Penis 3
September 2004
It had been a couple of days since Lilly had given her brother her first ever blowjob. It still seemed unreal. First, she could not believe that she had done it and second, she was still shocked at the size of his cock. Yes, there had been a lot of pictures of guys with dicks even bigger in the magazines she was looking at, but … she had never imagined that he would have a cock like that!

She was working her way through a magazine full of stories about i****t. She had avoided them prior to the other day. Sex with her father or brother or any of the rest of her family had just seemed weird. Now, it seemed not only acceptable, it made her wet even before she had done much more than read the title of the stories. In fact, it was her second time through reading all of the stories and they were still making her wet as she reached her fingers under the elastic waistband of her winter jammies.

There was a knock on her door and she almost jumped out of her skin. Her Dad had left for his construction job about 30 minutes ago and it was just Larry and her at home. He never came to her room. It was not that they did not like each other, but more the fact that a guy in high school, getting ready to graduate in a couple of months, does not normally have a great deal in common with a girl 6 years his junior!!

He pushed the door open without waiting for her to invite him. He had on only his boxers and they did little to conceal the raging hardon that was in them! “I was thinking about you and decided what the hell, I might as well see what you were doing. I see you are still enjoying Dad’s stash of porn.”

“A girl has to learn some way!” she said with an easy smile that any French coquette would have been proud of. “Did you come here to learn what I know or did you come to teach me something, big brother?”

Larry stepped into the room and looked at Lilly. She looked years older than she was. How had he not noticed? Her braces had come off over the summer and she had somewhere grown boobs. Her legs, long and slender enough to make her almost fast enough to catch him out in the open, now rose to a shapely bottom that was driving him insane! She had given him a blowjob the other day and he had left without ever getting so much as a glimpse more of her body than what she showed walking around the house…. Which was admittedly a pretty nice score!!

“Lilly, uh… about the other day. I … I have not been able to get you out of my mind. You… I still can’t believe you sucked me off like that!”

“It’s not like I had much choice. You were throat fucking me before I had time to know what the hell was going on.” Lilly smiled at him, trying to take the edge off of the words and tone she had used.
“The thing is… I wasted my chance to see you. I mean, you saw all of me and basically I see more of you when you come downstairs in the morning.”

“And you like what you see when I come down?”

Larry felt like he was stepping into a trap, but he admitted it anyway. “God, yes! For weeks now, it’s been like every time you walk into a room, my eyes go all over you and I start getting hard.”

“So my big brother wants to see my hot little body, so he can get his rocks off again? Is that what you came in here wanting to ask me for? Do those big cum bag balls of yours need to get off and you want me to help?” Lily asked as she put her magazine down on the bed and pulled her legs up to her chest in the bed.

“You really are going to make me say it aren’t you. You know you are a little bitch, but… Yes! Yes, I want to see what you look like naked, … without any clothes.” He stood there at the foot of her bed and then added with a lascivious smile. “I guess I could always hold you down and strip you.”

“And I could always tell Dad what a scumbag you were to me!” She took a deep breathe. Her heart was pounding with excitement at the idea of her brother holding her down and stripping her naked. “I tell you what. You put $10 on my dresser and I will come into your room in a few minutes and make you a very happy big brother.”

“You want me to pay you for…?” Larry looked at her stunned and then said, “You really are a slut. No, you want money for it, so you’re a fucking whore.”

“I am a fucking whore who can please you in ways no one else will, so you pay my price or leave my room. It’s that easy!” The pounding in her chest had to be able to be heard by her brother, but Lilly did all that she could to not let it show. He was torn between excitement and being pissed and she held her breath in hopeful expectation that the lust won out!!!

A wicked smile crossed his face and they both relaxed. Lilly had not even realized she was holding her breath. She watched as her brother pulled out his wallet and tossed a $10 bill onto her bed. “You win. But if you are going to take money like a fucking prostitute, you better be ready to be fucked like one too!” With that he turned on his heel and just before he slammed the door he added, “You have 10 minutes to be in my room.”

