My Birthday Gift


My Birthday Gift
i am Nikila 24yrs from Delhi with assets of 36c 30 36,im a sexy and good looking girl,many guys had crush on me but i didnt care much,as i didnt like all that much,i have a cousin he is very close to me since my c***dhood as he used to come to my home regularly since c***dhood we used to like each other and it changed into love,and he became my bf,in this story i want to explain about the gift of life which my bf gave me on my birthday and which changed my life,friends this is my true experience and my 1st story,its bit lengthy,but im sure u guys will enjoy well.

Coming to the story me and my bf spend lot of romantic moments together,mostly when my parents are out of station leaving me alone at home,they used to ask my cousin to take care of me,so we used to enjoy the days having sex and stay nude almost all that time,we used to fuck in almost every place at home.My cousin had a friends group of 4 guys Amar Raj Suresh and Sam,they were also from same college,they used to stare me a lot with their lusty looks whenever i meet them along with my cousin.while enjoying sex my cousin used to tell me that his friends have an eye on me,and also they used to pass comments like “saali palang thod cheez hai,sexy maal,ek din miljaye toh jannat miljayegi” and that my cousin is so lucky to get me as gf and all that.

Coming to the incident it was Monday and my parents had to leave for attending a function in other city,as my cousin used to come to my home regularly since c***dhood,my parents called my cousin to take care of me till they come back.My birthday was next day,as we both were alone at home me and my bf planned to enjoy my birthday as much as possible and my bf was planning for making my birthday special,as we had lonely time to spend,and he promised to me give a surprise gift on my birthday.

On the day before my birthday after my parents left me and cousin had a wonderful session and i was excited about my birthday.After having dinner we had sex and were nude on bed and fondling each other,it was 12 in the night,my bf greeted me and i asked him for my gift,he asked me to wait gift will arrive any time,and started smooching me,suddenly bedroom door opened and 4 of cousin friends entered the room, with gifts and cakei was totally shocked as they entered the room and i was laying nude on bed under cousin,i was totally afraid and feared n asked cousin about it,

He said this is my surprise gift and he wants me to get fucked by his friends and enjoy group sex,i didnt not agree for that,as my cousin was on me he know my weakness and was licking my neck n nose and making me horny so that i agree for it,as i was already horny i had to agree,then cousin got off from me and till then his friends arranged for cake cutting,i got off the bed n cut the cake n they greeted me,whole time i was nude as cousin didnt allow me to wear anything,and his friends were watching my body like hungry b**sts,who r ready to eat me,then my cousin asked me to lay back on bed,i agreed and laid on bed,my cousin then put the cake all over on my naked body on my face,boobs,pussy and naval,till then his 4 friends got nude and my cousin told them to enjoy my body.

They told me that “aaj raat ke liye tum hamari randi ho aur hum tumhe randi ke jaise chodke hamari slave banayenge,itne din tadpaya tumne hamare lund ko,aaj hum teri chut aur gaand phaad denge”,i was scared and horny at the same time by listening to their words ki mere saath kya hone wala hai,then they all at a time pounced on me and started eating n licking the cake from my body,it was totally amazing for me,as all 4 guys were at a time enjoying my body,oAmar was licking the cake on my face and smooching me,other Sam and suresh were taking care of my boobs and naval,and Raj was licking my pussy,i was feeling like heaven on earth,it was so much pleasure,when one tongue licks your body gives so much pleasure,i was having 4 tongues licking my whole body at a time…….it was too much for me and i was fully wet and leaking my honey,

I was moaning like hell n shaking my body in ecstacy.then the Amar who was licking my face suddenly pushed his cock in my mouth n started fucking my mouth deep,at the same time Raj who was licking my pussy pushed his cock in my wet pussy and started fucking me,it was like my breath got stopped for a second when they both entered my mouth and pussy,i was unable to breath as he was fucking my mouth deeply,i was helpless and enjoying and my cousin was jst sitting on a chair and watching the show shaking his dick,i looked at him with pleading eyes,but he didnt respond,then mein samjhagayi ki yeh sab well planned tha ki woh uske friends mujhe kaise fuck karenge,un sabne decide karliye ki mujhe woh randi banadenge,the other 2 guys Sam and Suresh were sucking and biting my boobs and nipples.I was enjoying a lot as this was totally a new experience for me and i was in total ecstacy.Raj and Amar fucked my mouth and pussy till they cum in my holes and Amar made me drink his cum.

I got a moment and thought it was over,but they exchanged the positions and Sam and Suresh started fucking me in mouth and Pussy and Amar and Raj were licking my boobs and naval,as suresh entered my pussy,mujhe aisa laga ki meri chut phadgayi,as uska lund bahut thick tha,unhone ne bhi mujhe fuck kiya till they cum,mein bahut thak gayi thi,i asked them to leave me and give some rest,but their plan was something else.

As Raj and Suresh ne meri pussy ko fuck kiya already ab Amar and Sam ka chance tha,Amar got laid on bed and asked me to ride him,i sat on his dick and started riding him slowly as i was tired,then amar hugged me in same position and started smooching me,suddenly i felt some one was touching me from behind,all of sudden Sam entered his dick in my asshole,i felt like im gonna die with pain,as both my holes were filled with cocks,then they both started ramming me hard,i was feeling both pain and pleasure at the same time…….pleasure in my pussy and pain in my ass,they fucked me sometime and exchanged the position,now i was riding Sam and Amar was fucking my ass……i was in a different world by their hardcore fucking.

It had been more than 2 hrs since they were fucking me,then phirse all 4 started fondling and licking my body,i was sweating fully,and they were licking all my sweat on my body.then Raj and Suresh fucked my ass and pussy in the same position exchanging holes while i was riding them,i was totally tired i was jst laid on bed and they continued their fucking till they cum,i thought finally it was all over and i can sleep.But they said that it was my birthday and they finally want to see me getting fucked by my cousin,then only unka party complete hoga,i was in a helpless situation laid on bed unable to move.

Then Raj and Suresh hold my feet and spread my legs as much as possible,and the other 2 Amar and Sam gave their cocks in my hands and asked me to give handjob,phir cousin came in between my legs and started licking my fucked up pussy,and all of sudden he pushed his dick totally in my pussy and was fucking like hell,it was unbearable for me as 2 guys stretched my legs wide and cousin fucking me,i thought im gonna die with pain,i was hell tired,and also was giving handjob to Amar and Sam,i was laying on bed like a dead body watching them helplessly with pain and pleasure,then all of them released me from their grip and were shaking their dicks and finally cummed all over my body and rubbed the cum all over my body.I fell asleep while they were dng this,as it was around 3:30,and i was being fucked since 12.

I woke up in the morning and saw that me and cousin were sleeping nude in the bed and their cum got dry on my body,i went to bathroom got freshen and when i came back cousin woke up,he asked me how was the surprise gift,i just gave him a naughty smile and he smooched me.

Friends this was experience which changed me like a hungry slut for cocks,and later i had many experiences which i will share with u depending on your feedback

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