Morning light 3


Morning light 3The auditorium was packed on Friday night. The graduating class included over 800 k**s. Hundreds of parents streamed into the auditorium rushing for the front seats. Jennifer found a seat in the back near the entrance, trying to be an inconspicuous as possible. Since she really didn’t know too many people, she felt that she was pretty safe. However, she was still uncomfortable being in such a crowd of people. It was unfortunate, but also good news, that Jimmy’s father couldn’t make the ceremonies. That might have been hard to explain or at least look very suspicious.Finally the auditorium grew quiet and the program began with the National Anthem. Why do graduation ceremonies have to be so boring Jennifer thought as she squirmed in the uncomfortable seat? Speaker after speaker came to the podium and droned on about the future and how all the k**s were embarking on a journey. Then the principal had to give out 800 diplomas, with 800 k**s coming up on stage to shake his hand. Normally the laborious process would not have bothered Jennifer so much but tonight she had other plans…plans that were much more exciting.Jennifer had thought of nothing else for the past several days. She was both excited and scared. Her aborted attempt at anal sex with Jimmy’s father had happened years ago but was still fresh in her mind. She kept telling herself to relax and everything would be okay, yet her nagging fears just wouldn’t go away. Several times, she had broken out in a cold sweat thinking about it. How would it feel? Would her inexperienced son be gentle? Could she control the situation? She didn’t have any of the answers.Jennifer was startled by a voice as the students passed by. “Hi Jennifer.” Jennifer looked over and saw Shelly smiling at her as she walked by. She smiled back and felt her heart flutter. A few minutes later, her son walked proudly by. He looked so handsome in his cap and gown. For a moment she wished that she could just jump up and say, “That’s my son!” He was her son and lover now…but no one could ever know. Most of the people in the auditorium would never understand how a mother could love her son as a man…how she could let him have her body as well as her soul.An hour later, Jennifer and Jimmy were riding home together. They sat quietly, deep in their own thoughts when Jimmy spoke. “Mom, you know you don’t have to do this don’t you? I love you and if you say that you’ve changed your mind, that’s perfectly all right with me.” In truth, Jimmy was just as scared as his mother was. He had asked for anal sex as a joke. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to do it. He just didn’t want to hurt her. Moreover, he didn’t really know what he was doing either. Still he would be heart broken if she said no now.Jennifer reached over and grasped Jimmy’s hand. “I want to do this Jimmy. It is going to be very special for you and me. We just need to take it slow. I wouldn’t miss taking this big thing up my ass for anything in the world,” Jennifer said as she let her hand slide down to Jimmy’s groin and squeeze his penis. Her sexy words belied her nervousness, but she felt that she couldn’t let him see that.Jimmy gasped and shivered. He saw a fire in her eyes that he had never seen before, a determination.When they arrived home, Jennifer told Jimmy to give her an hour then come to her room. She wanted to take a bath and get ready for the big event.That hour seemed like it would never end for Jimmy. He had paced the living room the entire time. One hour later Jimmy tapped on his mother’s bedroom door. When he heard his mother whisper to come in, he gently pushed the door open. He let out an audible gasp as he saw the room. The room was dimly lit by scented candles. The candles gave a warm glow to the room, casting shadows on the wall that flickered and danced with the light. Jimmy saw his mother lying on the bed. She was wearing a white corset, white garters, nylons, and a pair of white panties. She no longer looked like a young girl…she looked very much like a woman.Jimmy had put on a short, silk robe with nothing underneath. He could already feel his penis begin to erect as he walked over to the bed. He looked down at his mother, his heart pounding in his chest. In his hand, he carried the last marijuana cigarette that Todd had given him. His hand was sweating and trembling slightly.When Jimmy opened his hand, his mom sat up. He bent and tenderly kissed her lips then sat on the side of the bed and used one of the candles to light the joint. He had to hold the candle with both hands, or risk dropping it from his shaking hand. Jimmy took the first puff and handed the joint to his mom. Soon the room was filled with the pungent odor of pot. Neither one of them had a problem smoking the pot this time. In fact, the d**g seemed to work even faster then before. Almost before the last puff was taken, both mother and son were feeling the effects. The shimmering light in the room took on a new fascination for them as their eyes glassed over from the effects of the d**g.Jimmy put the little butt of the cigarette in the ashtray and sat looking at the flickering candles. His mother knelt behind him on the bed, her arms d****d over his shoulders.Jennifer began to gently kiss Jimmy’s neck as her hands slid down his chest and into his robe. She licked his skin, moving slowly to his ear. She took his ear lobe between her teeth and bit it gently then ran her tongue inside. Little goose bumps appeared all up and down Jimmy’s neck and back.”Do you like my outfit?” Jennifer whispered into his ear.”God yes,” he breathed.”I wore this on my wedding night with your father. It was a little less tight then. I felt like a virgin that night but since your dad and I had sex before we were married it wasn’t real. They say you never get a second chance but I don’t believe that anymore. I’ll be your virgin tonight.” Jennifer reached around Jimmy, untied his robe, and let it fall away. She could see his erection pulsing between his thighs. Her hand grasped the shaft as she said, “God, I can’t believe that this is going to fit in my tiny hole.” Jennifer shivered as her hand caressed his warm shaft lovingly.Jimmy turned his head to the side and met his mother’s lips. Their tongues dueled as their lips pressed together in a passionate kiss. It seemed like they were moving in slow motion now. Jimmy turned around and spread out on the bed next to his mother, pulling her into his arms. They were both breathing heavy as their bodies pressed together.The two lovers kissed for a long time, enjoying the warmth and closeness that true love brings. Then Jimmy took the lead and said, “Lay on your stomach.”Jennifer silently complied. She laid her head on the pillow and closed her eyes, waiting tensely for the inevitable. However, she was surprised when Jimmy didn’t get on top of her. Instead she felt him begin to kiss down her bare shoulders. Then he straddled her back and gently began to massage the tight muscles in her neck and shoulders. Jennifer began to relax, feeling that everything was going to work out fine. The d**g was doing it’s magic, making every move of her son’s hands send tingles down her spine. Soon Jennifer felt Jimmy moving further down her body, his strong hands caressing her all the way. She moaned softly when she felt his hands grasp her buttocks. Jimmy gently massaged her panty covered ass cheeks, loving the feel of her warm silk covered flesh in his hands. He became fascinated with of his mother’s beautiful panty covered ass cheeks. They were soft yet firm, without any hint of fat. He couldn’t believe that he was actually going to put his penis between those cheeks and into her body. He felt his mother lift her hips and allow him to pull her panties down her body. Now he had to gasp as he stared at the smooth white cheeks. There wasn’t a blemish on her ass, not even a freckle. His hands were shaking as they touched the soft skin. He heard his mother gasp as he spread the cheeks apart. There it was, that tiny hole. Jimmy’s d**g fogged brain spun as he stared at her little hole for a long time. He studied the pink, wrinkled hole; it looked like it was pulsing, almost beckoning him.Jennifer was shaking with excitement as she felt her son’s eyes on her anus. She had never had anyone look at her like this. It was embarrassing and exciting at the same time. She wondered briefly what he was looking at for so long. Then a moan escaped her lips as she felt his lips kiss one cheek then the other. She felt his tongue begin to lick her hot skin. As his tongue and lips left one spot, she felt like her skin was boiling, scorched by his touch. She gasped when she felt his tongue at the top of her crack. What was he doing she thought?Jimmy knew what he was doing. His tongue slowly licked down between the spread cheeks. Ever so slowly he moved lower, leaving his saliva behind. When his tongue was an inch from his goal, he pulled back and looked again. This time he could see that the little hole was pulsing. He bent forward and blew his hot breath on the tiny star of her anus.”Ohhhhhhhh Jimmy,” Jennifer moaned. She wanted to tell him no…to stop, but her voice wouldn’t work. Instead she grasped the sheet of the bed in both hands and moaned again. There was nothing in the world that would prevent Jimmy from reaching his goal now. He spread his mother’s ass cheeks even further apart; stretching the skin and making his mother’s little hole pucker out at him. His head moved down and his tongue came out.”Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” Jennifer cried as she felt Jimmy’s tongue press on her tiny back hole. Her hips pressed upward without her even realizing what she was doing. She almost climaxed when she felt his tongue break through her tight sphincter and enter her body. