Bachelor Party Circle Jerk


Bachelor Party Circle JerkMy good friend Kevin, a tall 280lb black stud, was about to get married. If you’ve read my last story, we had a history of fooling around on the DL. I really didn’t mind that he was about to get married as I was young and did not foresee him giving up on dominating my ass on major holidays.I flew back home, so that I could make it to his bachelor party in time. But, due to flight delays, I got there relatively late. When I opened the door I saw three guys and Kevin drunk or high out of their mind. There were two latino brothers. The first latino was stocky, probably a former steroid user. And, the other was a nerdy, glasses-type bear. As for the other male, it was Kevin’s cousin who recently finished a lengthy conviction for possession. He was bigger than Kevin, and had the build of a linebacker. izmir escort Needless to say, I wanted him.After a bit of discussion, and saying hi to everyone, Kevin’s cousin put on some porn on the television in the main room. The latino brothers kept drinking and didn’t seem to mind that gangbang porn was on the screen. Kevin whispered in my ear that he would love to see me tease these guys on his last night as a single guy. I smiled and agreed to do my best. I sat next to Kevin’s cousin and started rubbing on my cock through my shorts. I noticed Kevin’s cousin was watching and touching himself too. Eventually, Kevin’s cousin opened his pants and started rubbing on himself under his pants. I followed his lead and mirrored his actions. Kevin sat in a recliner watching the whole event. He pulled out his massive cock and escort izmir started stroking quickly. I was worried that Kevin’s eagnerness would turn everybody off, but to my luck Kevin’s cousin whipped out his equal in size 10 inch cock. Both of them were watching the film and stroking their black rods.I pulled out mine and stated stroking to the film. The stockier latino had fallen asleep, and the heftier nerdy one sat next to my other side on the couch. His eyes were focused on me as he pulled out his cock. He was stroking with anticipation. Almost as if he expected me to suck them all off. After a couple of minutes of silent jerking, I reached over to Kevin’s cousin and started stroking his cock for him as he watched the film. He laid back and let me with no resistance. The nerdy latino kept his eyes on me and beat izmir escort bayan his cock even faster. I reached over and played with his balls to try and slow him down. He relaxed and moaned to my warm hands cupping his sweaty balls. Kevin walked over to me, and I knew what was coming next. He tilted my head back and placed his cock against my lips. The other two were slightly surprised but becoming harder in my hands as they watched Kevin slip his cock into my mouth.Eventually, I got on my knees and was sucking all of them. Taking turns between stroking and sucking. Sometimes, trying to suck two cocks at once. The nerdy latino came first, cumming all over my face. Kevin asked me to open my mouth as he shot his load onto my tongue. Finally, Kevin’s cousin grabbed the sides of my head and face fucked me as the others watched. His cum gushed down my throat. It was probably the sweetest tasting cum I’ve ever had. When we all walked to our rooms, I had to share with Kevin and his cousin. Needless to say, the three of us had some more fun that night.

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