Cheating College Girlfriend with 12inch BBC Part4


Cheating College Girlfriend with 12inch BBC Part4Elisabeth and I had not talked to much on what she was going to say to Matt after I fucked her pretty much all weekend. We fucked two more times after she got back from swim practice. I was watching with Elisabeth when Matt got back to the dorms. Elisabeth is super skinny, probably around 5’6, long dark hair, green eyes, very nice c-cup breasts, and a the perfect ass (not too big but not to small). Elisabeth looked hot as fuck. After our last fuck session she tried on some outfits and wanted to what I considered “hot.” She tried on several and I kept sending her back. Finally she came out in some very short cut off jean shorts. They were tight as fuck and road up her ass cheeks along with a red spaghettie strapped shirt with no bra that showed off her perfect c-cups. Oh yeah no panties too. Well Matt got back and Elisabeth met left the couch to go meet him at the door. she helped him carry in a few of his things. They were probably about twenty feet away. I heard Matt say “Geeez Lizzie do you think you could have on any less clothing.” Elisabeth replied “It’s just Trey, he don’t mind, besides this mild for him, Marley dresses way sluttier than this.” I started laughing when I heard her say that. She gave Matt a kiss and went off to his room. I turned the TV down, I wanted to hear waht she was going to say to him. I have really good hearing so I could hear almost everything from the couch. I could hear them kissing and Matt said “That is what I am talking about.” I could a hear a belt unbuckling. “Matt I want you to eat me out.”I couldn’t completely hear everything, so Lizzie filled me later on the stuff I couldn’t hear. Anyway Lizzie was tugging on Matt’s little white dick when she told him that she wanted him to eat her out. “Babe what has gotten into you? We have neve done that before.” I could hear them fucking after that. “Matt please go deeper.” “I’m going as deep as I can babe ughhh I am about to cummmm.” Lizzie later told me that Matt asked what was up with letting him fuck her with no condom and also asked about her pussy being so loose. She told Matt that she was just extra wet and had been thinking about him all weekend. It was around 8 o’clock…My phone started beeping. I checked the messages, one was a pic of Marley touching her wet pussy and the other saying she would be there in a few minutes. If you haven’t read my other stories Marley is 19, skinny at 5’3 maybe 90-95 lbs, boobs between large c-cup maybe a d-cup. They were in the shape of some nice g****fruits. Oh yeah shoulder length çubuk escort brown hair and blue eyes. Marley got there and we were going at it. She was much tigther than usual and was much louder than usual. I started off fucking her doggystyle, and then she got on top. She squirted all over my cock five times after she got on top. It only took me thirty minutes to cum and yes I dropped a big hot load in her tight white pussy. I was exhausted…I had been fucking Lizzie all weekend and Marley once. Marley was laying down now and asked me to come over there to her. I crawled over there on my knees. She started tugging on my bbc. “Trey I want you to fuck my tits while I suck your cock at the same time.” So we did this for about 15 minutes. Marley’s tits looked amazing. I got up and told Marley that I was going to fuck her in the ass. I got some lube off the dresser and rubbed it all over my massive black snake. I worked the head of my bbc into her ass missionary. Marley was really getting into it and was moaning a lot. I had about 8 inches in there with four more inches to go as I started to pickup my pace. It was hot as fuck watching my bbc go into her right below her gaping pussy that was now starting to leak my cum back onto my black dick. “Fuck Treyyyy I am about to cummm, oh fuck, fuck I am cumming. I love your beautiful black cock.” “Dat ass is so tight Marley.” With one huge lunge I put the rest of my bbc in her ass. “Trey fuck me! Harder! Mhhmmmmm FUCK! You’re making me cum AGAINNNNNN, AHHHHHH.” Marley was breath having and moaning so loud. “Here ya go girl I am about to fucking cum. ” I shot a huge load of my sperm in Marley’s ass, I then took my cock out of her ass and came in her pussy again too. Marley was out of it following the nice fucking I gave her, sound asleep. She went to bed naked as usual. There was so much of my sperm spilling out of her pussy and ass. Matt and Elisabeth could hear Marley the entire time. This got Lizzie all worked up. I went out into the living room to play some ps3. Elizabeth opened the door to Matt’s room saying ” I will see you tomorrow.” Lizzie later said that she told Matt that she was going to hangout with her friend Brittany.A few minutes later I got a text from Elisabeth. It read “Meet outside in the parking lot. I am standing by your truck.” I put on my shoes and head down towards the parking lot thinking to myself “damn these girls are horny as shit.” “Trey is there anywhere we can go to have some alone time with each other? I heard what you were doing to Marley, çukurambar escort I am so wet, feel me” I put my right hand over her short cloth shorts and she was wet as fuck. You