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. There were electric shocks coming from her little hole, pulsing through her vagina. It was so exciting, so nasty, so wrong but oh so good. Jimmy’s heart was pounding with excitement as his tongue entered his mother’s ass. He could feel her warm hole grasp his tongue, trying to push it out. He wouldn’t allow that to happen, as he pressed hard, forcing himself as deep into her as he could go. He held her ass cheeks wide apart as he pushed hard. When her hips began to move up and down, he stayed still, letting his tongue move in and out. He was fucking his mother’s ass with his tongue he thought.”Oh God Jimmy, what are you doing?” Jennifer moaned as she felt Jimmy pull his tongue out and begin to suck her hole, pulling it into his mouth.He sucked the puckered little hole for a long time then pressed his tongue inside again. Jimmy had to work hard to keep his tongue in position as his mother’s hips began to move up and down rapidly. Eventually he felt that she was sufficiently lubricated and he pulled back, his tongue reluctantly leaving her warm body. He watched his mother’s hips keep moving up and down in excitement. “Turn over,” Jimmy whispered, his voice hoarse with excitement. He almost didn’t recognize his own voice; the marijuana made it seem as if it were someone else speaking. It couldn’t be real; it couldn’t be him getting ready to put his penis inside his mother’s ass.Jennifer rolled over and looked up at her son. He was kneeling between her thighs, his hard penis poking out at her. She watched as he grasped his penis and slowly moved his hand up and down, forcing a stream of his juice from the slit. He caught the juice and coated his penis with it, making it slick and shiny. With shaking hands, Jimmy lifted his mother’s legs and pushed her thighs up to her chest. He was now staring down at her dripping vagina and the pulsing anus just below. Slowly he moved forward on his knees until his penis was at the entrance to her swollen and wet vagina. He stared into his mother’s loving eyes as he slowly slid inside. Both of them moaned as he slid his penis rapidly in and out several times. He watched her thick juice coat his penis, making it shine with their combined excitement.”Ohhhhhh God!” Jennifer moaned, her eyes closing in pleasure.When he felt that his penis was sufficiently coated, he sat back on his heels and looked again at his mother’s lust filled face. “Hold your thighs up,” he whispered as he reached for his hard and wet penis. He brought the swollen purple head to the little hole and paused.The room was silent except for the heavy breathing of mother and son. Time seemed to be standing still for both them. The light of the candles danced on the walls. Suddenly there was a flash of light and a crash of thunder outside as an early summer storm drenched the side of the house with pouring rain. The lightning flashes added to the surreal atmosphere surrounding mother and son. Slowly Jimmy began to push forward. The little hole resisted. Jimmy pushed harder. There was almost an audible pop as the head spread the tiny hole and slipped inside. “Ohhhhhhh myyyyy Goddddd!!!” Jennifer gasped as she felt Jimmy’s penis slid into her body. Her legs flew straight up in the air and landed on Jimmy’s shoulders. Her hands reached for his thighs, gently holding him back. Jennifer’s breathing was coming in rapid gasps now, her chest heaving. She felt her tiny hole stretch wide, but surprisingly there was little pain, only a feeling of fullness.Jimmy held still, letting his mother get used to the swollen head. When he felt the pressure of her hands ease, he pressed gently forward. Inch by inch, his penis slid slowly into his mother. It was the most incredible feeling of his life. Her tight sphincter squeezed him, wrapping his shaft in a warm envelope. “Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy,” Jennifer moaned incoherently, her eyes tightly shut, her heart pounding in her chest. “God mom,” Jimmy moaned as he continued to move deeper. He looked at his mother’s beautiful, lust contorted face. He watched for any sign of pain. When he thought he saw her grimace, he paused.”No, no, please don’t stop,” Jennifer begged, her eyes opening to look at her son. Jimmy smiled and pressed further, his penis sinking deeply into his mother’s now willing anus. When he could go no further, he looked down and stared at their connection. His entire penis was now buried in is mother’s anal canal. They were connected in a way he could never have imagined, even in his wildest dreams. He could feel her tight hole pulsing, squeezing him, almost pulling trying to pull him deeper.”Oh my God Jimmy, I…I…God I never…never realized…” Jennifer struggled to talk, her chest heaving, gasping for breath.”God mom, I’ve got to fuck you,” Jimmy pleaded, holding still, waiting for permission to move.”Yes…yes…yes, fuck my ass Jimmy. Please fuck my ass,” Jennifer screamed as her hips moved up and down.Jimmy gave out an a****l moan and pulled his penis almost all the way out of his mother’s ass. Quickly he pushed back inside, bringing a loud groan from both his lips and his mother’s. Soon his hips were moving slowly in and out, still hesitant, afraid to hurt her. Gradually he saw great pleasure in her face and he began to move faster until he had established a rapid tempo.Jennifer was delirious with pleasure. Her lower body began to press into Jimmy as he moved downward. She could feel the large head of his penis stretch her inner canal, deep inside her body. Maybe it was the marijuana but she had felt little pain. “Fuck me Jimmy, fuck me,” she moaned as her head moved back and forth, her hands now gripping the pillow on either side of her head. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”Now Jimmy’s hips were slapping into his mother’s thighs without restraint. He could feel her inner walls squeezing him like a glove. He reached down and ran his fingers through his mother’s swollen vagina lips. He opened the lips and found the swollen clit. When he touched it he heard his mother scream in pleasure.”Oh God Jimmy, I’m going to…oh yes…I’m cummmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnggg!!!” Jennifer screamed as her body began to tense. She felt an incredible pulsing in her anal canal. It was like nothing she had ever felt before. There was a rush of pleasure running deep inside her body. It didn’t resonate in her vagina…it was deeper…somewhere from her soul. “Oh God mom…I can’t…hold…ohhhhhh!!!” Jimmy moaned as he felt his mother’s anal contractions squeezing his penis with tremendous pressure. His balls tightened and began to push his stored sperm through his pulsing shaft. There was another flash of light and crash of thunder. The raging storm outside couldn’t come close to the storm in the bedroom. Mother and son knew nothing of the storm outside. Jennifer’s climax was gradually slowing when she felt Jimmy’s cum begin to pour into her ass. She never realized that she would be able to feel it…to feel his sperm in her anal canal. However, she could feel it. She could actually feel his penis head expand and spit his warm juice into her. “Oh my God,” she moaned as another climax hit her. She turned her head and screamed as loud as she could into the pillow.Jimmy’s penis pulsed and throbbed, pouring an incredible load of juice into his mother. When nothing more would come out, he collapsed onto her still shaking body, her legs wrapping around his waist.”Oh my God Jimmy. I have never felt anything like that in my life,” Jennifer whispered when she could talk again. She looked up at her son’s smiling face and pulled his lips to hers.The two of them kissed for a long time until Jimmy’s penis slowly shrank and slipped out of her body. Jimmy rolled to the side and pulled his mother’s warm body to him. “Mom, I love you.””I love you too Jimmy. You are an incredible lover,” Jennifer said and kissed her son again. Now they heard the storm and the rain as they snuggled into one another’s body. Jennifer felt so safe and warm, so protected and loved. Nothing this good could be wrong she thought as tears streamed down her cheeks. * * * * *Jimmy and Jennifer fell asleep in each other’s arms. It was an hour later when Jimmy awoke; his mother’s head was on his chest. Her warm sexy body began to excite him again. He gently pushed his still sleeping mother away from him until she was on her side facing the other side of the bed. He reached down and grasped his now hard penis and pushed it between the cheeks of her buttocks. He heard her moan and push back at him when the head of his penis touched her wet anus. He knew his mother was awake now. Jennifer moaned as she felt her son’s penis press into her now stretched and still open anus. She relaxed her sphincter and allowed Jimmy to slip inside her already lubricated hole. Her own hips began to press back as Jimmy began to move in and out.This time there was less urgency to their lovemaking. It was slow and gentle, lasting a long time. When Jimmy reached his peak, he pulled his mother’s buttocks tightly to him as his juice poured into her body. He felt her shiver and moan as another climax rushed through her. The two lover’s fell asleep again…this time before Jimmy’s penis had shrunk and slipped from her body. It was in the early morning hours when Jennifer awoke to the feeling of kisses moving down her back. “Jimmy,” she whispered sleepily as her son kissed slowly down her back. “Jimmy, what are you doing?” she almost whimpered as she felt his lips and tongue reach the top of her buttocks. “Ohhhhh Goddddd Jimmy,” Jennifer moaned as his tongue slid between her cheeks. Chapter 2The morning light coming through the window curtains woke Jimmy. He looked at the clock and saw that it was 10 am. His mother’s head was back in he crook of his shoulder, her breathing soft and regular, so he hesitated to move. Then he felt her hand tickling down his stomach. He giggled and squirmed as her fingers tickled his side. “Good morning sleepyhead,” Jennifer said as she looked up at her