Aunty Betty’s Satin


Aunty Betty’s Satin
So there I sat trying to cover myself with her cream satin blouse and bras soaked in cum, waiting for her to say something. to my surprise she just turned about and went inside her house…I hurriedly cleaned myself up put my undies and jeans back on and motioned to go back to the gardening, A few minutes ticked by and then she called out to me to come inside..”bring my blouse and bras with you” I nervously went to the back door and knocked on it, her clothes rolled up under my arm…She tersely said…” Oh do come in” I opened the door and almost tiptoed in feeling quite ashamed of myself…There she stood with her back to me in a teal long satin gown… In an almost demanding tone she told me to sit down, I did as I was told and placed her satin blouse and satin bras on the table. she turned around and faced me, ” why were doing that with my clothes” dumbstruck I fumbled to find suitable words and stammered…I-I-I liked the feel of them, and started to apologize profusely, to which she replied “Well you’re going to have to wash them again now aren’t you” she moved a bit closer and yes folks I was ogling her massive breasts jutting forward in the satin gown, and once more felt an uncontrollable stirring in my pants..her gown was very high gloss satin which shimmered in the light streaming through her kitchen window, I was transfixed by it and felt my jeans tighten just a little bit more.
To my utter embarrassment, she then said..” I have noticed you looking at me often”..and asked why..Again trying to find the right words..I just blurted it out….I like your blouses, they’re very shiny and look very nice on you and again I was surprised when she smiled. ” so does that mean you like what I’m wearing now? Yes I do I exclaimed. Again she smiled…’Now young man about these clothes you’ve made a mess all over, I want you to make sure you clean them properly. that blouse is a favourite of mine, I was going to wear it to my friends house tonight. so you better get cracking and do that now as you’ll have to handwash them, the fabric is very delicate…so there I was at her washtub trying to be as careful as possible washing all the items. when I thought I had done the job I said…’Mrs Mott. I think I’ve finished would you come and see’ she walked in and stood next to me and looked over her clothes inspecting them and finally mentioned I had done a good job. ‘Be a good boy and go hang them on the line for me’ As I motioned to do that she turned to the side and again my eyes feasted on her monstrous boobs hidden inside her gown and I brushed against them momentarily. the back of my hand gliding across the glossy satin. ” when you have finished doing that come back inside for some lemonade.. I hurriedly pegged everything back in place practically tripping over as I rushed back inside, this time I noticed she’d removed her bra and her giant breasts no longer jutted out, but hung down and wobbled like jelly as she moved about the kitchen..To this young 17yo I was mesmerized by both, her gown and almost swaying breasts. and again felt that familiar stirring… Now drink this quickly and finish the yard for today, I’d like you to come back on Sunday to help me shift some furniture.. After leaving I scurried home and pleasured myself again with her in mind…fantasizing all sorts of scenarios. her satin gown its gleaming lustre. her huge breasts and how I’d love to touch them, and after much stroking shot my load everywhere

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