Call Me Daddy, Part 13


Call Me Daddy, Part 13
I honestly don’t think that her hubby was prepared for what he witnessed for those next three hours.

Hubby was firmly secured in the chair to my right back-side and with his wife, My slut, kneeling and facing me, he had a clear, unobstructed view as she fished My cock out of my slacks. Her knees were spread, as I had previously demanded’ and her lovely “tail” that hung from the butt-plug deeply imbedded in her anal passage, was swinging erotically between her thighs. Her heart-shaped pubes obviously displayed just above the cleft of her puffy, mommy-cunt, just below the tight black corset that proudly displayed her milk-swollen tits with her inch-long lactating nipples. As she freed My cock and took it into each of her tiny hands, I glanced over My should and the look on his face resembled a trance-like stare. His cock was hard and pointing straight out. Pre-cum leaked from the tip.

“Look how eagerly My slut, your wife, is going for My cock” I stated rather mater-of-factly. “Do you think that she’s enjoys this?” I asked rhetorically. “Look at her actually licking her lips for Daddy’s cock.”

I then ran my fingers through her hair as she licked My cock from the base to My tip. I closed My fists around her hair as I not-so-subtly guided her head to position her mouth right in front of My erect cock. She knew, instinctively, to open wide and take Me in. I then slowly, but without mercy and holding her head firmly, slowly trusted My cock into her mouth, past the back of her tongue and into her throat. Her eyes filled with water as she did her best to control her gag-reflex. I then leaned back and thrusted in deeper this time, causing her to choke a bit. I watched her eyes as they spoke volumes: As they filled with more tears, she looked up at me with such determination and gratitude. I smiled down at her and signaled My approval… and somehow, she managed to smile up at Me with her eyes.

“Good Girl” I said with a genuine tone. “I’m now going to fuck your throat.”

I heard a soft whimper from behind me. Sure, he was able to talk, but I’m guessing that he had no words for what was happening to his wife…. WITH HER CONSENT!

Still holding her by the head, I began a slow yet determined hip-thrust, driving My hard cock deep into her throat. She did her best to position her head and neck to take Me all the way in and even though her gags were limited, I knew that her air supply was limited. After a few minutes of intense face-fucking, I withdrew and looked down at her face: She was panting for breath, her mascara was running in streaks, mixed with her tears, down her face and then a huge smile spread across her face. I turned back toward her hubby.

“Have you ever seen her look more beautiful?” I asked, again, in a totally rhetorical tone. I then looked back at her.

“Check out hubby” I ordered. “By the looks of his erection, he’s enjoying this as much as YOU are” and I laughed.

“Get up on the bed” I directed. “your ass facing him.”

As she stood, she turned to face her hubby and smiled. She then walked over to him and then erotically spread her ankles, revealing her heart-shaped pubes, her dripping cunt, and her very hard nipples.

“See what Daddy gets?” she said in a statement, as opposed to a question. “He treats me so well that I give Him whatever He wants.” She then pointed to her hubby’s hard cock and added; “I’m not sure if this little thing will EVER be inside of me again. In fact, I hope that Daddy gets me pregnant with our next baby. That’s right! Then you and I will raise it as our own.. a constant reminder of what a REAL Man can do!”

She then turned and sauntered to their marriage bed and took her position on all fours, her ass facing her hubby, who was still someplace between excitement and bewilderment. Meanwhile, I was texting My female friend, My slut’s future training-Domme, with their address and a suggestion to join us in 2 hours.

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