Lesbian Fun with my Sister-In-Law


Lesbian Fun with my Sister-In-Law
“What… What’s that noise?” I said to myself half awake. My eyes slowly adjusting to the dark, “Is she… masturbating?”

My brother, Adam, and I had always been close. He was older than me by just a few months, so we had been through all the phases and milestones of life together. Now, aged twenty five, Adam was set to marry the love of his life, Jessica.

He met Jess whilst on holiday and hit it off with her right away. Once home, both of them took turns making the hour long journey to see each other, and now, five years down the line, Adam had popped the question.

Jess was great. It was important to Adam that his partner got on with our family. Jess never had a problem on that front; immediately we became friends almost as if we’d known each other fo years. Jess was down to earth, funny and had a very sweet heart. She was already a sister to me by the time Adam was ready to make it official.

The wedding arrangements were underway. I was left with the heavy duty of organising the Hen-Do, the last hurrah for us to send Jess off in style; with plenty of alcohol and a couple male strippers. We were going to have a week in Vegas. I wanted nothing less than the best to make it a week we would never forget. Little did I know, it certainly wouldn’t be a week Jess nor I would ever forget.

After we had travelled across the pond and into Vegas, I had arranged a limo to take us to our swanky hotel, sipping champagne taking in the beautiful weather and sites from the view of the back of a pimped out limo. I could get used to this. We unpacked, had a group hug, dolled ourselves up and headed out to the casino for the first night, much of which was a blur. What I do know is how much fun it was. The next day, we were all on cloud nine, stunned by how great the week had started.

Jess and I shared cocktails at the hotel bar and chatted life away, I was excited for tonight. I hid this from Jess. Tonight was the stripper.

We arrived at the club at around 7.30pm and we were already merry from the alcohol. After more drinks, watching a mixture of men and women dance suggestively on poles, Jess’ name was announced. Greeted by a wave of laughter from me and the other girls. Jess buried her head in her hands, not only had we dressed her in the cliché wedding dress, now she was going to be gyrated on by a man in a latex policeman outfit. The drink gave her the confidence to get on stage and sit on the chair, otherwise she would have ran out of the building altogether.

The lights dimmed, the music changed, a spotlight hit the floor revealing the stripper; all of our mouths hit the floor. He was magnificent, abs on abs on abs, chiselled jaw-line, the works. Jess glanced over at us and smirked, we laughed knowing that she might not be seeing this as such a bad idea after all.

The stripper danced towards Jess and began to dance all over her, we were howling and whistling. He raised her arms above her head and nestled his face into her neck. We were loving this. He moved away from her removing his black latex shorts, he had one hell of a bulge – helped by a sock no doubt. He continued his dance, I can’t describe how funny it was for us, the laughs masked how excited we were by this stripper, despite this being very tongue-in-cheek, he was very good. Shit, I was a little horny just watching never mind how Jess must be feeling.

The stripper stepped back again, tucked his thumbs into the waistband of his tight white briefs and pulled them off. There was no sock. I covered my mouth to stop myself gasping. The other girls let out an audible “Wow.” Jess just couldn’t avert her gaze, none of us could; his cock was massive.

As his dance came to a close he gyrated his pelvis, his cock bouncing right in front of Jess. How she resisted just reaching out for a feel I’ll never know. After the dance, we retreated back to our hotel for some recovery. As I was sharing a room with Jess we shared a drink together before bed.

I always knew Jess was very pretty, but in my drunken and slightly aroused state, I finally took greater notice. Her soft light brown hair fell just at her shoulder blades. Her greenish brown eyes were piercing, perfectly setting her pretty face, with her cutesy dimples adding even more to the girl-next- door look she had.

Her petite body was to die for, sharing a room with her had its perks, each time she changed into her pyjamas I caught a glimpse of her underwear-clad body. Slim, pale soft skin, perky bottom and pert breasts that I could only imagine were perfect. I noticed the smallest of details, the dimples on her back, the small butterfly tattoo on her side. I had never seen Jess in any way other than a sister, but in this moment, I couldn’t stop my imagination forming a picture of her nude body.

“What… What’s that noise?” I said to myself half awake. My eyes slowly adjusted to the dark, “Is she?” I couldn’t believe my eyes, illuminated by the light from her phone I could see Jess with her earphones in. Faintly, I could make out what was playing… it was porn: Jess was masturbating in the bed opposite me.
She had thrown the covers to the bottom of the bed, convinced I was fast asleep. She had a hand inside her loose fitting pink silk pyjama bottoms, and she was gently rubbing her pussy. I tried to see what she was watching but had no luck in making it out. I could just see two figures one sprawled out and being fucked by the other. I could make out a large cock thrusting, presumably, the dance I had arranged had got her going and now she needed to put her imagination at rest.

