Better with age


Better with ageThis is a true story about somewhat taboo sex but not weird at all. I was recently divorced in the late 70’s and after 6 mos of no sex from the ex, I picked up where I left off fucking anything 18 to 80, blind deaf or crazy. I was dating Susan who also was divorced and it was getting serious, but not too serious. She had an ex-sister in-law named Sally who was in the process of divorcing her ex-husband’s brother. Both these guys were absolute losers from the get go. I would occasionally Talk with Sally on the phone and would tease here as I knew she was just plain horny. I asked her when we were going ot get together and she asked if I was serious. Of course I was serious and the next thing I know she’s at my front door a few nights later. Sally wasn’t beautiful but far from ugly. Her body was nothing to brag about but nice in all the right places. Great ass, legs in proportion and small tits, but I didn’t really care. Since we both knew what she was there for there was no conversation, drinks or anything but heading to the bedroom. We stripped and got right down to it, but for some reason oral sex was never attempted. I guess we just want me inside here and her around me.Her tits were small but she had puffy nipples which is an instant turn on for me. I sucked and played with them for what seemed like an hour while she stroked my cock. All the while she was saying that my cock was big which I never thought it was all that, about 6 1/2 inches but really on the thick side. She practically was begging me to fuck her and when I fingered her pussy I’m sure she had been wet all karşıyaka escort night in anticipation as it was soaking. I slip myself into hr and she just moaned and threw her legs up and clamped them down on my lower back thereby taking all of me and as deep as she was. She came almost instantly squeezing my cock with every wave of her orgasm. I then went to her puffies and thrust into her hard and fast and came like a river deep into her. We met up a few times after the first encounter and I got the feeling from her that she felt somewhat guilty about or meetings. Years and I do mean years passed. I married Susan, Sally got divorced and we all lost contact. I did see here 17 yrs later at Susan’s 50th birthday party and we all promised to stay in touch but we all know how that goes. Fast forward 2 yrs, the age of pc computers. Susan and had to move about 900 miles away and one night I receive an IM from Sally. After the normal pleasantries the chat turned erotic. I could tell that the years had mellowed her sexually and she came across as a horny MILF. We had phone ex and that was great as I was constantly hard and I could tell she was getting off as she would tell me to hold on and I could hear her breathing get heavy and then relax so I knew she was cumming. I told her that I needed to make a trip back to tie up some loose ends on the move and we agreed to meet. We met at a local rib joint. She was all made up and really looked good. The years were good to her. She was a natural redhead which I absolutely love. She was dressed a little sexy but proper. karşıyaka escort bayan Being that it was a weekday night hte restaurant was not busy. We grabbed a booth in the back and it was dark. The waitress took our drink orders and we chatted. Our meals came and we chatted some more. Sally then said that she wanted me to slide a little toward her in my seat. She had kicked off her shoes and she then proceeded to rub my rock hard cock through my shorts. I told her to stop as I was already leaking pre-cum and it wouldn’t take much for me to explode if she continued. She just smiled devilishly and she said that was the idea. We couldn’t wait to get out of there and to the hotel. Upon arrival I sat her on the couch and went to work. She was a breast cancer survivor and her tits were perfectly matched. She said she had feeling in both nipples and groaned every time I licked, bit or sucked them. I stated to undress her and her pussy was not shaved but due to her chemo she had lost most of her hair. What was there was real fine and of course red. I love it when the collar matches the cuff! I couldn’t wait to lick that beautiful pussy so we jumped into bed but not before she stripped me down, got on her knees and began to suck my cock. She teased and teased, licking the head, rimming it with her tongue and taking me deep into her mouth. I could tell that she had more practice over the years as she took all of me without gagging as most women did. She massaged my balls, gently licking them and sucking them. I couldn’t stand it any more and lifted her escort karşıyaka up to the bed telling here I really needed to lick her pussy. She spread her legs allowing full access and with the small amount of hair I was face to face with her. I started out teasing her lightly licking her clit and gently fingering her. She moaned and moaned and when I placed a second finger in her she bore down on it. I then attacked her clit causing her to buck and shiver and cum. Her pussy juice was sweet and delightful and I savored it all over my tongue and fingers. I then mounted her deeply. She thrashed her head side to side as she built up her orgasm and she again came quickly. I was pounding here pretty good and then I stopped and pulled out. She asked if there was something wrong and I told here I wanted her to lick my cock clean of her pussy juice. She voraciously sucked and licked and groaned with approval. I then slid back into her and took deep slow strokes as I built up my cumming. She then again threw her legs around me and took me deep. I couldn’t delay any longer and asked her where we wanted me to cum. She said on here tits but I knew she was going to get a facial along with it as I knew I was going to cum hard and a lot. I pulled out, moved up on her and stroked my cock maybe three times when I shot my load on her tits, mouth, face and hair. She said she couldn’t believe all my cum and even noticed I had hit the headboard! Being the gentleman I am I quickly rolled off of her and fell asleep. After all, it was a long drive (some 9 hrs) and with all the excitement I was spent. The next morning I was awakened with a nice slow blow job and this time she swallowed every bit of my juice. She had to leave to go to work and I had appointments but I promised I would call her later and see if we could meet either that or the next and that I might have a special surprise for her. Stay tuned for Part 2.

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