son. She had been awake for a long time, waiting for karşıyaka escort him to awake.”Good morning lover,” Jimmy said. He suddenly realized that he had slept all night with his mother. They were truly lovers now. “Mom, last night was…was…God was so incredible.””I know…it was for me as well. I would have never believed that having a penis up my…my…ass could feel so good,” Jennifer said, her voice dropping to a whisper with the word “ass”.”I think we need a shower,” Jennifer said as she pulled from his arms and stood up. She took his hand and pulled him from the bed. Jimmy helped her take off her sexy clothes that she had slept in and walked into the bathroom with her.When the shower was hot, the two stepped inside. The hot water felt good on their sore muscles. Jimmy picked up the soap and began to lather up his mother’s breasts, the hot water pouring onto his back. He saw an indulgent smile on her face as he played with her nipples, working the soap into a froth across her large breasts. He soaped her entire body, paying special attention to her vagina and anus. When he had her lathered he moved aside and let the warm water rinse her body. Then he surprised Jennifer when he pushed her back against the wall and slid to his knees. He lifted one leg and quickly brought his mouth to her vagina, warm water still dripping from the lips. “God Jimmy, you’re insatiable,” Jennifer protested. However, her hands didn’t push his head away. Instead, they pulled his mouth to her rapidly swelling vagina. Jimmy pushed his tongue deep into his mother as the water poured onto his back. He held her leg high as he felt her hands grasped his shoulders for support. He could feel her hips begin to tremble as her excitement rose rapidly.”You’re driving me crazy,” Jennifer complained without conviction. She pulled Jimmy’s lips to her groin as her legs began to shake. Suddenly, almost in surprise, Jennifer began to climax. Her body shook and her fingers dug into Jimmy’s shoulders as a very satisfying climax roared through her. She was amazed at how fast she had reached her peak. She smiled to herself when the thought occurred to her that if this kept up she would be climaxing from his kiss alone. It was a sweet thought.When Jimmy pulled his wet lips from his mother, he saw her looking down at him. He smiled and stood up and kissed her lips.Jennifer pushed Jimmy away from her. She took the soap and lathered his body. She knelt in front of him, staring at his hard penis in front of her face. Then as he had done, she took special care in washing his groin. Her hands gently caressed his penis, smearing the soap up and down the shaft and across his large testicles. She even soaped up her hand and washed the crack between his buttocks. She giggled as Jimmy tensed. She pressed her finger into his back passage while grasping his penis and moving it slowly up and down. Jimmy tensed as his mother’s finger probed his little back hole. “God mom,” Jimmy moaned as he felt her finger probe him, his eyes closed tight. He wasn’t sure he liked what she was doing; yet he couldn’t deny that his penis was throbbing. He felt a funny feeling deep inside of him as the finger slid inside and massaged the tiny lump of his prostate. Jimmy’s hips began to move back and forth in time with his mother’s finger and the hand working on his penis, his excitement raising rapidly now. Jennifer was breathing heavy again as she opened her mouth and took the head of his penis inside. She kept the finger in his tight little hole moving as she sucked on the swollen head. When she felt him tense and moan, she pulled back and opened her mouth, leaving the head of his penis lying on her tongue. She stopped the movement of the hand but kept her finger moving in his tight rear hole.It was an entirely different experience for Jimmy. There was a perverse excitement along with embarrassment…yet he was enjoying what his mother was doing. He could feel something building deep inside him. He wasn’t sure what is was or where it was coming from. Still the finger worked in and out of his tight hole relentlessly. Jimmy opened his eyes and saw his mother’s eyes looking up at him. “Mom, I’m going to…oh God…I’m going to cum if you…if you keep that up,” Jimmy said in warning. This was a unique experience for him; his penis was not being stimulated, just his anus.Jennifer moved her finger faster, holding his penis on his tongue. It wasn’t only Jimmy that was excited. Jennifer was also breathing heavy, her vagina throbbing at the naughtiness of what she was doing. She could feel his anal canal throbbing, squeezing her finger. She knew that he was about to cum without being told; she could feel it deep inside his ass.”Oh God mom, here it comes,” Jimmy said as his penis throbbed. He watched in amazement as his mother held her mouth open and let his sperm squirt into the back of her throat. He worked hard to hold his eyes open and watch his sperm fill his mother’s mouth and pool on her tongue. He couldn’t ever remember cumming so much or so hard. Jennifer’s hand remained still on Jimmy’s penis, only her finger worked. She held Jimmy’s sperm in her mouth until every drop left his balls and filled her mouth. Then she closed her mouth, gently pulled her finger from his still clinching hole and stood up. She stared into her son’s eyes for a few seconds. Finally she closed her eyes and swallowed, moaning in excitement. She loved the taste of his sperm. Jimmy moaned as well and pulled his mother’s lips to his and kissed her.They got out of the tub quietly and dried each other with a soft towel. It had been another unique experience for both of them. Even now, after their lust had been satisfied, there was an excitement between them. It was that special feeling that came from the heart; a feeling only true lovers know, a feeling that many people never get the opportunity to enjoy in their lifetime.Chapter 3″What do you want to do today?” Jennifer asked as they lay wrapped in each other’s arms on the bed again. “Can we play tennis?””Sure, we haven’t done that in ages. How about we play then ride our bikes up to Ocean Drive and have a late lunch on the boardwalk?””Great, I’ll find the tennis rackets and get dressed.”Twenty minutes later Jimmy was waiting at the car for his mom. When he saw her come out he let out a wolf whistle. She was wearing her white tennis outfit with the little white tennis skirt. She had her hair tied back in a pony tail and wore no makeup on her face. She looked like a young girl again with that fresh freckled face. “Wow mom, you look great,” Jimmy said sincerely.”Thank you. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find my tennis shorts so I had to wear a pair of white panties,” Jennifer lied. “I didn’t think you would mind,” she said and pulled her little skirt up to show him her panties. She spun around, letting him get a good look at her gorgeous ass tightly encased in the panties, seemingly careless if anyone saw her. “Whew!” Jimmy said wondering how he was going to concentrate on tennis.There were only two other couples playing tennis at the community courts that morning. One couple was older, in their 60’s, and the other looked to be in their 20’s. As they started to play, Jimmy knew immediately that he was going to have a hard time winning. He knew that his mom had a very competitive nature and hated to lose. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that Jennifer was stacking the deck against her son. Every time Jennifer bent over, she made sure he saw that she was wearing panties and not shorts. She figured she needed a little advantage. After all she was the weaker sex:)The older couple didn’t seem to notice but the young man didn’t miss the display. Each time Jennifer bent over, the panties seemed to ride further between her buttocks. She would turn around and look at Jimmy with a little blush and discretely straighten them. Jimmy lost the first set. He knew he had to concentrate or his mom would humiliate him. He barely won the second set. When they met at the net before the final set, Jennifer suggested that they place a little wager on the match. “Okay, what do you want to bet?” Jimmy said hesitantly, knowing that she was up to something.”What about the loser has to provide breakfast in bed for the winner for a week?””All right, it’s a bet,” Jimmy said with determination, his own competitive nature kicking in. He turned and walked back to the foul line, telling himself that he had to concentrate. He was surprised to see that his mom hadn’t moved from the net. Jennifer looked around and saw that the older couple had left. The young couple was still playing. She smiled naughtily at Jimmy and reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down and took them off. Jimmy and the young man in the next court mouth’s dropped open. They watched as Jennifer placed her panties on the pole holding up the net. Then she went to her position at the foul line and served.The ball hit on Jimmy’s side but he didn’t even move to hit it back. Suddenly he realized that the game had started. He wanted to protest but Jennifer didn’t give him a chance. She served the next volley and Jimmy returned it.It was all Jimmy could do to remember to hit the ball. Every time his mom reached up to serve, her little skirt came up to reveal her naked groin. When she turned around to pick up a ball, she would bend over with her legs straight, letting the skirt pull up over her naked buttocks. Jimmy was at the net one time and had a close up view of her ass and her puffy vagina sandwiched between her legs; there was glistening juice on the swollen lips. Jimmy’s already half hard erection went to full mast immediately. It was impossible to play with his penis tenting his shorts. The young couple had stopped playing and was sitting outside the fence on a bench on Jennifer’s side of the net. They were sitting with their arms wrapped around one another, watching the display Jennifer was putting