mound that felt, looked and tasted like heaven on earth, it was only a couple of minutes of licking her pussy and I was so wet again, my pussy was soaking Josh’s cock again, who started fucking me, while hugging Mai so close and they were passionately kissing on the lips.
This had continued for a few minutes till Mai was cumming all over my mouth, screaming and trembling like a little baby, I came too around Josh’s dick, Josh pulled his cock out of my pussy, he started sliding further down on bed, My little daughter got her pussy off my mouth and started sliding down further till she was on her knees, right between my wide spread legs.
Mai pushed her head in between my legs, over my cunt and started licking it and sucking on my rock hard clit, she was taking all of my pussy juices into her mouth, same time, I looked at Josh, who got behind my daughter and started fucking her from behind while she was licking my pussy.
Around ten to fifteen minutes later, I was cumming again all over my daughter’s mouth, she was cumming as well over her brother in law’s dick, he pulled out of her, she got up, on top of me, she glued her mouth to mine, without a word, we started kissing passionately while our tits were right on top of each other, our pussies and asses lining up on top of each other.
Josh did not waste a minute, he got right between our legs and started fucking both of us together, alternating his dick between my pussy and here’s, he fucked her in the ass too in between fucking our pussies, but he avoided my ass, I had never been fucked in my ass till that moment and Josh knew it very well too.
As of a sudden, I heard Josh telling Mai “now is the best time for it”
I did not know what they were talking about, but at that moment his cock was balls deep in my pussy, fucking me right after he pulled it out of my daughter’s ass, he fucked me there for a little while, right after his whisper to Mai, I felt Josh attacking my ass hole, he was forcing his dick in my ass, I was about to scream asking him to stop, but I could not, my daughter glue her mouth to mine’s with all of the power she could use.
I found myself betrayed and pinned down to bed, speechless and motionless, I felt so much pain in my as, as if a sharp knife had just stabbed me in the ass, I was shaking, but I could not do anything about it, Josh was so slow and very careful about it, he was doing it in a real slow motion, but he was pushing his cock inside my ass step by step, inch after another, the pain was growing each time he pushed his dick in me further, till finally I felt his cock was balls deep inside my ass.
Josh froze in me without any motion, Mai loosened her mouth from mine’s and she started saying “it is ok mom; I know it hurts a bit, but just relax please”
I find myself laughing in the middle of that pain, which was really vanishing slowly, I said “God, baby, are you trying to teach me how I could get fucked in my ass?”
Josh answered saying “yes, she is more experienced in ass fucking than you are, shame on you mom, things seemed to be reversed”
True that situation was a killer to me, first of all, it was the first time I was fucked with my daughter same time, or licking her pussy, she licked mines, secondly, this was happening to both of us by my son in law, who happened to be her brother in law, but somehow, I found myself laughing so loud along with both of them.
Josh seemed to have taken an advantage of the situation, he was pulling his dick out of my ass half way, pushing it back in without any complaints from my end, I felt it, it hurt a little, but I ignored it, I wanted to get used to it, they were right, how could my baby daughter take his dick in her ass so easy, and I could not, I had to practice by hook or crook.
Meantime, Mai lifted her head up over my face, leaning on her arms, we were looking each other straight in the eyes, both of us smiled, and I said “I can’t believe we are doing this baby”
She smiled saying “I know mom, I know you could not believe it, but as for me, it had been my fantasy, my day dream to be in this exact situation with you”
I was silent, still looking her straight in the eyes and I asked her “baby, how long have you and Josh been fucking?”

To be continued in (part 6) of the same story

Wishing you all the best

Dina Petro

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