OHGirl & Velvet: Back to Work

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OHGirl & Velvet: Back to WorkVelvet: I was a little jealous of my mom, seeing the number of men she had been taking on in her extreme gangbang films. She had probably fucked over 350 men in the last two weeks and that was a conservative estimate. Her new director was pushing the limits of bukkake and she had been drenched in cum in the last photo that I had seen and her pussy was a gaping mess, filled with jizz from her last internal affairs gangbang, when she had fucked over 150 Japanese men. She had let each one of them fill her twat, before drinking a small bucket of jizz, into which the excess cum had drained. My mom was a sex addict to the extreme and she had been going at it for the last 30 plus years. Not that I hadn’t done a few record breaking gangbangs in Japan too, and the thought was making me horny, so when I got some free time, I made sure to make love to my babies’ daddy. I kept wishing that Mikey would be the father of my two, new, little girls, but as another week passed, I finally got my letter. I scanned down the list of potential fathers and crossed my fingers, hoping that at least it would be one of the men who volunteered to do a cheek swab. I had fucked nearly 500 men without protection, during the potential time frame, and I was able to get a few of them to at least help me to find out the truth. I passed Mikey’s name and Nelson’s too, as I read off the names of the laboratory test and then I saw the red check mark next to a name that had the probability of over 98%. The father of my new twins had only had sex with me a couple of times, but now I had to let him know. I knew that he would be happy and so would his friends and family, since I had fucked most of them too. The only down side was that Bennie was only 17 years old. The father of my twins was Bennie, the 17 year old brother of Luis and cousin to Big Poppy, my Latino gang lovers. I called him on the phone and asked to meet him somewhere and we decided to meet at Luis’s apartment. I put both of the babies in their car seats and drove over to Luis’s place the next day. I carried them to the door and I was met by both Luis, Big Poppy, Bennie and a few other gang members. They all congratulated me and hugged and kissed me as they took the c***dren into the house. I kept Bennie and his brother and cousin in the kitchen to give them the news. Bennie was a bit surprised and wide eyed, but he hugged and kissed me and I felt for him and was still happy that he was the father. It was far better than my c***dren being illegitimate and he was a sweet k**. Luis was ecstatic and let all of the other gang members know that his b*o had knocked up their own little Putita and that I had given birth to twins. “You the baby daddy of a porn star now b*o!!” Luiz shouted, as he fist pumped Bennie. We walked in to see the babies and Bennie got to hold them for the first time and I began breast feeding them as they awoke and got hungry. “Damn girl, your titties bornova escort have blown up!” Big Poppy yelled out as I fed one of the girls. He came over and pulled down the other side of my tube top and began sucking on my breast while Luis took a pic of him with his phone. A few of the other men and Bennie all posed for similar photos with me and the babies and after the girls were fed and I had showed Bennie how to change them, some of the guys got a bit more hands on with my breasts and soon had me naked, while Luis and Bennie watched from the couch where they held the babies. I hadn’t expected to have sex or to even be naked, but my gang friends had always had their way with me and it would have been difficult to say no, after posing nude and allowing them to play with my breasts. I was on my knees and sucking off three of the members while another was preparing to slide into my wet cunt from behind, when Luis let everyone know that I was now Bennie’s girl and the mother of his babies, so he should get to fuck me first. Bennie walked over and I pulled down his pants and began playing with his long, prick. I sucked him until he was hard and then sat him on the couch where I rode him until he came deep in my slit. I was then pulled down onto the floor and fucked by the other ten members, some who showed up while I was being fucked, as my twin girls laid nearby. My pussy was tender and sore afterward, while I cleaned up in Luis’s bathroom, my hair still wet from the shower I had taken to clean the semen from my hair and face and to wash up from my vaginal and anal penetrations. A handful of other members had arrived during my group sex orgy and they had joined in to fuck their little Porn Star, Putita, and give props to Bennie for being the man to get me pregnant. I spoke with Bennie, before I left, and let him know that he could stop to see our girls anytime he wanted. I would also bring them by if he wanted. He walked me to my car and helped to load up the c***dren and my bags, then we kissed deeply before I left. I liked Bennie and he was a great guy and I knew he would be a good father as he got older. Of course, I was only 22 years old, so I was still young myself. I returned home to my condo and played mom for a couple of days before Bennie arrived and stayed for a few hours after his school ended. He was learning to change the girls and the things that needed to be done to care for them and he seemed to enjoy it. He asked to spend more time with me and his daughters and I told him yes, then he kissed me and when the girls fell asleep, I led him into my bedroom and we made love. It felt good to fuck him by himself and not while others watched and he fucked me like a boyfriend, instead of like a whore or a porn star. I came as he ejaculated inside of me and over the next month, he would stop by every day to help with the girls and then we would have sex before he left. Mikey knew what bornova escort bayan was happening and he let Bennie be the father for the girls and let me reward