on. When Jennifer realized that they were watching, a tremor of excitement went through her. She made sure that when she retrieved any balls that went to the fence in front of them she would bend over and give them a great view. She didn’t know what was getting into her. Just a few weeks ago she would have been mortified to even think of doing anything like that. Yet, here she was putting on quite a display, her vagina now dripping juice down her bare thighs. It didn’t take Jennifer long to beat Jimmy; he didn’t have a chance.When they met at the net and shook hands Jennifer said, “Boy am I going to love breakfast in bed all week.””You cheated,” Jimmy said with a pretend frown on his face.”All’s fair in love and war,” Jennifer said and patted Jimmy’s now smiling face. As they started to leave Jimmy whispered, “Uh, mom…your panties.””Leave them. Let someone have a little thrill,” she giggled.As they walked by the smiling couple on the bench, the young man said, “Great game. Thanks for the show.” His girlfriend or wife smiled and blushed prettily. Jennifer could see his erection tenting his pants. They are going to have fun later she thought.Jimmy and Jennifer went home, showered separately and changed. Jennifer put on a stretch top and a pair of skintight pink short shorts. Jimmy just shook his head when he saw his mom. His erection had barely subsided. As they rode the couple of miles to the boardwalk, Jimmy stayed behind his mom. He almost crashed several times as he stared at her ass as she peddled in front of him. He was almost relieved when they reached the boardwalk restaurant. They took a table outside, facing the ocean. It was a gorgeous late May afternoon. There was a gentle ocean breeze, carrying the smell of the ocean across the assembled tables and chairs. Occasionally there was a whiff of suntan lotion and the sounds of people having fun on the beach.As they sat enjoying the beautiful day, the waiter came over to take their order.”I’ll have a glass of red wine,” Jennifer said.The waiter hesitated and looked closely at Jennifer. “Uh…could I see some ID mam?” the young man asked.Jennifer got a bright smile on her face. “I’m afraid that I don’t have any ID on me.””I’m sorry, then I can’t serve you.””All right, I’ll have an iced tea.””I’ll have a coke,” Jimmy said, his smile as wide as his mom’s. “I guess you will just have to learn to carry your ID from now on.””Unfortunately these shorts are too tight to put anything in the pockets,” she said with a pout.Mother and son fell silent again until the waiter had served their drinks. Jimmy lifted his glass to his mother and said, “To the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world.”Jennifer touched his glass and quietly said, “To handsomest son and the best lover a woman ever had.”They ordered sandwiches for lunch and sat quietly eating, watching the sea gulls hover around the table, expecting a treat. Jimmy threw a piece of bread into the air and ten gulls dove for it.”Don’t feed them or they will never go away,” Jennifer said with a smile.”Mom…about tonight,” Jimmy said as he continued to throw bread to the birds. “Do…do you still want to go?””Yes, why?””I just wanted to make sure. You know Todd is going to hit on you.””Yes and I’m pretty sure Rhonda is going to hit on you,” she said with a smile.”What do we do?””Well, why don’t we just play it by ear and see what happens.” Jennifer looked concerned. “Listen, Jimmy if you don’t want to go then that’s fine with me.” It wasn’t fine but she didn’t want to force him into an uncomfortable situation.”No!” Jimmy said quickly. “I just don’t want anything to happen that would cause…cause any problem between us.””We won’t let that happen. Jimmy you know I love you and I don’t want anyone else as my true lover. However, we can still have fun. I tell you what, let’s have a signal. If either one of us gets uncomfortable with anything we will tug on an ear lobe. That will say it is time to leave. Does that sound okay to you?””Yea,” Jimmy said relieved. He smiled at his mother and held his glass up to her again. “To a wonderful evening.”They clinked classes again and sat back to enjoy the day. Now there was an excitement building in them again. Neither of them knew what the night would bring but they were both comfortable with their relationship and knew that at the end of the night they would go home together as mother, son and lovers.Chapter 4 “I can’t decide what to wear,” Jennifer said to Jimmy as she walked into his bedroom. “What do you think of this outfit?” Jennifer had on a pair of tight green capri pants and a short sleeved V-neck sweater. The pants molded to her like a second skin and the top showed a good amount of cleavage. She also had on a pair of high-heeled sandals. “You look great mom,” Jimmy said honestly. “But I think you look great in anything or…nothing.” Jimmy stood up and pulled his mother into his arms. He reached around behind her and grabbed her buttocks in his hands as his lips met hers.Jennifer let her son kiss her for a while until she felt him start to get excited. “Down boy, we have to leave in a few minutes.”Jimmy groaned but backed away from his mother. “See what you do to me,” he said, looking down at his tented slacks.”Poor baby. I guess you will gust have to ask Rhonda to help you with that.”Jimmy started to say something smart but decided to keep quiet.”All right, then I’ll wear this outfit. I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”* * * * *Jimmy and Jennifer met Todd and Rhonda at the Pizza Hut. Todd and Rhonda already had a table when they arrived. Jennifer thought that Todd looked very handsome with his floral print shirt, flashing green eyes and wide smile.”Hi guys,” Todd said and stood up to hug Jennifer then shake Jimmy’s hand. “You remember Rhonda don’t you?””Hi Rhonda,” Jennifer said as she and Jimmy sat across from the two.They ordered pizza and a pitcher of soda. “Where are we going tonight?” Jimmy asked.”There’s a good flick over at the new cinema. We have about an hour to eat.”Almost immediately Todd and Jimmy started to talk about the up coming basketball playoffs.”Jennifer, do you want to join me in the ladies room?” Rhonda said, rolling her eyes at the conversation.”Sure, it’s getting real boring here” Jennifer said in mock frustration and slid out of the booth and followed Rhonda to the ladies room.”Why do women always need to go to the bathroom together?” Todd asked rhetorically as he watched the two sexy women walk away.Jimmy shrugged and asked Todd who he thought the best player in the NBA was.In the bathroom, Jennifer and Rhonda stood side by side at the mirror. Jennifer looked at Rhonda in the bright lights of the bathroom. She saw a very pretty young woman. She had shoulder length sandy blond hair, blue eyes and a creamy complexion. She had on a light sundress with a long sleeved sweater with several buttons left undone, exposing her more than ample chest.”So, how long have you and Todd been dating?” Jennifer asked.”About three years.””He is a very handsome guy.””Yea. He is really a pretty good guy too, very thoughtful and sensitive.””You mean under all that bravado?””Yes. He can get obnoxious sometimes so I have to straighten him out,” Rhonda laughed. “You two are a very cute couple,” Jennifer said. “Thanks. You and Jimmy seem to go together so well, almost like you were meant for each other. There’s just something so comfortable about your relationship.””We have a lot in common,” Jennifer said, thinking, “If you only knew.” “What are your plans for college?” Jennifer asked to change the subject.”I have a full academic scholarship to USC.””That’s wonderful. Your grades must be pretty good.””I don’t tell many people this, but I got 1450 on my SAT’s. Just made a stupid mistake or I would have had a 1500.””Wow, that’s incredible! But why don’t you tell anyone?””Well, I have a lot more fun when people think I’m a big titted, dumb blonde,” Rhonda laughed.Jennifer laughed with her. “What are you going to major in?””Psychology. There are plenty of nuts in this world so I’ll have job security.””You’re right about that,” Jennifer smiled. “Where is Todd going to college?””Stanford.””That’s too bad. I guess you’re sad that you’ll be apart huh?””Yea, but at least we will be on the same side of the country. What about you two…with Jimmy going north for college?””I try not to think about that,” Jennifer said, feeling a tear come to her eye. “We can have fun till he goes,” she added with a casual air that she didn’t feel. She saw Rhonda’s face turn serious. “Jennifer, I…I wanted to apologize about the other night. I know that Todd already apologized to Jimmy, but I would feel terrible if anything that we did came between you two.” “There’s no need to apologize Rhonda. Jimmy and I have a very special relationship. Nothing we did caused a problem between Jimmy and I. We love each other too much for that.””So you are okay with what happened…I mean with what Jimmy and I did and all?””Well, it was a little shocking, but Todd and I were not exactly idle,” Jennifer smiled. “How about you…are you okay with what Todd and I did?””Yes. Todd and I are together but we have kind of an open relationship. Besides, I’m sure he couldn’t find anyone else with tits like mine,” Rhonda laughed, placing her hands under her large breasts and lifting them up for emphasis. “Todd is really a tit man. He loves to put his coc…uh…I’m sorry, I get carried away sometimes.””I’m certain he likes to fuck your tits. However, I think Jimmy prefers asses. He certainly likes to fuck mine,” Jennifer said, surprising even herself with her candor and language, acting like she had anal sex everyday. “He fucks your ass?” Rhonda said, her mouth dropping open.”Sure, doesn’t Todd do you?” Jennifer said as if she had been doing it for years.”No he wants to but I’m afraid.””Well, you should let him do it. I think karşıyaka escort bayan you would love it.””Maybe I will.” Rhonda looked at Jennifer