I was gay up until my first Thai Massage in Los An


I was gay up until my first Thai Massage in Los An
This story is 100% true.

I was gay up until I was 19. I knew I was different as a k** and as I got into my teenage years I started to experiment with older guys. I was a good looking k**/teenager however very oblivious to it. It wasn’t until I was about 18/19 that I realized I was actually good looking, nice body and what would a lot consider a big dick. A little about me. I am half Cuban and half Israeli. I have a swimmers built, I can thank Karate for that. I am about 5’9 with light brown eyes and light brown hair. I have a bubble butt which I love to show off and well, a big cock. I am what gay dudes would consider “masculine” however behind closed doors I can be very submissive. I’ve always been a horny k** and teenager. I’ve always had an extremely high sex drive. When I was about 19, I was already fucking around with guys, I was already experienced and out and about, there was no question I was gay. I loved sucking big dick way too much not to admit I was gay and a size queen at that. I did and do get off on straight porn. A lot. I found it odd growing up because I knew I was gay but straight porn definitely turned me on a lot more. One day when I was in one of those extremely heated moments, stroking for hours, watching porn, edging I decided to go onto craigslist and see what I found. I was hoping to find a big dick to swallow, take down my tight throat. I went through the casual encounters and nothing of interest came up. I went through the M4M and nothing really caught my interest. Maybe an ad or two that I did hit it up but nothing solid and nothing came about it.

I decided, for the fuck of it to check the the****utic section and I typed in M4M. Eureka! A listing of massage parlors in my area with M4M ther****t. My dick was instantly brick hard. I have never been to a massage parlor I have only heard stories. I went through the ads and saved a couple that seemed interesting. After an hour or so I decided to call one of them about 30 minutes away and make an appointment. I was nervous as hell, palms sweaty, dick concrete hard. I dialed the number and a lady with a thick accent said something massage. I figured it was the right place so i told her i wanted to make an appointment for a Thai massage.

She said “male or female?”

I said “Male please”.

She asked “what time?”

I said “4:30PM”.

She said “okay”.

I hung up, quickly got up and headed to the shower. I showered real good, not knowing what to expect. I wore some tight white briefs, I made sure they were a little extra tight to show off my bulge (I love showing off, that is another story). I grabbed my wallet, phone and headed out. When I got there I parked on the streets, easy parking, my favorite. I walked into the building, the building looked like it was made for offices. I walked in, there was two elevators and a directory. It was all offices so I found it strange it was in here. I was hesitant. I looked for the suite number and walked over to it, there was no sign, no business name, just a door bell. Right when I was about to walk away someone walked out. A white man, middle aged so I told myself fuck it. I quickly grabbed the door before it closed and walked in.

When I walked in an older Asian women greeted me. She was probably in her late thirties, maybe early forties. Black hair in a bun wearing what looked to be a kimono.

She greeted me and asked if I had appointment.

I said “yes mam, I do, at 4:30 with a male ther****t.”

She said okay “hold on”.

I waited for about 5 minutes and she said her male ther****t was not coming in she apologized, would I like a female ther****t. I thought about it for a moment and was about to say NO thanks I’ll come back but I said fuck it, I came all the way over here, I might as well go for it.

So I said “sure, a female ther****t was fine”.

She said “alright”.

She showed me to the massage room. It was a private room with a door. Very dim, low music playing in the background and a couple candles lit. I found it comfortable. The older women said my ther****t would be here in a minute to go ahead and get undressed and lay on the massage table and she quickly shut the door. I looked around and wasn’t sure if I was supposed to get completely naked. I didn’t know if that would offend her or what would happen. So I decided to play it safe and leave my briefs on. I was already sporting a huge bulge, and I’m a shower not a grower. I was semi-hard and my bulge definitely showed it. I proceeded to lay down on my stomach. After a couple minutes I heard the door open. I looked up and there was an Asian women, maybe in her late thirties, not bad looking at all wearing a black spaghetti strap shirt, tits were a good size and a short black skirt. Very short. She had black hair, shoulder length and was not wearing any shoes. She came in and asked if I wanted a soft massage or hard massage. I said soft. She massaged my back and lower back for a couple minutes. Then she moved on to my thighs and legs. As she was massaging my inner thighs, she would let a finger or two rub against my ball sack, half my balls were hanging out my underwear. She continued doing this for about 5 minutes, I was brick hard laying on my stomach.