could even see how wet she was. “No panties, just for you Trey.” “Why don’t we go back to your place?” ” We can give it a shot, my roommate Erin may not be there.” We got in my truck and headed over there. Sure enough we got there and her hot ass roommate Erin is there. In short talks with Elisabeth she wasn’t a big fan of her roommate. Erin was 19, a cheerleader, of course white, as skinny as Lizzie, long curly dirty blonde hair, about 5’7, b-cup breasts, small ass, tan, and legs you could see for days. We walked in and Elisabeth introduced. I said ” Are you the one that is dating my home boy Tyler?” “That would be me.” Tyler was the backup qaurterback on the football team.” “Anyway I am here to help Trey with his math homework.” In the back of my mind I was thinking ” Shit girl I am gonna fuck you so hard tonight shes gonna know why your really here.”We made our way back to Elisabeth’s room. We layed there on Lizzie’s bed facing each other. She reach for my cock through my shorts just looking. “Gosh I can’t belive this thing fits inside me.” I then stood up as she took off my shorts, as she did my cock sprung free hitting her in the face lol. As she was going to town on my bbc with her little mouth I started playing with those bomb ass titties of her. Her boobs were already practically hanging out and her nipples were hard poking through that spaghettie strapped shirt. Her hands looked so small stroking my huge dick. “You want this dick don’t you girl” “Yes Trey I do.” With that I started stripping Lizzie down. I pulled her toward the edge of the bed as I slowly inserted my bbc. “Trey I have beeenn waaiting for this allll night, omg. Put it all the way in me, oh ohhh thats it. right there, oh fuck I am about to cum already.I love your dick.” “What kind of dick?” “Your black dick! It’s so big. ah! ah!. mhmm” “This cock better than that white boyfriends of yours?” “Yes YES! oh god it’s so good!!” “Who does this pussy belong to?” “You Trey, only you!” “That’s right bitch, only mine. You’re boyfriend will never give it to you like this.” “No he won’t, I never want his little white cock ever again. oh fuck oh fuck I am cumming again on your black dick.” It was hot to see her pussy lips gripping my cock as she slid up all 12 of my inches and slid back down all 12. Where do you want me to cum Lizzie?” ” I want you to cum in me Trey, demetevler escort I want that creampie inside my little white pussy.” “Fuckkkkk ughh I am cumming Lizzie ughhhh mhhmmmm.” We fucked a few more times that night, I slept over there, wokeup the next day, went to class. I don’t know what it is but almost everytime I fuck a white girl…It’s like their inner slut is channeled. They start dressing sluttier and in this case it was no different for Elisabeth. Lizzie told me she had complete confidence in her body now and that she would no longer be wearing a bra or panties. We had also been sending nude selfies to each other and even one time Lizzie went as far as capturing a video on her phone of me fucking her. One day Matt confronted her about her dressing differently and the lack of sex she was giving him. Lizzie told Matt that she could dress however she wanted. She also told him that she wanted more in bed. She told him that she wanted him to make her cum like how I made Marley cum, she wanted a real orgasm from him. Thursday of that week Lizzie came to the grocery store with me. I getting some lettuce for some salads when Lizzie picked up a huge cucumber. She said “you know this is exactly the same size as your cock. ” I said “you should get a few more like it, and make Matt fuck you with it.” She said “ok.” Elisabeth had gone from this innocent little white girl to a complete freak. She was pretty much doing anything I wanted. Later that night she asked Matt to fuck her with the cucumber replica of my cock. I was not present for this but Elisabeth later told me about all this. “Are you sure Lizzie, there is no way this thing is going to fit inside you.” “You might be surprised babe.” Elisabeth was really getting into it as Matt was fucking her with this huge cucumber, to Matt’s surprise Lizzie was taking all of it with ease. “Fuck Matt I am cumming, I am cumming all over this cucumber, keep fucking me Trey, it feels so fucking good” Lizzy squirted all over the cucumber and in that moment Matt realized that she refered to me while fucking the cucumber. Matt instantly stopped, stood up, and said “is Trey what all this has been about?” Lizzie looked up at Matt in his boxers and said “I think you are the one who is getting off to it.” Pointing out Matts obvious hard on. Lizzie said she could tell Matt was pissed but also turned on at the same time. Matt stripped off his boxers taking a few steps closer to Elisabeth. He inserted his little white boy dick into Lizzie’s pussy.” “You are so loose Lizzie.” “I know Matt, I can hardly feel your little penis…Is that what you want though? For me to fuck Trey’s big black cock? Do you want to see him destroy your girlfriend’s little white pussy?” Matt came instantly inside Elisabeths gaped out pussy. Part 5 coming soon… Lizzie and I get caught…I also get a few dances in with Lizzies roommate Erin…

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