for a couple of seconds and pursed her lips like she had made a decision. “You’re all right Jennifer, I like you,” Rhonda said with a bright smile.”You’re pretty cool yourself,” Jennifer said and hugged Rhonda. She felt a little shiver run through her when Rhonda’s large chest pressed to her. When she pulled back she looked into Rhonda’s pretty blue eyes. She resisted a sudden urge to kiss her. It almost looked like she would have let her. Instead she brought her hand up to her cheek and caressed her gently. Suddenly there was a sexual tension in the room. “Let’s have some fun tonight.” Jennifer saw Rhonda close her eyes and take a deep breath.”I think we had better get back out there or the boys will think we deserted them,” Rhonda said as a little tremor ran through her body. Her head was spinning. She had never felt anything for a woman before. The only thing she had ever done with another woman was that time about a year ago when she let that girl Shelly suck on her tits. However, she had been smashed at the time and had convinced herself that she didn’t know what she was doing. Jennifer grabbed Rhonda’s hand and led her back out to the boys who were still arguing over the best NBA player of all time. Jimmy didn’t miss the fact that the two women were holding hands. His mom amazed him more every day.They arrived at the movie in plenty of time to get a seat in the very back. The theater was a modern one with the large backed comfortable chairs. The seat were tiered like a stadium with a long set of steps to the top. There was no one in the last three rows. Todd went in first then Rhonda then Jennifer. Jimmy sat on the other side of his mom. The three of them talked and joked quietly, sharing popcorn until the lights went down and the movie came on. Jimmy put his arm around his mother. Jennifer noticed that Todd did the same to Rhonda. Then, Rhonda took her sweater off, leaving her large breasts practically exposed in her low cut summer dress. It only took a few minutes for Todd’s fingers to move over Rhonda’s shoulder and began to rub across the soft exposed skin of her breast. A few minutes later, Jennifer felt movement next to her and saw Todd pushing Rhonda’s shoulder strap down her arm. She noticed that Rhonda didn’t object as the top of her dress fell down, almost exposing one nipple. Jennifer could feel excitement begin to course through her. She looked back at the screen until she heard Rhonda moan, almost a little whine. When she looked to the side, she almost gasped. Todd had pushed Rhonda’s top down until her entire breast was exposed. He had her hard nipple between his fingers and was squeezing it. As Jennifer watched, Todd moved back and pulled the other strap from Rhonda’s shoulder, letting her dress drop off her breast, exposing both in the dark theater. Now Jennifer could feel her vagina begin to drip with excitement. She glanced over at Jimmy and saw that he hadn’t noticed what was going on next to them.Todd pulled Rhonda over to him and let her lean into his arm. She was turned slightly to the side, her bare breasts pointing at Jennifer. Todd could see Jennifer looking at them. He made a show of playing with Rhonda’s large breasts for Jennifer. He leaned toward Rhonda’s ear and whispered something.”We can’t,” Rhonda whispered in weak protest.”Come on baby,” Todd said as he began to push her little dress down to her waist. He smiled when Rhonda lifted up and let him take her dress completely off.Jennifer’s heart was pounding so hard she thought someone would hear it. She could see that Rhonda was totally naked now. She obviously hadn’t bothered with panties as she could see her naked groin in the dim light. It looked like she had just a little bit of pubic hair, shaped like a heart, right at the top of her slit. Then Jennifer was surprised when Rhonda pulled one leg up, spreading her legs wide. She watched in amazement as Todd began to play with Rhonda’s breasts with one hand as the other moved toward her crotch.Jimmy had been totally engrossed in the movie until he heard a moan. He looked over just in time to see Todd push a finger into Rhonda. He almost jumped out of his seat. Here they were in public theater and Todd had Rhonda totally naked. When he looked at his mother, he saw that she was watching Todd use his finger on Rhonda. Jimmy’s penis began to harden immediately. He moved his hand over and cupped his mother’s breast. She was so focused on what was happening next to her that jumped and almost screamed. He was relieved when she quickly relaxed and let him slip his hand under her top to cup her bare breast. “Oh God,” she whispered when she felt Jimmy begin to kiss her neck and pinch her nipple. She reached her hand over and grasped Jimmy’s thigh, working her way up to his now throbbing penis. Almost in a trance now, her other hand moved over and touched Rhonda’s thigh. She felt the young girl tense and saw her eyes open in surprise. However, she didn’t make a move to stop Jennifer’s hand as it moved slowly up her thigh.Todd and Jimmy looked on with wide eyes as Jennifer’s hand moved closer to Rhonda’s pulsing sex. Todd pulled his hand away when Jennifer’s fingers reached her vagina. Rhonda moaned as she felt the other woman’s fingers touch her swollen sex. She began to tremble as she watched Jennifer’s finger’s move closer to her dripping hole, gently spreading the lips. “Oh my God,” she moaned as Jennifer slowly pushed a finger between her lips, sliding it into her clasping vagina. She couldn’t believe that she was letting another woman touch her so intimately. However she couldn’t deny that her vagina was dripping juice and her chest was heaving in excitement. All four of them were breathing heavy as Jennifer’s finger worked in and out of Rhonda’s vagina.Rhonda’s hips began to move up and down as little whimpers came from her lips. She reached down and grasped Jennifer’s hand, but instead of trying to stop her, she began to guide it in and out. Suddenly her legs clamped together, trapping Jennifer’s hand between her thighs. Her eyes closed tight as her body began to shake with pleasure. She fought desperately to keep her moans down as her body betrayed her and she convulsed in climax. When Rhonda stopped shaking, Todd looked over at Jennifer and Jimmy and said, “Maybe we should get out of here before we get arrested. Would you like to go to my dad’s beach house?”Jimmy looked at his mother. He saw that her eyes were wild with lust. When he saw her head nod up and down, he turned to Todd and said, “Okay.” Jimmy and Jennifer followed Todd’s BMW to his beach house. They were silent as they drove, neither one of them wanting to break the sexual spell.Todd directed them into the study. This was the same room where Shelly had seduced Jennifer. Todd walked over and put the gas fireplace on to take the night chill out of the room. Then he put some soft music on the CD player and asked if anyone wanted anything to drink. Jennifer asked for a glass of wine and Jimmy took a coke. When Todd returned he gave them their drinks and pulled a joint out of his pocket.When he saw the look on Jennifer’s face he said, “Do you mind if we have a little smoke?””That’s fine but Jimmy and I won’t have any,” Jennifer said. Jennifer knew that she and Jimmy had gotten high from contact with the smoke the last time. However, she didn’t want to say anything about that. As much as she didn’t like d**gs, she certainly had enjoyed the feeling that it had given her the last few times. Still there was that motherly instinct. Todd sat in a love seat with Rhonda and Jimmy sat on the sofa with Jennifer. They all talked quietly as Todd and Rhonda finished their joint. Within a few minutes, Todd and Rhonda were giggling and acting like they were getting high. It didn’t take long for Jimmy and Jennifer to feel the effects as well. Jimmy and Jennifer watched Todd kiss Rhonda. Jimmy turned his mother’s lips to his and kissed her passionately as well. When they turned back to the love seat, they saw Todd’s hand sliding up Rhonda’s dress. Mother and son watched as the two on the sofa began to moan in excitement. Then they watched as Todd pulled Rhonda to her feet and took her into his arms and began to dance to the slow music playing on the CD. Todd held Rhonda tight, sliding his hands down to her buttocks. He slowly turned her back to the couple on the sofa and pulled her little dress up, baring her ass. His strong hands kneaded the soft cheeks of Rhonda’s ass, lifting them and squeezing them gently. He could see Jennifer and Jimmy watching his hands. Jennifer gasped as she watched the two dancing a few feet in front of them. She was so focused on the two that she barely noticed when Jimmy cupped her breast in his hand. Her breathing increased as she watched Todd push the shoulder straps of her dress down her arms. She gasped again when he moved back and let the dress fall to the floor between them, leaving Rhonda entirely naked in her lover’s arms.After a few minutes, Todd turned to Jimmy and said, “Do you want to cut in?”Jimmy looked at Todd then his mother. When he saw her smile he said, “Sure.” He stood up, feeling a rush from the marijuana contact and walked over and took Rhonda into his arms. He felt his erection throb as her large breasts pressed to his chest. Todd moved back to his place on the love seat and watched his girlfriend and Jimmy dance. He wanted desperately to sit with Jennifer but knew that he had better take it slow. Jimmy grew bold with Rhonda and slid his hand down her soft back until he reached her buttocks. He pulled her groin into his and heard her moan. Now it was his hands that were working on the sexy girls ass. When the song ended, Jennifer stood up and said, “Can I cut in?” Jimmy reluctantly moved away and turned to his mother. His mouth dropped open in surprise when his mom didn’t step into his arms but rather turned toward Rhonda.Rhonda was as surprised as Jimmy but she didn’t resist as