She began to pick up the speed, biting her lip to stop herself from moaning too loudly, unaware that I was watching. Hearing the wet sounds of her pussy lips, her heavy horny breathing. I just wished she was bold enough to remove her pyjama top, the view I had was vague and impossible to find detail. I had a clear view of her face because of how she was holding her phone, the rest was just shadow,

but my imagination helped me on that front, my eyes saw a vague image my brain filled in the rest.

I had slipped my own hand into my panties, I was so horny, unable to resist touching myself with the sights and sounds coming from Jess’ bed. I could tell Jess was getting close, she began to writhe on the bed, spreading her legs wider to grant her wandering hand better access. She opened her mouth wide, muting as much noise as possible releasing just a gentle moan as she clearly shuddered in climax. I joined her, quickly bringing myself to orgasm, I was so worked up it wasn’t exactly hard. As she relaxed and removed her hand from her pyjama bottoms, I pretended to be sleeping as she went to the bathroom presumably to clean herself up.

“Holy shit,” I said to myself, “That was so hot.” I couldn’t believe my luck with what I had just seen, and I couldn’t stop myself from picturing Jess and me together in bed, having sex. I had the worst sleep of my life that night, I masturbated again whilst Jess was sound asleep clearly content with herself.I brought myself to my second climax and went to the toilet to clean myself up and grab a glass of water hoping to get at least some sort of sleep.

The next morning I acted like everything was normal. We got on with our day as usual, Jess none the wiser as to what I had seen. As true Brits, we were committed to spending as little time as possible sober, so the drinking continued throughout the day and into the night. After a day of gambling and drinking, Jess and I found ourselves alone in a nightclub toilet. She was in a cubicle, whilst I was touching up my make-up. We were chatting casually, until Jess, most likely due to the drink, changed the subject. “I don’t know what’s been wrong with me these past couple days, I’m just horny all the time.” I giggled girlishly, shocked at what Jess had just said.

She chuckled, “I know it’s random but I’m not even joking, I know exactly what’s on the menu as soon as I get home to Adam.”

“Too much information.” I recoiled.

Jess laughed, “Sorry, I always forget he’s your brother, I love how close we are.”

“Me too you little sweetheart.” I smiled, completely agreeing with her, I valued her friendship so much.

Jess stepped out of the cubicle and washed her hands, “We just need to find you a man so we can all go on cute double dates.” I smirked.

Here we go, trying to ship me off again, Jess had been throwing potential partners at me since the day I met her. “I’m perfectly fine as I am,” I replied.

“Sure you are, but imagine how cute a family we would be if you had a guy on your shoulder too,” Jess joked, I just gave a sarcastic grin in reply. “You’re not short of options Christy, geez most men would kill to get a chance with you.”

“Shut up,” I joked to conceal my embarrassment.

“I’m serious, look at yourself, stunning eyes, curves to die for, your boobs are big but they don’t sag because of how pert they are, a nice toned love heart shaped ass. If it wasn’t for Adam I’d fuck you!” We laughed, I blushed; Jess was very drunk.

“You’ve never seen my boobs what are you talking about.” I continued laughing, masking that I was probing her, why would she notice these things?

“We share a room Christy, duh. When you wear that white t-shirt with no bra, it’s loose enough so your boobs just hang. It’s so sexy.” Jess laughed.

Was she looking at me in the same way I looked at her yesterday? Was her drunken arousal planting seeds in her imagination? I shook these thoughts from my brain and stopped the conversation, “Come on, let’s go back in and see the others.”

“You go first, those jeans hug your arse so well, I wanna watch it sway.” We laughed again, she wouldn’t let up, but it was all fun and games.

We re-joined the others and enjoyed the rest of our night before retreating back to the hotel. I put the drunken Jess into bed, “Kiss me goodnight sis.” I laughed her off and began to make my way to my bed, “Pretty please just a peck to show how much we love each other.”

“Fine,” I grumbled, before moving back to Jess and planting a peck on her cheek.

“A proper one I mean, don’t you love me?” she joked.

I chuckled, “Okay you drunken mess.” I leaned back in and went to give her a peck on the lips, but Jess stuck out her tongue leaving me to kiss her tongue. “You’re vile,” I said reeling from the kiss, met by a wall of laughter from Jess, her laughs eventually subsided as she fell asleep.

