FINALLY had my first gloryhole / theater experienc


FINALLY had my first gloryhole / theater experiencA TRUE story told to me : Well, after years of thinking about it, being curious about it, I finally took the step, no, I dove right in. Pretty much my whole life it was just 1on1’s, except for 1 time I was with 3 guys about 7 or 8 years ago. I’ve long wanted to try gloryholes, and the adult theater experience, but didn’t have the chance, or just couldn’t find them where I was. Due to the group rules, I will not state where the following happened, but here is my experience from yesterday:I was finally able to stop in at an adult store I’d had my eye on for some time, but never had the chance to go in. They have viewing booths and a theater, and while I had been in viewing rooms before (but none of them had gloryholes), I had never been somewhere that had a theater. I really didn’t want to risk my $20 just to see what it was like, not knowing if they had gloryholes and possibly be disappointed.I was dressed in leather boots, short skirt (no panties) and skimpy revealing spaghetti strap top (no bra). I had a guy (customer) approach me and ask me what I needed. He gladly paid the money and we both went in. I followed him around to the hallway where the viewing booths were, and it got very dark, so dark I got nervous because I could see absolutely nothing. I heard him say “here”,and felt his hand tough my arm, and he led me to one of the booths, opening it so we could see it was empty. There was a gloryhole in it , so he checked,and since the other booth was empty, he went in one and I went in the other. Now, I could HEAR there were other guys nearby, but aside from one guy I saw in the hallway near then entrance before it got so dark, canlı bahis I couldn’t see anyone else. So the guy I came in with put his cock through the whole, and I wasted no time diving right in, suckling and slurping away. After a couple minutes he suggested I come join him in his booth, which I did. After about about a minute or so of being bent over in his booth suckling away, I hear him say “I think you have a customer”. I turned and checked the hole and yes someone was there. I put a couple fingers in the hole briefly, and voila! Here came a cock! #2 for this brief less than 5 minutes I’d been back there. I sucked away at the gloryhole cock, and after about 60 seconds my mouth was filled with creamy reward! This was starting to be fun! Moments later, after turning back to guy #1 (the one I came in with), he said I had another one. So there I was sucking cock #3 through the GH, while guy#1 fingered my pussy after he had pulled my top down, exposing my b**sts so he could suck on them. I took 4 quick come loads from guys 2, 3, 4, and 5, within maybe 10 minutes or so of being back there. After swallowing load from guy #5, guy #1 asked if I wanted to check out the theater. I said I was I little nervous, but yes! He told me not to worry, that I was doing fine so far, and he would watch over me. He walked me down the hall, with my tits still out for anyone to see, to the theater. There were 2 guys sitting and one standing in the theater. Guy 1 and I went to the large couch in the back center of the room, where he sat down at one end, and I sat next to him and leaned over to continue sucking his cock. In no time, he told me my attention was desired, so I looked and there was guy #6 standing bahis siteleri there looking hopeful. I smiled at him and leaned my face toward his crotch. He took no time getting his cock out for me to suck on, and well, as they say, then it was on! After that things became an excited thrilling cum and cock filled blur! It got hard to keep track of the order of things after that, but I can say that sometimes I was bent over sucking one cock while another pounding my pussy, or I was sucking one while another pounding my ass, or I was on my back with one in my pussy while I turned to the side sucking another, or I was squatting on a guys face while leaning over sucking another cock! It was wild! It was wonderful! I was having the time of my life! When the action died down, I was bent over, back to sucking guy #1s cock again. When I looked up, we were the only 2 people in the theater. I looked around in desperation, and was like, “where did everybody go?” The disappointment sounding in my voice. He asked me if I was ready to go, as it was getting late and he needed to get back on the road (he was a truck driver and had to get rolling so he wouldn’t get behind schedule. I reluctantly said ok, that I didn’t want him to be running late. So, with my skirt and top bunched up around my waist, we headed back out to the hallway. What should we find but about 4 of the guys who had taken part in my depraved slutty behavior! They told us they thought I was wonderful and hoped I would return soon. I blushed (not that anyone could see in the in the extremely faint light) and confessed to them this was my first time. They said they were surprised and that I didn’t show it, reiterating how much güvenilir bahis they want me back. They also said that for some real fun to come back on a Fri or Sat night, that is when I could really get my fill, instead of the, as they called it, slow period of Tuesday afternoon. At this point, guy 1 pointed to one of the booths and said I might have one more… may face brightened up and I went in the booth, checked the GH, and sure enough, got one more cum load pumped in my mouth before leaving! When I walked back out to the smiles of the guys, cum dripping done my chin, my rubbing it over my tits, guy 1 said something to the effect of, you are quite the perfect little slut aren’t you? A blushed, smiled really big, and said yes sir! I can’t get enough! To which he said, come back Fri or Sat night, you’ll have plenty to service then! And the guys all backed him up. I walked out of the store with all three holes dripping cum, and cum covering my tits, upper chest and chin, and drying on the neckline of my top.I will say this was the absolute sluttiest, wild thing I have ever done, and I cannot wait until I get the chance to do it again! I just wish I lived close to this adult store, so I could return easily.Best count I can figure, there were about 10 guys total, about 9 loads shot in my mouth, 3 in my pussy, and two in my ass. This is over 3 times as many guys as I had ever taken at once before, and the time I had 3 guys years ago, was 3 times what I had before with 1on1’s. If you do the math, each progression is 3 times or more the previous one.does that mean my next step will be taking on 30+ men at once?!? Only time will tell!!! Lol! 😉 maybe if I am lucky! I confess I’m a but unsure I might handle THAT many guys at once, but it sure would be awesome to try! But the numbers gal that I am, I take pride in my accomplishments, so I hope someone would be able to keep track of the numbers for me!

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