Jennifer pulled her into her arms. “I want to feel you breasts on mine,” Jennifer whispered and stepped back and pulled her sweater over her head, baring her naked breasts. She smiled at her surprised partner and pulled her back into her arms. She whispered into Rhonda’s ear, “God, your nipples are so hot.” Rhonda just moaned and pushed her large breasts harder into Jennifer.Todd and Jimmy stared in excitement at the two sexy women dancing in the middle of the room. They could clearly see Rhonda’s larger breasts pressing to Jennifer’s smaller ones, flattening them both out, bulging out at the sides. “Have you ever had a woman kiss you?” Jennifer asked quietly, her voice heavy with excitement.”No,” Rhonda choked out. “Can I kiss you?””Uh…oh God,” Rhonda moaned.”Is that a yes?””Yes.” Rhonda acted very shy, her head falling down to Jennifer’s neck and her face turning red.Jennifer moved her head back and put her hands on Rhonda’s cheeks, lifting her face to her. She held her face in her hands and stared into her eyes. Almost in slow motion the two women’s lips moved together, the touch of their lips almost causing sparks to fly. Jennifer pressed her tongue to Rhonda’s closed lips. When her lips didn’t open she used her tongue to lick back and forth across the already wet surface. Then she heard Rhonda moan and felt her open her mouth. Jennifer moved quickly and pressed her tongue into the younger girls mouth. Again she was amazed at how sweet a woman’s mouth tasted and how soft their lips were. She felt her own vagina dripping her juice into the crotch of her pants. It wouldn’t be long before her crotch was soaked.Rhonda’s own vagina was beginning to drip her juice down her thighs as their kiss went on and on. She was embarrassed when Jennifer reached her hand between her legs and felt how soaked she was. A little moan escaped her lips as Jennifer’s fingers spread her vagina then slid back and forth.”Have you ever been eaten by a woman,” Jennifer whispered, her own excitement almost out of control as she fingered the young woman’s swollen pussy lips.”Nooooo!” “Can I eat your pussy and suck your tits?” Jennifer asked.”Oh God Jennifer no,” Rhonda said but didn’t stop her when she pushed her over to the sofa until she sat heavily next to Jimmy.The room was filled with an incredible sexual tension. The two young men watched in excited silence as their two lovers got ready to put on a show for them. Both men were afraid to say anything for fear that it would break the spell. They watched as Jennifer knelt between Rhonda’s legs and pulled her face to her again for another passionate kiss. Jennifer was practically out of control with lust as she pushed her tongue into the girls now willing mouth. She moaned as she brought her hands up, lifted and squeezed Rhonda’s large breasts. Then she pulled back and looked down at the large orbs in her hands. They were incredibly huge; she guessed a 38DD or maybe E. She lifted one to her mouth and sucked the nipple.”Oh my God,” Rhonda moaned. Jennifer went wild, sucking one large nipple then the other. She sucked and kissed the entire breast, making loud sucking sounds. It took her a long time to cover the surface of both breasts with her kisses and her tongue. When she was done, the two large tits were heaving in her hands. “Ohhhhh Jennifer…pleasssseee!” Rhonda pleaded in a gasping voice.”Please what?” Jennifer teased, her fingers pinching her nipples.”Oh God…please eat…ohhhh eat me!”Jennifer smiled at the excited teen and began to kiss down her stomach. Suddenly she stopped and stood up. “My crotch is going to get soaked,” she said and pulled her pants down her thighs and threw them to the side.Rhonda gasped as she saw Jennifer’s wet and baby smooth vagina appear before her eyes. The swollen lips that hung from the large outer lips fascinated her. There was a string of clear juice hanging to her thigh. Her mouth began to water. Maybe someday she thought.Todd couldn’t take the excitement anymore and unzipped his pants and brought his hard penis out. Jimmy saw what Todd had done and opened his pants as well. Both boys ran their hands up and down their hard shafts as they watched to two women make love, or more correctly, watched Jennifer make love to Rhonda.Todd had a great view of Jennifer’s swollen sex lips as she knelt, bent forward and began her journey down Rhonda’s stomach again. Jimmy had a close up view of his mother’s tongue as it worked slowly lower. Rhonda was beyond excitement now as she reached for Jennifer’s head and pulled it forcefully toward her pulsing sex lips. “Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” she screamed when she felt Jennifer’s mouth suck her lips inside her mouth. “Oh God, oh God, oh God, suck me, suck me,” Rhonda said as she slid her hips down the leather sofa, giving Jennifer a better angle of attack.The room was quickly filled with the sloppy sucking sounds Jennifer’s lips made as she devoured Rhonda’s swollen and dripping sex lips. She used her teeth to nibble on the swollen lips then sucked them deep into her mouth, pulling them almost painfully away from her body. When she pushed her tongue into the hole, she felt Rhonda’s legs fly up and wrap around her head.”Ohhhhhhhh, Goddddddd,” Rhonda screamed as her body began to convulse in pleasure for the second time that evening. Todd and Jimmy had to control their hand movements or risk climaxing on their pants. They watched as Rhonda screamed over and over, her hands pulling Jennifer’s hair, forcing her mouth to stay planted on her vagina. Jennifer thought she might smother as the young girl squeezed her with her strong thighs and poured her juice down her throat. Jennifer now knew what Shelly saw in eating woman as she squeezed her own over excited vagina between her thighs. Suddenly she felt a little tremor run through her. It wasn’t exactly a climax but it was still very pleasurable. When Rhonda’s thighs opened, Jennifer pulled back and looked up at the exhausted teen. She saw a weak smile on her face.”Thank you,” Rhonda said in a barely audible whisper.”You’re welcome,” Jennifer said and stood up on shaking legs. Her thighs were positively drenched with her juice. She turned and looked at the two wide-eyed boys. “I need to get fucked!” she stated emphatically. She smiled at Jimmy but turned and walked over to Todd.Todd’s eyes were wide with excitement as he watched Jennifer straddle his thighs.Jimmy watched in amazement as his mother prepared to take Todd’s penis into her body. He thought about the signal; all he had to do was tug on his ear lobe. Yet, his hands wouldn’t move. He was so engrossed at the site of his mom preparing to make love to someone else that he barely noticed when Rhonda got off the sofa and knelt between his legs. Rhonda pushed Jimmy’s hand away from his penis and wrapped her own around it. She heard him moan when she bent her head and took his hard penis into her mouth. Jimmy knew that he couldn’t stop what was about to happen now. The situation was beyond his control now. He grabbed Rhonda’s head and began to buck his hips into her face. Jennifer spread her legs wide over Todd’s thighs. She let him place his large penis at the entrance to her sex. She turned and looked at her son. She smiled when she saw Rhonda’s head bobbing up and down on his hard penis. Still, she waited for him to give her the signal, hoping that he wouldn’t. She hesitated, giving Jimmy the chance to stop her. When he didn’t move and closed his eyes in pleasure instead, she turned back to Todd and slowly began to sink onto his shaft.”Oh God Jennifer,” Todd moaned as he watched Jennifer take him into her body. This had been his fantasy since he had first met her that day in the Pizza Hut. Now, his penis was sliding into her. She was as warm and tight as he had imagined.Jennifer moved further down, groaning in pleasure as she tried to get used to the fat shaft stretching her lips. Todd’s penis was about the same length as Jimmy’s but it was bigger around. It stretched her wide. When her body resisted she pressed down harder. Soon she had all of him inside her. She leaned forward and kissed his lips passionately, her breathing ragged, her chest heaving on his chest. Then as her tongue entered his mouth, her hips began to move up and down. She heard a moan from behind her, turned and saw that Rhonda was now straddling Jimmy’s thighs, facing her. She watched in excitement as Rhonda sat on her son’s penis. Behind Rhonda, Jennifer could see Jimmy’s lust-crazed eyes looking at her. She made a kissing motion to him. He responded with the same kissing motion. Then she turned back to Todd and began to bounce up and down on his penis.”Oh God fuck me, fuck me Todd, yes, yes, fuckkkkkkk meeeee!”The room quickly filled with the lustful groans of the two capitulating couples. Jennifer worked rapidly up and down on her lover as her new friend, Rhonda, did the same to Jimmy. She was amazed at how exciting it was to be making love to another boy while her son took his pleasure a few feet away. It was wanton and naughty but so exciting.”Ohhhhhhh,” Todd moaned. “Jennifer, I’m…I’m going to…to cummmmm.” Todd could barely contain his excitement as Jennifer’s tight vagina squeezed him.”Cum baby, cum in me,” Jennifer moaned, bouncing rapidly up and down on the young man’s throbbing penis. As Jennifer felt Todd’s cum begin to squirt into her she moaned, her own body reaching a peak. “Oh God yesssssss!!! I’m cummmmmminnnnggggg.”The screams of his mother brought on Jimmy’s crisis. “Rhonda, I’m going to cum. Can I cum, can I cum in you?””Oh God yes, cum. Ahhhhhhhh!!!” Rhonda bounced up and down as she lay back on Jimmy’s chest and watched her boyfriend and Jennifer climax, her own crisis escort karşıyaka upon her.Soon the only sounds in the room were the satisfied groans of the four lovers and their heavy breathing. Jennifer pulled away from Todd, letting his shrinking penis slip out of her. She watched Rhonda stand up and