Lilly jumped out of her bed and went to her dresser. One of the stories said that some clothes are just fucking sexy, but all clothing can be made to seem sexy. It was all in the way you wore it…. Or took it off. She did not have anything that screamed “SEXY”. She had bought most of her clothes with her Dad there paying for it! But she had experimented and in 7 minutes she had the outfit on. That left 3 minutes for the eyes and lips….

Lilly stepped into her brother’s room exactly 10 minutes after he had walked out of hers… and they both stopped and stared. Lilly had pulled her long wavy hair back and combed hair gel through it all before putting a scrunchie around all of it, pulling her hair tight to her scalp. It was several shades darker, as was the eye shadow that she had been practicing applying so she would have “hooker eyes”. Last of all she had painted her lips red… bright glossy red and she was looking forward to smearing that red up and down Larry’s shaft!

While Larry was appropriately blown away at how grown up the makeup made his sister look, it was what was below the shoulders that stopped him. She had on a sheer light colored blue and white striped button up blouse that was buttoned down in order to show the swells of her breasts pushed together and out. She had tied the shirt so that a couple of inches of her tanned torso show just above her skin tight shorts. And were they ever short!!! They were so short, he knew there could not be more than an inch in width of denim between her thighs and covering her pussy! Her long, slender, detailed legs stood like trophies rising out of two red shoes with suicidally high red heels. She looked the part of a slut and his body responded to her, not as her little sister, but as a woman in need of finding her sexual self.

Larry feasted his eyes upon the person a few minutes before he had thought of as a little girl and that now stood before him, every bit a woman. He had thrown his pants and shirt over the desk chair and then gone down the hall to the bath room he and his father shared to empty his bladder. Ever since, he had been sitting on his bed, alternately watching the clock and his doorway. Rubbing his cock inside his boxers and…..

“What do you think you are going to do with that camera?” Lilly asked. Larry looked down at the hand that was not slowly kneading his cock and then back at his sister.

She turned and started to walk out of the room when he called out, “Hey wait! You like looking at those magazines.”
“I read them!” She interrupted, though the color rose instantly to her cheeks.

“Yeah, whatever. Guys, anyway get turned on by sight. I’m not going to let anyone see them. I just don’t want to be knocking on your door every night when… I could handle it myself.” He grinned and held his breath.

“You would do that with pictures of me? You think I look good enough to … you know, pose naked?”

“I don’t know. I didn’t get to see much of you the other day. Why don’t you show me? I will even let you look at them yourself and see just how sexy you are!”

Lilly could feel her heart beating like a timpani in her chest. She was not certain if she was excited or scared. Was she really thinking about letting her brother photograph her naked? Then she looked at his cock. She would never admit it, but she had been dreaming, both while asleep and awake of that thick cock and how it would feel sliding in and out of her. And the idea of seeing how she looked from her brother’s eyes…. “You promise not to show them or share them with anyone other than me?”

Larry’s face split into a huge grin as he said, “I will promise you ANYTHING for this!”

Lilly pushed herself away from the door jam and looked at her brother as she stood with her feet set apart. “Okay. You better get every picture you want because you may never get this chance again!” He picked the camera up from the bed and held it to his eye and began clicking away as she slowly started walking, one foot in front of the other toward him. As she approached the foot of the bed she untied the knot at the bottom of her shirt.

He tried to keep praising and encouraging her, but Larry soon ran out of words. When she had undone her shirt, she leaned over the foot of the bed. She was wearing a plain white B cup strapless bra that made her tits look enormous. Larry watched as she stood up and shrugged the shirt down off of her shoulders and she turned in silhouette before slowly walking around the side of the bed, allowing the shirt to fall more and more off of her. She stood next to the bed and dropped her shirt to the floor and leaned in toward Larry. She put one hand on the bed and the other on his thigh. “Is this what you want pictures of, big brother? Me standing here, nearly topless, grabbing your cock?” Her hand moved to his crotch and the camera followed.

