Kat Seduces Sarah – Again

Kat Seduces Sarah – Again
After our romantic weekend, I decided to stay in Paris with Sarah for a few more days. One afternoon, we stopped at a sidewalk café for an afternoon drink. As we enjoyed our wine I told Sarah that I had invited Kat for dinner. “Kat is going to treat us,” I explained. “Well, you dropped enough money in her store the other day.” “And you loved every minute, didn’t you? We’re meeting her tonight at 8.”

I knew what the evening would bring and dressed accordingly: a sheer see-through blouse and one of Kat’s sheer bras, leaving nothing to the imagination. A short skater-style miniskirt with a deep slit up the side over black bikini panties capped my outfit. I hiked my skirt up so that it just covered my panties. I sat at our hotel bar nursing a coffee as I waited for Sarah; as she approached, my jaw dropped. She wore a halter style dress; her nipples pressed hard against the fabric, dancing as she walked. She turned to show me that her dress was cut deeply in the back; showing her dimples above her derriere. I could feel my arousal dampening my panties.

Sarah leaned over the bar and looked at me. The deeply cut back allowed the fabric of her dress fall forward exposing her shapely breasts. I could see her hard nipples. “You look gorgeous,” I whispered. “Kat is going to love your outfit too.” We hailed a taxi and headed to the restaurant. We arrived first and went to the bar for a drink. I couldn’t get over how sexy Sarah looked; it showed in her eyes, which radiated sex. I reached over and gave her a light kiss, with just a bit of tongue.

A few minutes later, Kat appeared. In a spaghetti-strap ballerina slip dress, she telegraphed what she expected from the evening. No bra, leaving her dark nipples visible for all; her thong was visible as a dark patch between her legs. Sarah let out a soft gasp of lust. Sarah was standing next to me as Kat approached. I got a sensuous kiss on the mouth as did Sarah. But Kat slid behind Sarah and nuzzled her neck, whispering “It’s nice to see so much of you again.” Sarah blushed as Kat’s hands found their way inside her and then her nipples. I could see her fingers working them over as Sarah’s head fell to the side. Her hands worked downward. “No panties?” Kat asked. Sarah shook her head as Kat’s fingers found her sex.

From Kat’s welcome, Sarah knew what the night would bring. “Are you okay with this?’ she asked. I smiled telling her that it would be a night she wouldn’t soon forget. “I’ve enjoyed nights like this before, except tonight there are three of us.”

Kat had chosen a very nice restaurant, so we all left lust to the side and enjoyed a fabulous dinner. After dessert, our waiter, a gorgeous blonde, asked if we would like a brandy. Kat told her that we would have that at her apartment, and we left, all three of us arm-in-arm.

“The cognac is in my bedroom,” Kat said softly. She took Sarah by the hand as I followed. Kat has a beautiful four-poster bed and led Sarah to the bottom of it and turned her around. I got on the bed behind Sarah and raised her arms as Kat rummaged for some old stockings. “Oh no,” Sarah meekly protested. I nuzzled the back of her neck kissing her ear and whispered Just enjoy this.” Kat tied each of Sarah’s arm to the upper corners of her bed and each of her feet to the lower corners. Spread-eagled, Sarah was at Kat’s mercy. A full-length mirror was behind Kat, so I had a perfect view of what was about to unfold.

Kat stroked Sarah’s arms very gently with her fingernails, paying attention to the insides of her armpits – one of Sarah’s most sensitive areas. I could feel Sarah slump against her tied arms as she moaned in pleasure. Sensing Sarah’s arousal, Kat stayed there, now nuzzling and kissing Sarah’s armpits. Sarah began to writhe against her bindings and I began to kiss the back of her neck and stroke the full length of her exposed back. She gasped as my hands slid inside the back of her dress and caressed her cheeks.

“Untie her dress,” Kat asked. I untied the knot that held up Sarah’s halter top. “Sarah, watch in the mirror as you are exposed to Kat.” I slowly let the front of her dress slide down over her breasts, exposing cleavage, then her nipples, now rock-hard, her stomach, heaving with arousal. Her top fell to her waist, exposing her gorgeous breasts to Kat as I watched, still stroking her back. “Is this okay?” I whispered. “Yes,” Sarah whispered.

I reached across Sarah and slipped the straps of Kat’s dress off her shoulders. After a wiggle or two, her dress was a puddle at her feet. Her nipples were hard and erect. She leaned forward to let them rub against Sarah’s and I felt Sarah shudder. She leaned forward and Kat offered her mouth. Sarah’s kiss was deep and lust-filled, telling Kat that she wanted to be taken. Kat’s mouth began its journey downward. As her mouth circled one of Sarah’s nipples, a hand worked over Sarah’s other breast. My hands stroked Sarah’s sides as she writhed in arousal. In the mirror, I could see her coated in a sensual sheen of perspiration; her skin has blushing, indicating her aroused state. Kat was sucking and biting her nipples, really bringing Sarah’s arousal to fever pitch.

I unzipped Sarah’s dress and let it fall to the floor. She was now naked before Kat. Kat’s mouth travelled downward, nuzzling Sarah’s trimmed bush. She backed away “Ellen, look at how wet she is!” I could see Sarah’s juices running down her thighs. Kat began to stroke the insides of her thighs, slowly working her way higher. Sarah was now in a state. Moaning with each breath; you could tell that while she was close it was still a long way away. Kat began to kiss the insides of her thighs, letting her fingers gently run over Sarah’s bush. Sarah’s legs began to buckle and tremble. Her head fell forward. I kissed the back of her neck and reached around and began to work her nipples.

A loud moan meant that Kat had begun to work Sarah’s pussy. I could see her hand sliding over Sarah’s slit and dipping inside as Kat’s mouth worked her clit. Kat was now on her knees as Sarah hung from her armstraps. Her stomach was writhing. She was now covered in a sheen of sexual sweat. And then she let go with a deep, low moan.

Before we began, Kat had given me her strapless dildo and I now put it on. Kat untied Sarah’s legs so she could stand and then untied her wrists. “Lie on the bed for Ellen.” Sarah turned, saw the strapon and shook her head. I reached for her and kissed her as I laid her on her back, slipping a pillow under the small of her back. Spreading her legs, I could see that her pussy was still juicing. It was an incredible sight. Slowly, I slipped the head inside Sarah, opening her pinkness. She let out a sigh of submission as I slid inside and slowly began to fuck her. Sarah’s eyes were closed, her skin flush from arousal and her hips began to respond. Slowly at first, then we built up speed and Sarah’s breaths became ragged. She began to moan with each thrust; all I wanted to do was have her come. Sarah wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me to her. I bent over and began to kiss her. It felt so wonderful to be inside her, Kat’s toy fit deeply inside me, so I was quickly getting close. Then Sarah let go again. Her hips moved against me and pushed me over the edge. It felt so good to come together. I collapsed onto Sarah and just held her.

“I’m a mess!” Sarah cried. Her hair was plastered to her forehead she was soaked with sweat. Her pussy was red, puffy and costed with her come. In short, she looked beautiful.

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