Brandy (Chapter 3)


Brandy (Chapter 3)A Pleasurable Walk HomeMichael put his hand around her waist as he walked her next door. She looked up and saw his bedroom window dark, Cindy already in bed. Her parent’s window was also dark. No one would be expecting them. Her mind raced. What would he do to me? What would he make me do? She had seen the bulge in his pants. Would I have to satisfy him tonight? Would he make me do it with my hand or something else? They kept walking, Brandy’s nervous as she got close to her house. His hand was still on her waist, but he made no move beyond that. Was I supposed to do something? Should I touch his cock?She didn’t turn around when she reached her door, confused, afraid of doing something that might make him change his mind. Her hands trembled as she took out her keys, putting the key in the lock. She began to turn the key, her heart racing.“Put your hands on the door.” His voice was demanding, her heart stopped beating. She put her hands in front of her, her palms carefully on the front of the door.“High up, I want that lovely teenage body stretched out while I touch you.” His cock reared up in excitement. He wanted to grab her hand and make her take his cock out and masturbate him. He fought his excitement. He wanted to prolong this. Four years he has been watching her trying to seduce her. Four years of him denying her and himself. He would make her suffer the same. She would get what she wants and more, but he would take her slowly, make her want him as much as he wanted her over all these years.It was as if she was on a police television show. She pushed her hands high up the door, as though she was going to be frisked by a cop. This was different, Michael wasn’t a cop, and his hands were not going to be confined to certain parts of her body. He was going to touch her all over. Or at least she hoped he would.“Push your legs back farther.” His hands went to her hips as she backed up, her hands still high on the door. “Arch up your lovely ass for me Brandy. Yes, that’s a good girl. Obey me.” His hands were on her hips, urging her to push her ass up and out, feeling her short skirt riding higher up her legs. It made no difference, for soon his hands would be under her skirt and touching her intimately.Michael’s hand went to the back of her thigh, touching the first available part of her leg beneath the skirt. Her thighs were together as if she was not going to give it up. “Spread your legs for me, Brandy. You izmir escort know you want it. You want to feel my hands between your legs. I can smell your arousal. Your pussy is soaked in anticipation of me touching you. Spread your legs wide so I can explore your body.”She almost came when he touched her naked leg. How did he know what I was thinking? Could he really smell me? It made it sound so wrong, yet so right when he said it. Spread your legs. She never expected to hear Michael say that to her. She couldn’t deny him. She spread her legs just as they did on television, her hands on the door, her back at an angle, her ass arched up provocatively. She waited, her body trembling for the first touch of his hands on her body. Would he touch my breasts, feeling her nipples so hard and pointed? Or would he touch my pussy, finding my panties soaked with my desire for him?“Eeeeewwww,” she hissed through her teeth, trying to silence the surprise when she felt his hands. They slipped under her skirt and surprised her. They didn’t touch her pussy, but grabbed her buttocks. She never felt anything like it. A strong, masculine hand grabbing one of her buttocks, under her skirt. “Nice firm ass, Brandy.” His released her buttock, but his hand under her skirt continued to explore her ass. He felt her muscles contracting each time his fingers played across her tight panties, able to feel the sharp divide of her crack. He was sure that no boy had ever been where his hand was now. He was rubbing her, rubbing her ass cheeks. She trembled each time his hand slid to the side and touched naked flesh. God, she couldn’t stand this, wanting him to fuck her, to take her and make her his. “Pull up your skirt in back so I can see what I am feeling.” He had both hands under her skirt, caressing her hot ass as her muscles contracted uncontrollably beneath his palms.She leaned back, pulling up her skirt and tucking it into the waistband, feeling the cool night air on her panty covered bottom. She put her hands back on the door, arching up her red panty bottom even higher. She blushed in shame as she imagined how she must look as he gazed at her in the bright light of the moon. She couldn’t even believe that she had just hiked up her skirt for him. What else would he make me do? He had seen me stripping down to my underwear, would he want more?. Did he want me to strip naked for him? And the camera. Would he record me naked?Michael’s escort izmir hands were not idle, continually caressing her ass cheeks. He took one finger and ran it