After T

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After T
After the Party; Part 1.

After the incident between my new-found friend and myself in the quiet room, we quickly made plans to leave the party, but one at a time. We knew that we were probably obvious but you get into these things and imagine that it might be better not to grab each other and run out of the place. He told me his address and it was close and so he left and I talked with someone else for a few minutes (in agony!) and then left to walk the few blocks to his house.

When I got to the house the lights were on and I knocked on the door and he answered but sort of standing back so that I couldn’t see him all the way until I peered around the door and saw that his pants were gone and he was stretching the nylon of his underwear in a glorious fat bulge of manhood. I quickly moved inside the door and it clicked shut as he grasped my head and pressed his rough face to mine in the most intense kiss I have ever had, me kissing him back with a tongue so full of lust that it almost spurted jizz itself. I could feel his cock and I worked quickly to drop my own pants and my cock was up to speed or to bulge in no time as we began to massage each others meat and squeeze them together in absolute bliss.

We had said that we shared a love of eating and fingering women and it seemed that this translated perfectly to each other as we probed each others assholes while we rubbed our cocks and pressed our nuts into each other continuing to kiss deeply and with all the passion I have ever felt anywhere. Finally, I had to relive the feeling at the party and I dropped down to his cock and held it like a cone under his nuts in order to put that big package out in front of him and to lick and kiss it all over. From the head to the nuts over and under and feeling the bulge of his thick rope of a urethra I was in amazement at the pure girth of this thick monster. I kept going to the head and sucking it, tonguing the piss slit and hard sucking the head getting precum which I would pause and taste and marvel at. My massage under the cock was making him get close to the edge and I might have talked a score of edging him but at that moment I really wanted his cum and I wanted it VERY BADLY!

On his part I could feel that he had put several fingers up my ass and he was massaging me on the part of my rectum he could reach and it was making me feel like a total whore in his grasp. I began to relax and let him have as much as he wanted, all I wanted was to feel him fuck my face and to be his perfect cum slut. And it a few minutes I got my wish! I first felt it as more precum and I was marveling how much and the taste was amazing. I was in heaven with that salty sweet nectar and the feeling of it as I swallowed was making me want more. Then he started to breathe and moan faster and I could feel the cock get harder and his nuts tighten and then he began to spurt the most wonderful ropes of thick snotty spew which at first I wanted to play with as the precum but there was much more and it had a more impressive flavor which made me gulp it, feeling it slightly burn my throat with the enzymes of his fertilization and I began to moan too, this was the best thing I had ever tasted and his cries of “Fuck, oh fuck, oh babe fuck ugh god! fuck fuck! labeling the spurts from his tight nuts made me lose all sense of where I was and my own cock began to be so ready too.

He must have figured that or he knew I was having all the fun because just then he dove on my dick and began to suck it just straight out, I leaning into his face and cumming with his cum in my mouth I found that we went 69 on his floor, how did we do that?

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