walk toward her. As the two women passed in the center of the room, they stopped and kissed tenderly. It was a sensuous and especially exciting with their vagina’s dripping their lover’s sperm. They parted and joined their lovers. “I love you,” Jennifer whispered to Jimmy as she snuggled next to him, burying her face timidly in his shoulder. All of a sudden she was very worried about how Jimmy would react to what had just happened.”God, I love you mo…uh Jennifer,” Jimmy said and turned her face up to his. He looked over to see if Todd or Rhonda had heard his almost slip of the tongue. They were too busy kissing to hear anything. He turned back to his mother and said, “I mean it. I love you more than anything in this world.” Jimmy gently kissed his mother’s lips. He heard her moan as her arms went around him. When he pulled away he saw tears streaming down her cheeks. “What’s wrong?” he asked with concern.”Nothing…nothing at all.”Todd stood up and pulled Rhonda to feet. “Do you guys mind if we go upstairs to a room?” You are welcome to use one yourself.””No we don’t mind. I think we will be going home in a few minutes,” Jennifer said. Then she watched as Todd and Rhonda walked out of the room. She turned back to her son and kissed his lips tenderly. Jimmy saw a strange look in her eyes when she pulled away. “Jimmy…uh…would you…uh…would you fuck me again,” Jennifer asked, her face turning red at her wantonness.”I’ll do anything you want mom,” Jimmy said with a smile. He felt her hand reach for his still wet penis. It only took a few moments before he was hard again.When Jimmy started to turn to his mother and get between her legs she said, “Wait a minute. You need a little cleaning this time.” Jennifer bent her head and sucked Jimmy’s wet cock into her mouth. She moaned as she again tasted Rhonda. When there was only saliva left on his penis she stood and pulled a pillow to the floor. She lay down with the pillow under her hips. Jimmy stood above his mother and looked down at her wide-open legs. He moaned and got to his knees and slowly brought his penis to her swollen and sloppy hole. His penis slid into her warm body. “Oh my God mom,” Jimmy moaned as his hips began to move up and down. It was so perverse to feel his mom’s hole filled with someone else’s sperm. It was something he would never have thought of doing. Yet it was so intimate. Strangely at that moment he loved his mother more than he ever thought he could. “Fuck me Jimmy, fuck your mother. Oh Jimmy you feel so good in me. Sooooo good.”At the door stood Rhonda, her mouth open in amazement. She had come back down to get her purse. Could she have heard correctly she thought? She stood and watched as Jimmy worked his penis in and out of Jennifer’s wet hole. She watched for a long time, her d**g fogged brain trying to process what she had heard. Jimmy and Jennifer were oblivious to Rhonda. Jimmy was pounding into his mother like a mad man. Since he had already climaxed, he knew that he would last a long time. Jennifer climaxed three times before Jimmy bellowed that he was going to cum.”Yes, cum in me lover, cum in you mother,” Jennifer moaned as she felt Jimmy add his load of sperm to what was left of Todd’s. Rhonda shook her head to try and clear the fog. She couldn’t believe what she had heard. Could it be true? Could Jimmy and Jennifer be mother and son? That would explain a lot of things she thought. She would have to find out more about this when her brain wasn’t so confused. Jimmy and Jennifer fell asleep for a little while. When they awoke they gathered up their clothes and drove home. Jennifer invited Jimmy into her bed again that night.Chapter 5Jennifer woke up when Jimmy placed a tray on her lap. She rubbed her eyes and looked at her son. “What’s this?” she asked, forgetting the bet.”You won the bet,” Jimmy said.”Oh the bet. You don’t have to do this Jimmy,” Jennifer said as she looked down at the tray of breakfast food Jimmy was serving her.”A bet’s a bet,” he said. “The truth is mom, I would serve you breakfast in bed every morning for the rest of you life if you wanted me to.””That’s sweet Jimmy but if I ate like this every morning you wouldn’t be able to get me out of bed,” she laughed. “Thank you sweetie.” Jennifer sat up and let the sheet fall below her naked breasts. She saw Jimmy staring at her already hard nipples.Jimmy sat on the side of the bed and watched his mother eat. He had a wide grin on his face the entire time. “What are we doing today?””Well, I invited Shelly over for a little cookout today at one o’clock.””Really,” Jimmy said in surprise. “She agreed to come over here?””Yep.””I thought she didn’t like me?””I don’t think that’s true. I think she is just afraid of guys in general after her ****.””I can understand that.””Be nice to her, okay.””Sure mom.””Now, let me get up, I have a few errands to run. I’ll be back before one o’clock. How about you mowing the lawn and cleaning up the garage.””All right slave driver,” Jimmy smiled.Jimmy was out on the deck preparing to cook hamburgers when the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,” Jennifer said. Jimmy turned and saw his mother walk out of the kitchen. He watched her until he couldn’t see her any longer. He loved the little white shorts she had on. They seemed to emphasis every curve of her sexy butt. This was going to be an interesting afternoon he thought.”Hi sweetie,” Jennifer said as she opened the door for Shelly.”Hi Jennifer,” Shelly said and went up on tiptoes to kiss Jennifer’s mouth.”You look nice,” Jennifer said as she took the young girls hand and walked her into the living room. Shelly was dressed a little more conservatively than the last time she had come over. She had on a wrap around jeans skirt and a blouse tied at the waist. She wasn’t wearing a bra but with her small breasts it wasn’t really apparent. Jennifer sat on the sofa with Shelly.Shelly looked confused until Jennifer said that she just wanted a moment with her before they went outside. Her face brightened.”So how are you sweetie?” Jennifer asked.”Fine. You know that I still love you,” she said, surprising Jennifer with her candor.”I know sweetheart,” Jennifer said and touched her face with her hand. Shelly kissed her hand then looked into her face. Like a magnet her lips came to Jennifer’s. The kiss was tender and loving until Shelly’s hand came up and cupped Jennifer’s breast. In an instant the kiss became more passionate, their tongues fighting for possession of the other’s mouth. Jennifer pulled away, breathing heavy. “You’re being bad,” she said as she looked down at Shelly’s hand playing with her nipple through her stretch top. “I know. Can I kiss one?” Shelly asked, her eyes looking so sad.Jennifer turned and looked at the kitchen door then turned back and lifted her top, exposing her breast. Shelly wasted no time and brought her lips to the already hard nipple. She smiled when she heard Jennifer moan. Her hand pushed the top over her other breast and began to squeeze the nipple.”You said kiss,” Jennifer breathed as the young girl worked on both nipples, one with her fingers and the other her lips. Finally Jennifer pulled away, her face flushed with excitement. “We had better go out to Jimmy or he will be looking for us.”Shelly followed Jennifer into the kitchen. She saw Jimmy outside with his back to them, cooking cheeseburgers. When she saw that he wasn’t looking inside she caught up with Jennifer and reached her hands around her and grasped both breasts. Jennifer stopped and leaned back into Shelly, turning her head toward her. “You’re being a bad girl again. If you keep this up I might have to punish you,” Jennifer said and felt Shelly shiver behind her. Shelly dropped her hands quickly when she saw Jimmy begin to turn around.”Go ahead outside and help Jimmy while I get the silverware and plates.”Shelly hesitated until she saw Jimmy waving her outside.”Hi Shelly, glad you could make it,” Jimmy said in a friendly tone.”Hi Jimmy,” Shelly said and stepped out onto the deck. “Can I help?””I think I have everything under control but you can keep me company.””All right,” she said and sat down on the bench next to Jimmy.Jimmy didn’t miss the flash of thigh as Shelly’s short skirt pulled up her thighs. He saw her looking at him and felt his face redden at being caught. “Uh…so what’s your plans for college?” he asked as he quickly turned back to his work. “I don’t know. I have tentatively agreed to go to the Art Institute, but I’m not sure anymore. I love art but I don’t know if I can make a living at it.””You’re good.””How do you know?””I’ve seen your work in the art department.””Really?” Shelly said with surprise.”Sure, I like your African a****l display best.””Wow, I didn’t think you even knew who I was.””I know who you are. But, I always thought you didn’t like me.””I like you,” Shelly said quickly.”Well, we were both wrong weren’t we?” Jimmy laughed.”I guess so,” Shelly said, sharing Jimmy’s laugh.Jimmy noticed when she laughed that her thighs opened carelessly. He was trying hard not to be a lecher. However, after what he saw in the living room with his mother, it was very difficult.Shelly leaned back on the picnic table, her elbows supporting her. She casually let her legs slip a little further open. She felt a little thrill go through her when she saw Jimmy’s eyes scan her legs. “I have a lot of drawings at home. Maybe sometime you would like to see them?””I’d love to,” Jimmy said, trying to focus his attention on the grill. He dropped the grill fork and bent to pick it up. He felt his heart beat quicken when he looked up and saw directly between Shelly’s legs. When his eyes looked up, he saw with relief that she was looking out at the back yard. He felt safe in looking a little longer. The sunlight was just right for him to see all the way up her skirt. If he hadn’t already known that she was shaved he would have known now.Shelly felt a quiver go through her vagina as she