him. Bennie also met my husband, Nelson, during his visits when Nelson was in town, and they both worked out their place in my somewhat complicated life. The crew who was still following me around for our porn reality film were loving the newest twists in my life and took advantage of it as they filmed footage of me with my two lovers and fathers of my c***dren and my new husband. They kept Bennie blurred out during all of his on screen time, since he was still u******e, but it didn’t stop them from filming him when we made love. Sex was on the rise again and I knew it was just a matter of time before Rudy had me back to work. My mom was due back for a visit in the next week and we had planned on meeting Rudy in town, since he was coming to Vegas to discuss a possible shake up with his company. Rudy actually arrived at my condo the day that my mom was arriving from Japan and I got to show off my girls to him. He had c***dren himself, so he understood what it was like to be a parent. He was still Rudy though and he had me call in one of my nannies, to watch the k**s, while the film crew followed us into my bedroom and Rudy fucked me hard from behind and then came on my face. I licked up his sticky jizz for the camera and then cleaned up before my mom arrived. It was a huge family reunion, since everyone was now at my condo. My mom and dad, my brother, James, Rudy, his film crew, Nelson, Bennie, and all of our k**s, 7 in all. The nannies watched the k**s while the adults caught up and mingled and then Rudy and my mom and I went off to discuss business. I had already fucked Rudy three hours before, but when we were in the guest bedroom, he and my mom kissed and hugged and were soon engaging in oral sex as I sat and watched. My mom sucked his cock for quite some time and then I jumped in to help before he fucked her too. I had a feeling that Rudy was getting his last piece of the mom and daughter team before he gave us the news about our contracts and future role with his company. Rudy pulled his cock from my mom’s wide slit and then stuffed it into my mouth to cum as we all finished up with the trivialities of our meeting. I swallowed his spunk and then my mom dressed while he pulled out a couple of files from his brief case. “I’m going to miss both of you tremendously.” Rudy began as he pulled up his zipper and looked at us both. “I loved my time with you and we’ve made a lot of money together, but I am getting older and want to retire young, so I’ve sold a lot of my business overseas. Both of your contracts now belong to a Japanese firm that you have both worked with recently. I hope we can still remain friends and lovers on occasions.” He said with his con-man smile. “I’m going to push your reality show really hard and see who escort bornova might want a piece of it. If no one is interested, we’ll put it together as a DVD series and sell it. You’ll still get your share per our old contract.” He told us after the crew had left the room. “You’ll be getting your paperwork in a day or two and then most likely you’ll both move to Japan to continue your careers.” Rudy hugged us both and then he left the room, gathered up his crew and went back to LA. OHGirl: I had flown all the way back from Japan to get fucked by Rudy and then to be told that I needed to fly back. I was going to spend a week or more with my family in Vegas and I hoped to spend some quality time with my hubby, my c***dren and grandc***dren, and my lovers. I had fucked so many different Japanese men on my trip and now I wanted a few regular lovers back in my life. Once Velvet and I returned to Japan, our pussies were going to get stuffed and we were going to be the cum queens of the island. I spent the night with Mikey and my c***dren, while Velvet spent the night with her twin’s father, Bennie. Nelson had returned to LA with Rudy and she had invited Bennie to spend the night with her and the k**s. Luckily it wasn’t a school night, since we didn’t want him to miss his classes the next day, I joked with my daughter. She just smiled and closed the door as they retired to her condo for the night. I’m sure she was teaching him well. In the mean time, Mikey and I had a lot of sex and time to make up. Bennie was a cute k** and he took good care of my grandc***dren when he was around. He got to know me well enough over the next week that I even seduced him while Mikey and Velvet were gone with the c***dren. He wasn’t sure if I was teasing him or just playing a trick, but once I got him into my mouth and then guided him into my pussy, he realized what I was offering him and then pumped my box like most men did. My daughter knew what had happened when she saw me in my robe and smoking a cigarette, when she got back, and I smiled at her as she just shook her head. It was just impossible for me to meet a man and not fuck him. Velvet: My mom, dad and I got together to discuss our next move. I thought about cancelling my contract, but it brought up too many legal issues. I didn’t want to leave my k**s, like my mom had done, coming home once a month to see them was just too horrific for me. I had grown comfortable with staying home with my girls and having just three lovers or more, if the occasion arose. Now we had to decide how we were going to handle our newest change in life. After a long evening we decided to get a big condo in Japan and for everyone to move there. It would be a fun, learning experience and the k**s would be there with their parents. I would send for Bennie when he graduated the following year, Nelson could visit when he was shooting in the far east and Mikey would be there with both of us. It would take a bit of doing, but with some organization, Mikey decided to handle the logistics and the k**s until he could get everyone moved within the next month. It sounded reasonable and so during the next week, my mom and I moved to Japan to meet our new boss and begin shooting his specialty. Fetish cum gangbangs.

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