She tapped my shoulder and she said “flip over”.

I felt my face flush red because I knew I had the biggest boner and I was not going to be able to hide it at all. So I did what she asked, I flipped over. My dick was so hard, big fucking bulge in my tight briefs and my face was so flushed. I kept my eyes closed out of embarrassment. She massaged my legs for a few minutes then went up to my thighs. She started to use massage oil and rubbed my thighs for a couple minutes.

She leaned over and asked if I wanted to take off my underwear so she could use the oil better.

I said “sure”.

I pulled them down as she was putting more oil on her hands. My underwear came down, boner sticking straight up. She massaged my thighs for a few minutes and then asked me what I wanted to do.

I said “I’m sorry what was that?”

she kept rubbing my thighs and now my balls and asked if I wanted “extra” services?

I looked at her and asked “like what?”

She continued rubbing my balls, at this point I’m pre-cumming and horny as fuck and she said “extra service, everything you like”,

So I said “okay, fuck?”

She said “$100 tip”

I thought for a minute, a $100 to fuck is a lot, I’ve never had pussy before, I am hard as fuck. I must have grown an extra fucking inch.

I said “Alright”

She said “tip first”

I said “okay”. I got up and went to where my clothes was. I reached in my pocket and grabbed the 100 I had withdrawn earlier. The only reason why I had 100 in cash was because I read reviews online to take at least 100.

I gave her the cash, she put it away and she started to stroke my cock. She started saying how big my dick was. As she was stroking my dick I slipped my hand under her skirt. She didn’t protest so I started to massage her puss through her panties with my fingers. Felt so fucking good. My first time rubbing pussy, fuck. She started to suck my dick. She was licking the head and swirling her tongue around it. She pulled my foreskin back and started really licking the head. Licking it nice and clean. She was licking the head and started to stroke me at the same time. I felt like I was about to fucking BLOW so I grabbed her hand and said I didn’t want to cum just yet.

She said, “oh no, oh no, no”.

She ran to the nightstand and pulled out a condom. She opened it and wrapped my dick up, if I would’ve blinked I would’ve missed the process, she put that condom on so fucking fast.

As soon as she put the condom on my dick she dropped her skirt and panties and hopped on top of me on the table. She squatted over my dick, she grabbed it and started to sit on it. I felt the head going in her hairless tight puss, i grabbed her tits and started playing with her nipples, she was still holding my cock, guiding it, the head was all the way in, I was moaning, she sat on it a little more and she started to moan. She got about half way down my cock, still squatting and started going up and down, up and down, up and down. It felt so fucking amazing and watching her puss eat my big dick had me in a fucking trance. I wanted her to sit all the way on my cock but she refused too, I grabbed her waist and tried to sit her down but she kept refusing. I watched her tight hairless Asian pussy swallowing half my big brown uncut banana dick and I couldn’t take it anymore, I told her I was going to nutt, she started to go up and down my big dick faster, up and down, up and down, all I kept thinking about was “holy fuck, why didn’t I try pussy before?” still never sitting completely on my dick but it felt fucking nice. I busted, at that point I didn’t give a fuck who heard me or how loud I was. I busted in her, moaning loud as fuck, she moaned and grunted.

She got off and wiped me clean. She took off the condom full of my baby batter and threw it away. I got up, I was still semi-hard, big ol dick hanging down like a big fucking ripe banana.

She looked at it and said “It’s so big, hold on”

I said “okay”.

She walked out in a hurry and a couple seconds later her friend walked in, another Asian lady, about the same age but her tits were HUGE. They both walked in and she told her, look at his dick.

They giggled and said “it’s so big”

I was a bit embarrassed and I had already busted a load so I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.

I said “it isn’t that big” with a chuckle and a smile as I continued to put on my underwear and clothes.

SAVED BY THE BELL, the doorbell rang and they both hurried out. I got dressed and walked out to find the lady who I was first greeted by with a small cup of water, she handed me the plastic cup and said thank you.

I drank the small plastic cup of water, took a deep breath and walked out.

After this experience my sex life has changed dramatically. I was a complete horn dog before now it has increased. Not only am I addicted to monster cocks, big cocks but I love pussy. Love stretching out tight pussy with my big cock.

Feel free to e-Mail me with comments, etc. This is a true story. I have many more real life experiences/stories that I might be sharing.

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