Norton Towers – the apartment block for randy gird


Norton Towers – the apartment block for randy gird
Chapter 7 – Gwen the old show off who gets a new perspective on her sex life
Being employed as Norton House general factotum and handyman, my life took on an entirely new meaning and taught me that life really does begin at 60. Everything was discreet and the tenants very nice and pleasant. One thing I did learn was that all the residents changed inside out, so to speak.
When going out, one would think they were just ordinary middle class oldies. Inside however, they all dressed and acted as the horny and sexy people they always were but with style and grace. It was fantastic.
On Tuesday morning, Gwendolyn ( the bbw lady at the interview panel who had discreetly parted her legs giving me great view of her extremely hairy fanny through her (sans panties) open girdle holding up sheer nylon stockings stretched over her luscious fleshy thighs) asked me to fix her blocked kitchen sink.
Now Gwen – as she preferred to be called – was a voluptuous lady about a size 20, still curvy with big tits and, as I had already found out, was a girdle lover. For a seventy year old she was fit, pretty and obviously dressed very well.
So at 10.20 I rang the doorbell, toolbox in hand.
“Hello Robert, come in, thanks for coming at short notice but my sink is bunged up and I cannot do anything with it”, was the message she greeted me with.
“Don’t worry Gwen, I’ll soon have it fixed” As I went into the kitchen, Gwen went out to leave me to it. It was a simple job of just removing the waste pipe, and unclogging it – must have taken 15 minutes at most. But that had been enough time for Gwen to change into quite a short flared skirt. I notice it immediately as she stood over me legs wide apart clearly showing off that same very hairy cunt and asking “ now that’s fixed, Robert, would you like a cup of tea. “Yes please” I replied
She made absolutely no attempt to move away as I slid between her legs getting from under the sink. From her smile when I stood up, she looked very happy. As I knew she would, having known her proclivity in showing herself’ from the residents book of interests. This was going to be intriguing.
To further demonstrate to herself that her massive tits looked their best and defy gravity, the ample cleavage was on very full display on top of a half cup balcony bra which was obvious through the very discreet see-through blouse.
Fully understanding that Gwen loved attention and not wanting to disappoint her, I set about thinking the best way to reflect that fact to her, as we sat down for chat over that cup of tea.
“Gwen”, I asked “It seems clear to me that you must have been a model at some time, as you know how well to show yourself off”
“Not really Robert, when I was a lot younger, I came to understand very quickly that my figure was my fortune and to capitalise on it, I went into glamour photography. In those days, of course, it was different and to give the punters what they wanted I learned that by displaying my body up to limit of what was legal got them off as much as stripping. As I proved to myself when I saw your cock get nice and hard when I stepped over you”.
As she was telling me this, I notice that she was gradually pulling up her skirt, and showing me a hint of suspender. Well wouldn’t you get a raging hard on listening and looking at that?
“I may be seventy Robert, but I still like to show off- as you can see. Unfortunately as I get older I know that my opportunities to fulfil that desire are limited. Hence this little display”
“No they’re not”, I almost shouted. “Haven’t you kept up the times in this modern world, Gwen” Don’t you know there is a massive demand for granny glamour and you would have men wanking their nuts off if you showed off your charms at dogging sites.
Well, that got her attention. “Let me show you.” After firing up her lap top, she sat by me as I opened up various sites. We started with glamorous granny sites (tasteful ones at first) working through to downright filthy porn. As we moved to pics from dogging sites her excitement expressed itself as her right hand rode up my thigh and started massaging my inflated cock while her left was up her skirt wanking
“Robert, you are getting me so very horny, feel how wet I am.” Pulling her legs apart, those lovely long cunt hairs were sodden as I forced my hand past her lovely fat thighs and groped her luscious fat labia.
Calming down, Gwen and I knew where was going and she was definitely in for everything. As she had been very honest with me about what turned her on, I felt it right that I should do likewise. So I recapped my early introduction and intense interest in older women wearing girdles, normal and anal sex plus voyeurism (I even admitted to giving golden showers). From the look on Gwen’s glowing face it became very clear that we could both fulfil our desires.
As I mentioned, Gwen was very pretty and unlike stick thin women her extra flesh made her face almost wrinkle free. And so she was ideal,
We discussed a plan of attack, so to speak, as to how we could launch her into the world of granny glamour. With every idea, we both got excited and my cock and her cunt needed refreshment.
To combine our interests and make the sex far more enjoyable, Gwen agreed to put on her best show for me. Having settled myself into the armchair, Gwen stood in front and slowly removed her skirt showing her sheer see through black open bottom girdle and stockings encasing her large tubby thighs.
Bending over, she flashed her lovely girdle clad fat arse and hairy cunt lips. Then stretching up she asked me to take off my trousers and pants to, as she said, “look at you lovely drooling cock”. Still standing with a massive and pre-cumming hard on she turned around and invited to take off her blouse and bra.
Turning around and for full effect, she cupped her extremely big tits and pushed me back into the chair, knelt down and wrapped them round my cock and literally tit fucked me until my balls burst and I cummed all over chin. She loved it. Using her fingers she wiped it off and swallowed as if it was like a 10 year scotch!
Sitting on my lap, legs wide open, Gwen said “time to satisfy granny you horny old goat”. She looked perfect. Her stunning literally sheer see through white girdle, chunky thighs and soft tits with large and dark areolas soon had me hard again, as I plunged my hand into that lovely soaking hairy forest.
Finding her quite large clit I rubbed and stroked it gently between my fingers. Her sighs soon turned into great – what I call – fuck grunts.
“Oh yes, Robert, keep going, push harder, Fill me right up. My snatch is really big, you can go all the way”
My fingers started pumping in with three and finished up with my whole hand in right up to wrist. She might be old but her cunt muscles clung on like a limpet. She only released me when she screamed “Grandma is coming, yes, and yes” On that note she climaxed and slumped like a rag doll.
The end

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