Ana comes back home after dancing


Ana comes back home after dancing
My sweet Ana told me this Saturday night she would go out dancing with some of her girlfriends.
As she left, I just sat down on the couch to watch a movie and sip a glass of my favorite Irish whisky. I knew that, my sexy wife going out with dangerous ladies as Helena and Martha, only could end in a real disaster…

A couple hours after midnight, the front doorbell rang.
There was a taxi driver standing there, saying that the woman in the back seat had passed out and he was not able to wake her up.
I went with him and found Anita snoring with her eyes closed.
So I picked my delicate wife up and carried her into the house.

She was wearing a tight black dress and I noticed that her thong was gone. I could remember she had put on a very tiny black thong before leaving…
When I got her down onto the bed, I noticed that there was fresh cum dripping out of her pussy and down her thigh.
Then I wondered if the taxi driver had enjoyed a little fun with Anita.

I was a little upset, but really turned on at the same time. Ana really was passed out and I wondered what had happened. I took her phone out of her purse and hoped to see if there were any clues there.
I looked in her recent photos and noticed that there were some videos that had been recorded that same night.

With a shaking hand I opened one of the videos. My sexy wife was fully naked on her hands and knees sucking a guy’s cock while another one was fucking her from behind. The video went on for about half an hour, with her phone being passed around.
Ana cried in pleasure every time a guy pumped her and she was begging to be fucked more and more. Several guys, I could count at least five, had cum in her mouth and she eagerly had swallowed their entire sticky semen.
I watched it until the end and then I sent the videos and pictures to my own phone for later viewing. Then I put her phone back again in her purse.
I felt I was hard as a rock.

I got Ana undressed and saw her curvaceous body was marked with some scratches and dark bruises, mostly around her nice nipples and areolas.
Then I slapped her beautiful face with my hard cock to see if she would wake up, but she just stood there snoring.
So I licked, kissed and sucked my way down to her swollen, well fucked and abused pussy. There was still cum oozing out of her.

It looked like the five guys I had seen in the video, had fucked her and had come into her wet stretched cunt.
I stuck my tongue as deep inside of her wasted pussy as I could.
I heard Ana moaning as I sucked her.

She grabbed the back of my head and started grinding her pussy into my face. After she had two or three orgasms, I got on top of her and kissed her red lips with men’s cum in my mouth.
I was hard and very aroused after watching Ana in this video.

I slipped into her wet cunt easily; she was fully stretched by many dicks. She moaned as she felt me pumping her; I came just after a couple minutes fucking her.
Then Ana, still with her eyes closed, asked me for more…
So I put my cock in her mouth and ordered her to clean it off. I promised her if she did it, I would give her more and more. Ana eagerly licked all that sticky cum and her pussy juices off of my cock and then she kissed me hard.
She insisted begging me for more cock.

Then I went down again between her spread thighs and started eating her cum filled cunt. Ana had several more orgasms and I gathered up as much cum in my mouth as I could get and kissed her again.
She finally let out a loud sigh and she passed out again.

I started watching more of the videos the five guys had recorded as they fucked my sensual wife.
I got hard again, when I saw little slutty Helena on all fours, being sodomized from behind. The bitch screamed like a wild cat…

She was begging for cum and begging for more cock and this guy filled her hungry asshole with semen. Then I saw Martha in Missionary position.

I wondered where the girls had spent this wild night…
I had to fuck my passed out Ana again; I was still very horny and hard.
I turned her onto her belly and then I checked out that her tight asshole had also been used and abused on this night. Her dark rosebud looked now stretched and very well lubed with semen.
So I shoved slowly my hard dick deeply into her anus.

Anita protested and she moaned feeling pain; but then she started to move her hips against mine, enjoying the anal penetration…This time I came into her after fifteen minutes pumping like crazy.
Ana just moaned softly all the time, feeling my hard dick going in and out from her abused anus. After I came, I just slipped out and decided to clean her up as much as possible.

She had always had some blackouts when she took a great amount of margaritas and she could not remember what happened the night before.
The next morning, she told me she did not remember coming home. But she added her asshole was sore. I asked her who had been exploring her tight asshole during the night…

Ana said that she could remember taking a taxi to get back home and the driver suddenly was mounting her from behind…She could not do anything to avoid the situation…
So, I confirmed this bastard had also enjoyed my wife’s sexy body…

I looked at her beautiful eyes and relaxed, thinking when my nice Ana would go out dancing again with her slutty girlfriends…

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