Fool’s Utopia – Naomi’s Garden Party


Fool’s Utopia – Naomi’s Garden Party
The holiday parties were always fairly informal . Once the guests were pretty well settled in , clothing was optional . Naomi had learned through years of experience that she didn’t want to be doing a lot of running back and forth . No sense in making a celebration into another job , she mused . Over the past 2 decades , the logistics were very well refined . The guests lacked for nothing , without having to be waited on . No details were overlooked and provisions were plentiful . Every need was supplied , from food and beverages , to sex toys . The activities of one of Naomi’s social groups had a back room activity that the public never would have suspected . The ladies ran one of the fastest growing online sex shops in the world . All the media ever saw was fund raising drives for charities . The ladies hidden talents also produced ingenious implements of pleasure , which were well represented at the holiday parties .

Back in the Roman Garden , Andrea and her friends were getting refreshed from their drive home from college . As the conversations moved from who , where and what to more intimate conversations , the tension began turning toward closer and more personal interests .

Joan Cochran and Liz Capizzi arrived just in time . While the Johnson twins were starting to get frisky with Toby and Lamar , Andrea’s friends from the football team , Naomi was thinking about where she would fit in . She had been tingling for days over the thought of 2 athletic and muscular college football players having their way with her . That would have to wait . While the boys explored the Johnson twins , she would have quality time with Joan , Liz and Andrea .

Liz gave Naomi a more than social embrace . ” Naomi ! I almost lost my mind , counting the days . You look amazing !

Naomi returned the affectionate squeeze and whispered in her ear , ” No need to go crazy , Liz . I have plans for you .”

They broke the embrace and Liz got to the hot topic . Liz was always on point .

” So tell me about this new toy you’ve been working on , Naomi . I hear it’s to die for .”

Naomi beamed . ” This is the best idea I’ve had in years . You might as well see what I’m talking about .”

Wirh that , she reached into her tote for the new package . She opened the box to reveal a very lifelike vibrator . Made of the latest materials , the silicone outer sleeve looked and felt real . That was where the similarity ended . It’s shape was a stroke of genius . Liz and Joan marvelled at the sight of 7 cockheads , stacked atop each other , from base to tip . The length was deceptively normal , at 8″ . The fascination was in the taper . From a thumb sized little peckerhead at the tip , to an intimidating pussy splitter at the base , it had the promise of being all things to all women .

Liz was intrigued . ” I hope that thing doesn’t kill me !”

Naomi sprung the punchline on her . ” The big surprise is the oscillating , reciprocating core . You just adjust the speed until it pops your cork ! Trust me , my dear . If my pussy can’t say ‘ no ” to this bad boy , yours wont .”

The ladies burst out in laughter . Joan always thought ahead . She joked , ” Good thing we’re outdoors . No one will have to clean up the mess !”

Meanwhile , over on the blankets , things were developing , nicely . The Johnson twins Tracey and Tina , were amazing .Tall , blonde and leggy , they already had a photo shoot for a major fashion line to their credit . They never had to worry about tuition or male attention . For that matter , Naomi thought she might get a chance with them . Right at the moment , the twins were taking turns , lollipopping Toby Erickson’s 9″ cock .

” Oh , to be 23 and resilient again ,” Naomi wistfully pined . The atmosphere was electric as Naomi watched Toby’s muscles ripple in response to the girls’ enthusiasm . At 6′ 4″ and 248 lbs , he was everything a college linebacker should be .

Naomi marvelled at the sight of Andrea , riding Lamar Stillman’s big black cock . Naomi sucked in a deep breath , remembering how Lamar could take it to the house , and her pussy with it .

Yes , this Memorial Day was going to be one for the ages .

Naomi wasn’t one to neglect her guests . Joan and Liz knew the drill , having a lot of practice getting things started .They were experimenting with a couple of the new vibrators . Their soft curves were a different sight than the younger women . Joan’s hips and ass were more ” well rounded ” than Liz , but Liz was taller , and her 40D breasts were still amazing in their bounce .

Joan ws first to see Naomi sitting down , next to them . Her hair dishevelled and her face flushed , Joan gushed in excited testimonial . ” I’ve cum twice , and I haven’t even turned it on . It’s sooo good , I could just fuck myself with it !”
” I know very well , sweet baby . Let me help you .” Naomi leaned down and started with drawn out , tender kisses , as she reached down and turned the vibrator on the lowest setting . Joan grunted and lifted her ass at the sudden sensation . ” Uhm … mmm ! Please, Naomi . Go slow . I want it to last .” Naomi reassured her . ” Oh , I will . I know that you’ll fuck me good with this , after you get your ass shaken .” Naomi turned and straddled Joan’s face . She wasnt wearing panties , just for this occasion .

Liz watched the unfolding scene. her vibrator humming to feed her hungry pussy . She let her urge build , getting herself in time with the 2 women in front of her .

Coming soon – Andrea’s Bi Orgy

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