“Shit!!” was all he said

“No, I don’t think this is a big turd. It’s on the wrong side of your body.” Then she gave his dick a hard squeeze and leaned her nose down to within an inch of her hand without ever taking her eyes off of the camera lens. “It doesn’t smell like shit either! I think it’s a cock; pussy meat, sausage roll, your dick, cock, pecker or…what’s the word? Penis, yeah, that’s it!”

Suddenly Larry was the one that was lost for words as he tried to remember to both push the button to take pictures and breathe!!! “Tell me what you want, big brother. Do you want me to take off my shorts? Do you want to see my little ass and my pussy?” There was something intoxicating about using the words out loud that she always thought of as being dirty or perverted. She could feel her pussy getting wet and her nipples were nearly aching they were so hard! But she was also new to all of this and wanted to hear her brother tell her what she wanted. Her eyes went from his to his cock, to his now obvious hardon.

“Turn around and undo your shorts. Slowly push them down. I have been watching you strut around shaking your ass for a couple of years now and I want to enjoy seeing it now!” His voice was strained and as she turned, Lilly saw his hand move to his cock and slowly cup the head!

Smiling, Lilly faced the door and undid the button on her shorts and then the zipper. She had known he would want to see her ass. Not only had he been watching her, she had been enjoying teasing him for a long time! He would turn red in the face and sometimes she had even seen his bulge as she had walked away. Now she was hoping for more…much more! Rocking her hips side to side, she pretended as if she was having to work the denim over her hips. She looked over her shoulder and saw Larry staring at her almost slack jawed as he was now slowly stroking his cock in his blue stripped boxers; a dark, moist stain was beginning to spread at the tip. “Don’t forget to use your camera. I may never do this for you again!” She said and nearly laughed as he appeared to have completely lost track of the fact that he was even holding the camera!

Her dark blue, boy shorts with bubble ruffles slowly came into view. She knew was staring at the top of her ass crack. It was just visible over the top band of her underwear. As she bent forward, certain that the heels made her long legs look even longer, she wondered if her own wet spot would show in her panties! The mere thought seemed to only make her get even more damp!

He let out a long slow whistle. “Oh my god, Lil’! Knew you weren’t a little girl any more but… you are smoking!” He had to remind himself to slow down. At the rate he was going he was going to shoot a load in his pants way before he wanted to! As the shorts fell down the lower part of her legs to puddle around her red heels Larry was wishing any of his old girlfriends had been as cooperative and sexy as Lilly. She was going to make him have a heart attack if she kept this up!

Looking back at her brother, this time around the side of her legs, she smiled. Lilly was boiling with desire but it was the surprise at how her brother was reacting to her that had her head spinning! A nasty thought came to mind. “You like what you see?” Larry stammered out his assent. “Good, if you put $10 dollars in my crack, I will let you see more.”
Larry’s eyes went from her body to his sister’s face. She was smiling but she was serious. “You have to be k**ding!”

“Nope. Look, you have all of these pictures for free. I deserve something for this.” To her stunned amusement, Larry rolled to the other side of the bed and grabbed his pants off of the floor, fished out his wallet and quickly retrieved a bill from his wallet!

Turning back toward his baby sister. Larry saw she had scooted back up to the bed. She was right there. She was looking down at him so he showed her the bill and then folded it a couple of times as she shook her butt a couple of more times for good effect. He rolled and leaned toward her, pushing the bill down into the shadowed cleft until he could just see the thinnest part of it above her panty! “Mmmmmmm big brother, you know how to make a girl happy!”
She stepped away just as he reached for her hips and he nearly fell to the floor. “Good thing your hard dick kept you from rolling out of bed!” she laughed.