down her crack, pushing hard until her panties were pushed into the hot crease. When his finger ran over her anus, her buttocks clenched so erotically. He could only imagine how that would feel if he was inside her asshole, her muscles rippling up and down his cock as he sodomized her teen asshole. His fingers went to the edge of her panties, slipping under the edge and pulling them toward the center until both of her cheeks were naked and her panties were pushed deep into her crack. She started to protest when he slapped her ass cheeks, almost afraid of waking her parents, but he had to teach her obedience and what would happen if she disobeyed him.It rang out loudly, her ass cheek stinging where he had spanked her. She felt it on her naked cheek, her panties pushed uncomfortably between her crack while his hands fondled her naked ass cheeks now. This was not what she was expecting. “I liked that Brandy. I think I’m going to take you over my knee and spank you ass. Your naked ass. Show me how tight you ass is. Clench your muscles,” he instructed her.Spanking, he was going to spank me. Naked! He had said that before. Naughty girls need to be spanked. She could still feel where he hit her. It stung and tingled. Tingled between her legs. What would it be like to be on his lap, my panties pulled down? I would be able to feel his cock pushing into me. Into my naked pussy. Would the spanking make me rub against his cock? Would it arouse both of us? She almost forgot what he told her to do. She clenched her buttocks, strangely humiliating, his hands on her naked ass cheeks as she clenched her muscles.“Again.”She did it again, his hands clenching back.“You’re strong. I can imagine what it would feel like to be inside you when you did that.” He slid his finger up her crack one more time, this time stopping when his finger was on her anus. He could feel her heat beneath the thin panties. “Clench now, Brandy. Was that what he was talking about? Was it my pussy that he wanted to be inside, or my ass? She never even fathomed such a thing, but there was no mistake that it was his finger that was pushed hard against the tight knot of her ass. She clenched her buttocks, trapping his finger between her cheeks, feeling the pressure of his fingertip against her anus. She felt izmir escort bayan it move, not very much, but it felt like it was trying to enter her.“Relax now,” he ordered her. When her muscle relaxed, his pushed harder with his finger until her panties were pushed into her asshole, feeling her anal ring open to take the tip of his finger into her asshole. He heard her gasp of shame, but she did nothing to stop him. He pulled his finger from her asshole, her panties still pushed into the tight hole.She wanted to reach back and pull her panties out, but she didn’t dare. It felt strange, a finger trying to enter her. Here she wanted his fingers on her pussy, yet he hadn’t even touched her there, instead his hands and fingers exploring her ass.It was time to go home, but he didn’t want to disappoint her. Just tease her. He pinched her pussy from behind, two powerful fingers finding her puffy pussy lips and squeezing them until she moaned and shoved her ass back at him. He could feel her damp panties. He would have loved to explore her pussy, but he wanted her hot and wet each time he saw her. Hot enough to do anything he wanted to her.He released her pussy lips, his fingers sliding along her slit and back over her asshole one more time. “Time to go inside. I want you to masturbate for me Brandy, but you better not cum. I’ll be able to tell.”She turned to him, her skirt still shoved into her waistband, her panties still pushed into her anus. “I can’t not cum,” she begged. She was ready to race upstairs and masturbate over and over as she thought about what he had done to her and what he threatened to do.“I said no. If you do, you will be punished. I told you about naughty girls that need to be punished.” He took his finger that had pushed her panties into her asshole and placed it on her lips. “Lick it.”She could smell his finger. She knew where it had been. She grimaced, but she did it, her lips closing around his finger and her tongue bathing it. Just as if it was his cock that he was putting into her mouth for her to suck. His cock was ready to burst, seeing the way she was sucking his finger as if it were his cock. He wanted to shove her to her knees and take her mouth, but he restrained himself. “Don’t forget, no cumming.” He knew she couldn’t resist. He even thought she might do it on purpose.  He would have to find a time and place where he could spank her. He would make sure it was as humiliating as possible. She might even like that. “Good night, Brandy.”“Good night, Master,” finally able to get the word out. She opened the door and stepped in, fishing her panties out of her ass and pulling down her skirt as the door closed behind her.

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