A Football Sunday to Remember


A Football Sunday to RememberA Football Sunday to Remember!!Like every Sunday it’s a day of NFL Football at our house, My husband Terry watches it every Sunday and I too love the game but I wanted to go and do something else this Sunday so I bugged him all week let’s do something different this Sunday. So Friday he said we are going to a party this Sunday as a compromise. He said it’ll be fun not exactly what I wanted but why not. So Sunday came, Terry told me to dress in my short-short skirt and my Pittsburgh Steelers halter top and heels, I’m like isn’t this abet little to wear to a party for a Sunday. No there is going to be people there we don’t know he said and the other wives are dressing to impress them he told me so I want you to stand out. So what the hell I’m game to help you with new friends and Terry did not say anything. So we went to the house where the party was happening it was very nice. As we entered I could hear the cheering of guys in the other room so it’s sounding like fun, as I entered I counted there were fifteen guys. Suddenly they stopped and just gazed at me. I looked around the room and there were no other girls…I looked at Terry then we sat down at the counter the guys watched the game but I could tell they were still checking me out whenever they could. I was served a Margarita very quickly with extra Tequila! I leaned over and asked Terry what the hell is going on where’s the wives/GF etc., and Terry said you are the only women and there should be a few more guys coming yet I believe. I said this is why you had me dress this way and he said yes you wanted to do something different so I set this up for you Tina. Then Terry said these are some guys I met online who were looking for a girl to gangbang at half time. I am a very curious woman and yes we have talked about doing this with some of Terry’s and my friends but until now it was only a fantasy of mine. Terry and me stepped out of the room, I asked him canlı bahis are you serious? Why didn’t you tell me I said because you would have gone back and forth about coming all week and I just wanted to get you here and you could see all the cock just for you? So relax we are here so either you put up or shut up about needing more cock and Sundays Tina. I was already moist but did not want to tell Terry. I tell Terry the idea was mine for a gangbang so I said ok let’s go for it. So we went back in and I sat back down. Then the host asked Terry if I’m still into doing this and I answered for him yes oh god yes I am wet already and Terry looked at me. I then ask him when can we get started I have been telling my hubby I needed something like this for a long time. I do ask him but this looks like a small group only fifteen of you, and that is when he said we did not won’t to spook you but there is fifty more guys in the back. I say ho god yes just what I have dreamed of a fifty guy gangbang!He said great well you can start by losing the clothes but keep the thigh highs and heels on so I did. He then said come on out guys and check her out the cock hungry slut is wet and ready. I stripped and the guys began to rub their cocks and then by the time I was down to my bare kitty they had them in their hands. A twin size matters was brought into the room and put down on the floor. The guys were standing around it and I was instructed to suck each of the guys so I began going from one cock to the next sucking and licking them like lolly pops. I could already taste the precum umm I thought to myself, sixty five guys plus Terry this was making me hot and wet no I was dripping sucking all the different cocks. After I made my way around them all, I was then told to bend over and give each guy a taste of my dripping kitty. I loved it each guy tongued me for about 3 minutes each. By the 3rd guy I had my first Orgasm and I cum and squirted twenty-five bahis siteleri more time just having this done to me then halftime was here. Each guy one at a time laid down on the mattress and I was instructed to get on and ride each of them, it was now starting to get intensence!The 1st cock I took felt so good entering me I quickly began to ride his cock like I was at a Rodeo I was turned backwards my ass facing him. The penetration for me is best this way he was growing so big in me. I could feel him getting close to busting then he said that’s enough. I was so bothered at this point and only after one cock, that’s when the next guy laid down and I jumped right on him. I was sopping wet and only pumped his cock a few times and O god I squirted all over him his cock felt so good and I was just so worked up. I was feeling like such a slut but loving it I looked over at Terry and he was so hard watching me. I went through each guy the same way and they were teasing me also at times with their cocks rubbing them on my face. Then came the finisher I was put in the missionary position and one of the guys went to my pussy and started to fuck me wildly. That is when I was told that every guy was going to fuck me and as each cum in me he would bring his cock up to my mouth and I was to suck each off again and then clean each of their cocks. I could taste my own juices on each of them and the mix cum tasted so good, I was Cumming with each cock also. Then I hear I could use some of that ass right then I feel a cock against my ass. I looked back at Terry in surprise but before I could say anything I could feel the guy pushing his cock in me and he did the same he fucked my ass wildly also. The cock that was fucking my pussy got really hard and the feeling of another Orgasm came over me. I was cumming and I wanted it his cum also. There he went his cock swelled up and then exploded in me I felt his cum in me but it only smoothed my hot pussy güvenilir bahis until the next cock entered me. He pulled his cock out of me and cum dripped out of my kitty. He said next and then brought me his cock just like the rest. I thought then just how big of cock I would get next, but what I felt was two cocks pushing in me and hearing let’s see how much this slut can take. Then the guy fuck my ass said the same how’s next and he also brought his cock up to my mouth. I was entered again in my ass next guy slid his cock in and began pounding me very deep he had the largest cock yet to fuck me. I felt like such a cum slut, I sucked for all I was worth so I did not get behind but I still did. When this happened the guys started to fuck me over and over. I did get to suck each guy off and licked each of them clean. Hubby declined to fuck me but did have me suck him off a couple times over the afternoon. In the end I had cum just oozing out of my ass and pussy. I thought I was done and wanted to clean up but the guys wanted pics of my ass and kitty oozing. They all snapped pics with their phones. This was the greatest sexual experience I had ever had up to that point! I took a quick shower and got dressed hugged every guy and then the host asked me and hubby if we wanted to do this again? Before hubby could say anything I said hell yes I just loved all the different cocks, and all the cum feed to me made me fill like a real slut just as I dreamed I would. We went over 2 more times that season and I took the guys by the last game four at a time in my pussy and three at a time in my ass I do not know how they made room but it felt so great being so full. At the last game there was seventy-five guys and the guys rented a ball room and fucked me from noon until seven it was great.I now loved Football more than ever and I couldn’t wait for the next season to begin!!! This happened about twenty-eight years ago and I have just loved being a gangbang slut ever sense. Although I have told hubby sense then I have fuck gangs Sense College and just did not know how to get him to let me do it again. I just love to be well used.The EndLove Tina (Your home town fuck SLUT)

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