A Mother and Son’s Love Turns A Corner #2


A Mother and Son’s Love Turns A Corner #2Saturday morning I woke up with the usual morning wood, so before getting out of bed I started jerking off, thinking about what my mother and I did last night while watching the movie that we watched, after we had changed into our night clothes, even thou I do not sleep with anything on at all.I was the first one to get to the kitchen so I popped the popcorn then got us some soft drinks to drink with the popcorn, then put it on a tray that mom had, just for taking drinks and snacks to another room of the house when two or more, was having snacks and drinks.As usual my mother had on a silk house coat over her night gown. The night gown stopped short of half way down her thighs and the house coat, stopped right at mid thigh, when she was standing up straight.I sat the tray down on the coffee table infront of the couch where mom was sitting, then sat down myself right next to mom, then handed her her drink, then picked up the popcorn and my drink, then I placed the popcorn on her right thigh and my left thigh, so that we both could reach it.While holding the bowl of popcorn so that it wouldn’t fall off of our thighs, mom and I French kissed each other for a moment, then when we broke the kiss off, my mother reached down and got some popcorn then put some of it in my mouth, before putting some in her mouth to eat.I then returned the favor by feeding her some popcorn like she had done to me, whitch we did back and forth like that off and on, through out the movie till the popcorn was gone.During a brake, part way through the movie, I took the empty bowl and our empty glass’ back to the kitchen but, as I was standing up to take them, mom said, “Why don’t you bring us both a can of beer back, instead of the pops.”After I returned with two cans of beers, I sat down next to mom again, then opened her beer and handed it to her then opened my beer and we sat back with a arm around each other and kissed again, whitch I cannot remember how many times we had kissed now, like lovers, or a husband, and wife, will do or usualy do, when they are so much in love with each other.When we kuşadası escort finished our beers and the movie then ended, we sat the empty cans on the coffee table in front of us, then turned and got into some heavy French kissing, with arms around each other to start with, then we both started about the same time, letting our hands to start roming around on the other one’s back, then around to our chest, while our other hand down to the other’s butt.When my right hand got to mother’s left tit, I found her nipple to be rock hard in my palm, and when I squeezed the tit, I gave her nipple a light pinch in the fold of my palm, then rubbed my hand over and did the same to her right tit and nipple, that was rock hard as well, and both times mom moaned in my mouth, then I felt mom’s hand on my, all ready hard dick, then she gave it a squeeze with her hand, then she swung her left leg up and over my lap and moved us, to where we could rub our hands down onto the other’s butt, which is when I found she had no pantys on under her gown and house coat, cause of no waist band that one would feel, had she had pantys on.With mom rubbing my cock and my ass and me rubbing and squeezing her tits, first one then the other, pinching her nipples each time I gave them a squeeze, as well as rubbing her butt, mother finally broke the kiss off, looked into my eyes for just a second, then she said, “We better stop or, I may forget, that I’m your mother, and your my son, and I’m, a married woman, to your dad.” between breaths, we were breathing so heavy.While I was jacking off thinking about it and about how good mom felt in my arms and hands, then my bedroom door opened up, and in steps mom, stopping after she had taken two more steps into my room, “I’m so sorry son… I was coming in,.. to wake you up… Breakfast is on the table… Damn that cock of your’s… Looks so damn good.” then she turned and walked out, closing the door behind her, but looking back at me at the same time as she closed the door.When I finished, I got out of bed, put on my pj bottoms, that I had on last night, went nazilli escort to the bathroom, then down to the kitchen to find mom putting our breakfast on the table.Mom sat down at the table as I pushed the chair in as she beent her knees, then I sat down next to her, like we usually did anytime we sat down to eat a meal.We made small talk while we ate our breakfast, then when we finished eating, mother got up and poured us both a cup of coffee, as I took our empty plates to the sink and rinsed them out and put them in the dishwasher.After we took a drink of our coffee and sat our cups down, I felt mother put a hand on my thigh, next to my groin and ask, “I’m sorry for barging in on you this morning, and after thinking about it last night, I’m sorry for letting things go to far, just a little to much lastnight.””No mom, do not think that at all. You are a lonly woman with needs and I’m a lonly man with needs too. Besides, I love you and I want you to be happy, and I want to take care of your needs and I would love for you to take care of my needs, because you are the one I want to be with. I wish so much of the time, that we were not mother and son, but husband and wife.””Oh my… Wow… I am lost for words now. I mean, I love you too. What brought all this on? Did I do something wrong, for you to feel that way?””Let’s see, you brought me into this world with dad’s help, by making me, you raised me by teaching me right and wrong, you took care of me when I was sick or just down and out, cause dad was to buisy to do something with me, you even fed me when I was hungry, I’m not sure if I finished the list or not, but if what I did say is all wrong, then that is where you went wrong.””You have a point there. But it doesn’t tell me when you started wishing I was your wife, and not your mother.” “I relly do not remember how far back it was when I started wishing that. It might have been the first time I saw you partly dressed, either after a shower or getting ready for bed, when I was either in the fifth grade, just before school was out, or while I was in the sixth grade söke escort I think. When ever it was, I started noticing girls for the first time.””Partly dressed?””Yes, you were in your bra and pantys, fixing to dress for the day or fixing to get undressed for the evening, to be ready for bed or something.””Was I bad about leaving the bedroom door open a lot at that time?””Come to think of it, yes you were.””Thats when I first started trying to see if your dad would notice me dressing and undressing with the door open, to see if he would even say something to me about it, which, he never did, even when he walked in on me while dressing or undressing.””And now you don’t think he would even notice you walking around here in the nude.””Right.””He would be blind if he didn’t notice you nude. But then again, he might be dead if he doesn’t even touch you any more, to even have sex with you.””He should be dead the way he acts towards me, but, it’s not worth killing him over it. The sad part of it is, we have another anniversary coming up this week.””It’s this Friday, right?””Yes it is. If he doesn’t come home for us to go out to supper to celabrate it this year, it will be the s*******nth time he has missed it, and will not make it up at another time. He tells me to make reservations at some restaurant, then he ends up out of town, and I either go by my self or just call them back and cancel the reservation. I’m sick of going through the trouble, just to have a big let down.””I tell you what we will do, if you want to do it? If he tells you to make the reservations, go ahead and make them, then if he ends up out of town on buisness, so he says, then you and I will go and celabrate our marrage, that we tell people today on how ever long we tell them, we’ve been married. does that make any since?””Okay, I will do that, and then I don’t have to either go by my self or cancel, which for me is embarrassing.””We need to get ready and go do some shoping, for you to go out in, if your dad does bug out, like he has before, as well as for the things you thought of, to see if he notices me, before I go as far as just go nude around here.””Do you want a warm up kiss first sexy?””Yes handsome I do.”As soon as we started French kissing each other, mom’s hand moved over to my now hard cock, and I placed a hand on her tit and one on her butt, as she put her other hand behind my head, to pull me into her mouth more, while we kissed.

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