Her phone buzzed on the bedside table. It was Amy, one of the other girls – a friend of ours who was also on this adventure with us. She was thanking her for bringing her along saying how great it is, mainly because of the fact she had brought a different guy back to her hotel room every night. The text had a picture attached. I couldn’t see it because her phone was locked. Curiosity got the better of me. I used the passed out Jess’ thumb to access her phone (Thank god for fingerprint recognition on iPhones). The picture, somewhat predictably, was of her naked in bed with the stranger. No wonder Jess was so horny all the time with Amy telling the stories of her antics.

I scrolled up reading through more of their conversations, since arriving here all Amy has been talking about with Jess was how many guys she was going to fuck. I felt for Jess, Amy is very abrupt, I could see Jess was uncomfortable with the conversation but too polite to shut Amy down.

That was my snooping done for the night, I double-clicked the home button to close down the messenger app – she had her internet app still open. She had every app ever still open, clearly, she wasn’t OCD like me. I scanned through, flash back of last night running through my mind. I clicked on her internet app, damn. Just directions to the diner we went to earlier. I opened her history, nothing. I clicked on the tab icon on the top right of the page.


She had a private browsing tab open. Clearly, in her drunken state, she had forgotten to close the page. I clicked on it. It loaded PornHub. This is what she was watching last night. I stared at the screen, “What the fuck,” I whispered to myself.

The video that had loaded, that Jess was driven wild by last night, was titled “Hot Lesbian Fuck with Huge Strap-On.” I was shocked. I never thought Jess was gay in the slightest. I closed the tab, put the phone back down and crawled into bed. “Holy shit.” I said to myself. What did this mean? Had Jess been flirting with me? I couldn’t be sure. What I was sure about, was that I now suffered from the same thing Jess was talking to me about. I was very horny. I masturbated again before sleeping, the first time in quite a while that I had needed to relieve myself two nights in a row.

I woke up the next morning, still thinking about last night. Jess was in the bathroom. I glance over at my phone and waited for Jess. She left the bathroom with nothing but a towel on. “Morning sunshine,” she said.

“Morning, how’s the head?” I replied, still half-asleep.

“It’s fine actually.” Jess smiled. Today we were having a relaxed day at the spa. A bit of mid-holiday recovery.

The highlight of the day for sure was the massage. I had the burly hands of a handsome black man and Jess, laid opposite me, was being treated by a stunning Asian woman. Jess had her eyes shut throughout, as the masseuse rolled her soft hands down her oiled back and sides, dipping down to her towel clad bottom, rubbing her feet and calves as well as the back of her thighs. Jess even bit her lip at some points.

Once the massage was over we sat in the sauna. Jess looked great, the oily shimmer on her skin accentuated her slim figure. “Snap out of it.” I halted my thoughts, I couldn’t stop thinking of Jess in ways I never considered before.

That night we had casual drinks by the pool. It was a beautiful night, the stars were out, not a cloud in site. Slowly the girls started to filter away into the hotel to call it a night, eventually leaving just Jess and me, sipping cocktails and chatting.

We decided to call it a night an hour or so later. Changing into our pyjamas, we jumped into our beds. As usual, I woke again in the middle of the night. I grabbed my phone and glanced over at Jess, “You awake?” I whispered to her. No reply. She was sound asleep. I couldn’t make her out in the dark. I aimed the light from my phone slightly in her direction. My pussy tingled. Jess was laid asleep, her back to me, the covers had slipped off of her presumably when she had turned on her side. What was driving me wild was that her butt was sticking over, and she had removed her pyjama bottoms. Her bare bottom was stuck in my direction, from the shape I could make out, it was gorgeous;a pert little pear shaped bottom, I’d love to play with it. Instead, I masturbated to the view before me. I rubbed my pussy, slipped a finger inside myself, I finger fucked myself until I could feel a climax coming. That was when Jess placed her hand on her ass cheek and spread her butt, giving me a view of her pussy.

Shocked I spun around facing away from her, quickly removing my hand from my pussy.
“It’s okay. I don’t mind,” Jess’ soft voice whispered to me. I didn’t know what to say.
“I know what you’ve been doing, Christy. It’s fine.” Again I didn’t reply.

“I know you watched me masturbate the other night, and I was awake when you did it to yourself after. You must have been really horny.” She knew all along. I had no idea what to do or say.

“Look, I know you’re awake just turn around and face me.” She turned on the bedside lamp to reiterate her point. I did as she said, embarrassed I could hardly look at her.
“I’m away from Adam, this is the longest I’ve gone without sex for some time; and you? How long has it been for you?”