pretended to be fascinated with the view off the back of their deck. However, she was very much aware of Jimmy’s eyes. She could feel herself becoming wet as she let him stare for a long time. When she turned back to him he quickly stood up and began to work on the grill again. “I’ll get you a new fork,” she said and went back into the kitchen.”It looks like you and Jimmy were getting along well,” Jennifer said as she bent over to get some paper plates from the lower cabinet.”Yes, he is pretty cool, but I like your butt better,” Shelly said and quickly stepped over and cupped Jennifer’s butt.Jennifer sighed and let Shelly run her hands under the legs of her shorts and caress her cheeks. However, when Shelly’s fingers slid under the crotch piece, she quickly stood up. “Young lady,” Jennifer said, trying to sound stern but failing, her increased breathing giving her away. “The burgers are ready, and I need that fork,” Jimmy called from outside.The three of them sat at the picnic table and ate their lunch, talking and laughing. After the table was cleared, Jennifer suggested that they go to the clubroom and play some pool. Jimmy wasn’t too excited about that but figured his mother had something planned.Jennifer needed a plan. She supposed that she could just strip off her clothes and get started. However, she wanted to be a little subtler than that. Her competitive nature took over and she suggested pool. It would be a way to break the ice.A short while later, the three of them were in the clubroom, Jimmy setting up the pool table. As they began to play pool, Jimmy decided that this wasn’t such a bad idea. He got the chance to sit and watch his mother bend over the table, her sexy butt making him excited. He also watched as Shelly would bend over the table, letting her skirt pull up the back of her thighs. One time when his mother was bending over the table, he walked by and caressed her ass. She looked back and smiled at him.”How about we play for something,” Jennifer said after Jimmy had won all the games.”Uh oh,” Jimmy said.”Come on, are you chicken, afraid I’ll beat you in pool like I did in tennis?””All right,” Jimmy said. “What’s the stakes?””The winner gets to have the two losers do what he or she wants.”Suddenly the sexual tension in the room rose like a rocket. Jimmy and Shelly stood with their mouth’s open.”What’s the matter, ‘cat got your tongues’?” “Uh…no…sure,” Jimmy said.”What about you Shelly?””I guess,” she said hesitantly.It was a simple game of clear off the table and sink the eight ball. As soon as the bet was made, Jennifer proceeded to win the first game, barely giving anyone else a shot.”Now since I won, let me see what I want. Hmmm. Jimmy and Shelly, take off your tops.”Jimmy smiled broadly and quickly stripped off his tee shirt. Shelly stood frozen.”Come on Shelly,” Jennifer said, almost sternly.Slowly Shelly started to unbutton her blouse, turning her back to Jennifer and Jimmy. Her face was red as she slowly slipped it from her shoulder and let it drop to the floor. Her body began to tremble with excitement.”Rack um up Jimmy,” Jennifer said.Jimmy quickly racked up the pool balls, trying to get a glimpse of Shelly. He watched as she turned around, her face red and her hands covering her small breasts. Jimmy’s hard penis was obvious in his shorts.Jennifer broke the balls and made a couple of shots. Then it was Jimmy’s turn. He missed his shot on purpose. He wanted to see Shelly take her shot. Shelly had to take her hands from her breasts as she picked up the cue stick. She could feel both Jennifer and Jimmy’s eyes on her as she tried to take a shot. She didn’t even come close to making it and quickly put the stick down and covered her breasts again.Jennifer quickly won the second game. She saw Jimmy’s wide smile, almost gloating. “Okay Jimmy, take your shorts off.”Jimmy’s eyes opened wide. Shelly giggled nervously. He thought for sure his mom would have Shelly take off her clothes. He hesitated until his mother stood with her hands on her hips. Slowly he unsnapped his shorts and pulled the zipper down. This was going to be embarrassing since he hadn’t worn underwear. Slowly he let his shorts drop, exposing his throbbing erection to the two women.”Rack them,” Jennifer said to Jimmy.Jimmy was very uncomfortable walking around the room with his erection bouncing in front of him. He could see and feel both women’s eyes on his penis. Again, Jennifer won easily as no one but her was interested in pool anymore. “Now, I think it’s Shelly’s turn,” Jennifer said as she looked at the excited teenager. “Shelly has been a bad girl today. She has been trying to get me excited since she arrived. I think she needs a little punishment.”Jimmy looked at Shelly’s surprised face and smiled.”Come here!” Jennifer said sternly.Shelly meekly walked over to Jennifer, her head bowed, still covering her breasts with her hands. Jennifer whispered into her ear, “Lay on the floor.”Shelly didn’t protest and slowly laid on her back on the floor. Jimmy walked over and sat on the sofa, his penis throbbing almost painfully.Jennifer stood over Shelly and opened her shorts. She peeled them down her ass cheeks and off of her feet. She tossed them to Jimmy. Then she stepped over Shelly, straddling her head.Shelly looked up with excited eyes, directly into Jennifer’s dripping vagina. She no longer felt embarrassed, only excited. She watched as Jennifer slowly squatted, bringing her sex closer to her face. “Shelly likes eating pussy, don’t you?” Jennifer said as she held her vagina just inches from the teenager’s face.”Yes,” Shelly whispered, her mouth suddenly dry.”Look at it. Look at my sweet pussy. Can you see how excited it is for your mouth?””Yes,” Shelly hissed.”Open your mouth,” Jennifer ordered.Jimmy watched almost shaking with excitement as Shelly complied. He watched as his mother held her position over the young girls face. Suddenly he saw what her intention was as her juice began to drip from her excited and swollen lips. It dripped down in a long silvery strand, directly into Shelly’s mouth.Shelly groaned as she tasted her lover’s juice.Jimmy reached for his penis and began to stroke himself.Jennifer watched her son as she let her juice pour into Shelly’s mouth. When she could take the excitement no longer, she sat her crotch directly onto Shelly’s face. Jennifer groaned loud as she felt Shelly’s mouth on her swollen vagina. Shelly’s moans were muffled by the wet lips on her face. Shelly was in heaven as she sucked on Jennifer’s swollen lips. Her eyes closed as her tongue pressed deep into her lover’s body. She had to swallow rapidly or risk drowning. Jimmy got up from the sofa and brought his penis to his mother’s mouth.She smiled at him, opened her mouth and took him inside.The room was filled with the moans of three people as the pool game was long forgotten. “Oh God,” Jennifer moaned around her son’s penis as Shelly sucked hard on her hole. She began to move back and forth, smearing her juice across the young girls mouth and nose. Jennifer was rapidly reaching the point of no return. She heard Jimmy moaning and felt him begin to move his penis in and out of her mouth rapidly. “Ohhhhhh mom,” Jimmy moaned and grabbed his mother’s head. Suddenly his penis throbbed and began to squirt his sperm into her mouth. When Jennifer felt Jimmy begin to climax, she pressed her groin hard into Shelly’s mouth. Suddenly she began to climax as well. For the second time in her life she felt her vagina quiver and begin to squirt her own juice into Shelly’s open mouth. It had embarrassed her the first time but now she didn’t care. She let the excitement run through her as her body convulsed in pleasure. Her pleasure was so great she almost forgot to swallow, allowing Jimmy’s juice to drip out of her mouth and onto Shelly’s forehead.Jimmy fell away from his mother and struggled to the sofa. When Jennifer’s shuddering stopped she pulled herself from Shelly’s wet face. She looked down and felt slightly embarrassed. The young girls face was a mess with her juice and some of Jimmy’s cum. However, she had a smile on her face. Jennifer helped Shelly to her feet and pulled her to her for a very wet kiss. “Thank you,” she whispered. Then Jennifer pushed Shelly backward to the pool table. She helped her to get on the table and then pushed her back onto her back.Shelly wasn’t sure what was happening until Jennifer leaned over her and whispered, “It’s your turn.”Jennifer pushed Shelly’s little skirt up and spread her legs. Shelly screamed as Jennifer’s mouth found her vagina. Jimmy watched in amazement as his mother bent her head between Shelly’s legs. Within seconds his penis was starting to show signs of life.”Oh God Jennifer eat meeee!” Shelly moaned as she grabbed Jennifer’s head and wrapped her legs around her neck.Jennifer sucked the sweet juice from the young girl into her mouth. She licked the tiny swollen lips then forced her tongue deep into her body. Her hands reached up to squeeze her tiny nipples.”Oh yes, oh yes, oh my Goddddddd!!!” Shelly screamed as she began to shake with pleasure. Her hips pushed up into her older lover’s mouth as her body shook. When she felt Jennifer’s lips circle her swollen clit she went over the top and began an incredible climax. Her hips bucked up and down and her hands pulled Jennifer’s hair as her body exploded in pleasure. Jennifer continued to kiss Shelly’s vagina as her tremors began to die. Finally she pulled back when Shelly’s thighs fell from her neck. She looked at Shelly’s face and said, “Jimmy and I are going up our bedroom to make love. You can join us if you want.”Jennifer turned to Jimmy and held her hand out to him. He stood up and took his mother’s hand, his penis throbbing again. She turned back to Shelly and held her hand out. Shelly sat up and reached her shaking hand out to Jennifer. She led her two lovers’ up the stairs to the bedroom.

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