Larry started to get up and go after Lilly, but she said, “You want to see my pussy, and my bare tits, sit back. You paid for it!” Facing him now, she stared into his eyes and read every twitch of his face as she hooked her finger into the sides and slowly turned around to face away from him again. As the panties slid over the smooth round contours of her his and ass, Larry notices a black string. As Lilly leaned forward and pushed the panties down and then stepped out of them, she squatted down and picked them up. This time when she faced him he saw her pussy area covered by a triangle of clothe with thin horizontal stripes of white, yellow black and orange held in place by a black elastic band. He kept taking pictures as the moist vertical stripe in the middle of two small mounds left him breathless. “You put the camera down and I will show you the rest. In fact, since you gave me $10, I may even help you with that big cock of yours!”

Reluctantly Larry set the camera down on the bed side table. But when Lilly smiled at him and pulled down her panty quickly and flashed him and then laughed before slowly exposing all of herself to him, he decided it was worth far more! Her pubic bone had only a few sparse light brown hairs. She had trimmed them so they were a single line, the same width as the gap of her flesh that began just below. Her two pink petals just emerged from the valley of her pussy cleft. They glistened light pink. Indeed, she seemed to have gotten very wet indeed, which only served to push him further toward his on hunger.

Lilly reached behind her and undid the hooks on the bra with one hand as she held it in place with the other. She smiled at Larry and said, “You know, if it was not for wearing a bra, I think my nipples would be poking out of my shirts every time you walk into a room! They like you… a lot!” She then, almost shyly, lowered the cups revealing the round swells capped with pale pink flesh out of which jutted a couple of gum drop sized, pink nubs that seemed to cry out for a set of lips to wrap around them and suck them.

She stepped over to the side of the bed and pulled his boxers down. He made no effort to hide the glistening shaft with its swollen mushroom knob. He was certain that if she touched him he was only a couple of strokes and a lick from spewing all of the cum in his nut sack all over the room! His scrotum was tight up against him and the way that Lilly caught her breath and stared at him did not help anything.

Lilly leaned over her brother and let her breasts hang down as she looked up at her brother. Slowly she moved up his body, her nipples lightly rubbing up his thighs and then to either side of his cock. Both of them were finding it difficult to breathe. Then she pushed up and straddled the narrow hips of her older brother and slowly lowered herself. He reached for his thick shaft to help direct his rigid cock into her but she pushed his hands away. “We don’t have any birth control, so stop!” she hissed.

She pushed his now quivering rod flat up his belly, pointing it at his navel, and reaching between her own legs, she spread her labia and sank down so that they slid to either side of his shaft! For a moment, it felt so good that she thought about having him penetrate her! Instead, she slowly started sliding up and down his shaft. His hands came up and he started squeezing her breasts and rolling her nipples between his fingers and thumb. They both started groaning and Lilly slid her slippery slit up and down her brother’s cock, over and over again!

It probably did not even take two minutes of Lilly to shudder and the warm thick juices that had been locked deep within her began to run out over his cock and balls. The moment Larry realized what was happening his own waves of pleasure began fracturing his mind into tiny pieces as his orgasm twisted his testicles into attempting to drain him of every drop of seminal fluid in his body! Over and over again he fired sticky ropes of cum and goo up over her stomach and chest.

Quivering and feeling yet another wave of bliss beginning to wash away all thought, Lilly slid several inches down her brother’s body before giving herself over to the pleasure of her second orgasm and falling forward across Larry’s chest. His cum felt hot and stick as they ground their bodies’ together and humped hips into one another in a frantic desperation.

Lilly had never felt closer to her brother than she did at that moment. In fact, she did not ever remember feeling so good and so comfortable with anyone as she did with him. The age difference no longer mattered. None of the c***dhood battles amounted to anything. All that mattered was he had made her feel more alive and loved than she had ever felt before and she could tell he felt the same way about her as he stroked her hair and back. “Wow, Lilly. That was the best $10 I have ever spent!” Larry laughed. Sitting up and looking down at her brother, Lilly looked into his gray eyes as she ran the sides of her hands and fingers up her long torso. Then without a word she simply took the glistening cum and licked it off of the palm and side of her hands before sucking some of her fingers clean. “The pleasure was mine!”

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