I paused before answering. “It’s been a while.”

“So what we’re feeling is natural, no need to be embarrassed,” Jess reassured.

“But you’re my brother’s future wife, my future sister-in-law. It’s not normal.” I shot her down.

“Well… I suppose you’re right but I’m horny as hell, so whether you like it or not I’m going to climax myself to sleep, you can turn around and ignore me, or you can watch.” Jess barked.

Jess slid her hand down her stomach, putting on a show for me.I followed her hand, almost forgetting through the embarrassment that she wasn’t wear anything on her lower-half. She was laid on her side facing me, covers tossed aside, wearing nothing but a tight pink pyjama top. Her nipples clearly erect causing two small tents in the top. She ran her hand down to her pussy and began to rub herself. She lifted her leg up, granting herself better access to her clearly excited shaven pussy. She slipped a finger inside of herself. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop watching.

Jess began to slowly slide a second finger inside her pussy. I couldn’t help myself but lower my hand down towards my own aching pussy. Jess pumped her two fingers in and out, gradually building speed, she released soft girlish moans the quicker she got. Whilst finger-fucking herself, she raised her free hand and slipped it under her t-shirt. She began to caress her perky breasts. I slipped a finger inside my pussy, I was still dressed in my pyjamas. Jess rolled over and began to ride her fingers, excitedly tugging and pinching her nipples. I was so horny, barely believing my eyes.

“Fuck it,” I said defiantly, before standing from my bed and moving over to Jess. Once she noticed what I was doing she glanced up at me and smirked. I dived onto her bed as Jess spun around, grabbing my head and pulling me in for a deep kiss. Our tongues danced. I pushed one hand down to Jess’ soaked pussy and the other up and under her top and began to massage her soft breasts. Jess moaned into my mouth. I broke the kiss for a second to pull Jess’ top up and off, leaving her nude. Her boobs were better than I could have imagined; a nice little handful of youthful perkiness.

I looked into her seductive eyes and was completely lost in the most intense embrace of my life. I lowered my head down to those beautiful boobs, taking her erect nipple into my mouth. Sucking and biting on one then the other, all the while my fingers were driving into her hungry pussy.

Jess grabbed my top and pulled it over my head, my boobs now in full view for her, Jess began to massage my breasts, before sucking them excitedly, all while I had three fingers pounding her soaked hole.

“Fuck that feels so good,” Jess panted.

“Sit on my face,” I purred.

Jess grabbed me and flipped me off of her, laying me on my back beside her. She then straddled my face and lowered her pussy onto my tongue.

I dived in eagerly, tasting her sweet juices. Jess moaned loudly, in ecstasy. Before she lowered her own tongue down to my pussy, she pulled my pyjama bottoms off and drove her tongue into my soaked sex. She pulled away, “Love the landing strip.” Before diving back onto my pussy. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself 69ing my future sister-in-law.

Jess stopped licking my pussy and froze, she was going to climax. I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled her down onto my face, driving my tongue deeper into her pussy. Jess began to tremble, “Fuck I’m going to cum hard.” She groaned. I reached my hand around her ass and rubbed her tight little arsehole, her pussy convulsed in reaction, “Oh you dirty slut that feels so nice.” I pressed harder on her asshole while lapping up her pussy juices, she began to climax all over my tongue.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” Jess panted as she writhed on my face exploding in orgasm. As she subsided, she lifted herself off of my face and crawled down to the bottom of the bed, turning to face me she muttered, “Your turn,” before diving back and licking me out. The view I had was astonishing, Jess’ bum suspended high in the air, her slender back and her face buried in my pussy. I wouldn’t last long. Jess drove a finger into my pussy, pushing it in and out as she licked my clit.

“Oh… Fuck are you sure you haven’t done this before.” I moaned, Jess giggled in reply, loving the effect she was having on me. She pulled her finger out of my pussy and lowered it to my asshole, slowly she pushed her finger inside, which was met by a wall of moans and groans by me. This was the best sex I had ever had by some-distance. As she slowly fingered my asshole and licked my clit, I played with my nipples and opened my mouth wide, letting out a girlish squeal before convulsing in orgasm. Jess licked up all of my juices as I came hard on her tongue, my asshole pulsing on her finger. As I slowly recovered from my orgasm, Jess crawled up the bed and laid beside me, she kissed me allowing me to taste my juices on her tongue.

She pulled away and smiled at me, “So, what next?” she purred.

I smiled devilishly.

The End

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-Christy x

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