The Panty Cummer


The Panty CummerHi my name is Daniel, I am 5’7 tall, black hair, slim and muscular build. I been tasked to sort out a garden that had become over grown. The first day me and Alex was there but after that it was just me on my own. The lady who asked us to carry out the work was called Julie and she had daughter who not long turned 18 called Suzie. The first day was very hot so me and Alex had stripped off to our shorts. I noticed someone peaking at us from behind a bedroom curtain. I didn’t say anything to Alex. Julie had said that her daughter was back from collage on study leave. Julie came out and gave us drinks several times during the course of the day.The following day was even hotter. As I grunted and groaned trying to get the last of the of the rockery sorted out when I heard a voice behind me. “Hi, mum said to bring this out to you.” I turned round to see this slim girl in hot pants and a bikini top my eyes nearly popped out my head. In her slim hand she held a glass of juice.”Thanks. You must be Suzie.” I said trying to make small talk as her eyes worked her way up and down my body glistening in sweat. She just grinned and replied “Well, of course I am, you are Daniel aren’t you.” her smooth buca escort voice said as I tried to keep my eyes at her eyes. “Yes.” I responded as she turned and left. A little while later I put down the spade and moved across to the house. “Excuse me Julie. I couldn’t use your loo could I?” Julie who was in the kitchen nodded and said, “Upstairs on the door on the right.” “Thanks.” I said, removing my work boots so as not to tread dirt all through the house. I made my way upstairs and entered the bathroom. I locked the door and walked over to the toilet, as I started to pee I looked around the room, sink, bath/shower and a washing basket full to over flowing. I couldn’t help but notice the pair of knickers that were sat on top. They looked like they would belong to the daughter not the mother. My cock twitched thinking of Suzie in her hot pants. I found myself uncontrollably reach out and pick up the knickers and sniff them. There was a strong smell of pussy juices on them. My mind wondered for a moment. Thinking would I get away with a quick jack off. Turning round I sat down on the loo and began to jack my 8″ uncut cock. Sniffing the hot wet panties. Soon I was wanting buca escort bayan to cum. I didn’t have time to hold back and cum down the loo instead I quickly wrapped the panties around my cock and cum in them. I rubbed them about a bit to hid the cum stains and put them back as I had found them. Quickly I pulled up my shorts and left. Returning to the kitchen Julie didn’t seem to notice how long I had taken. I went back out and carried on with my work.The next day I only had one more days work there. I could see the face watching me from behind the curtain as I worked away. At lunch time Suzie arrived with a drink and some food. Again in tight hot pants and top. We sat down at the table in the garden as I ate and drank. Suzie sat with her eyes half closed and said”Did you like my panties.” It came out the blue, “What you mean?” I reacted flushing up red.”I know you unloaded your hot cum in them.” she went on with a grin. “I didn’t mean to.” I said quickly but she laughed and replied”Yes you did. I heard you ask for the loo, I hadn’t long been masturbating in the window watching you working. So I grabbed my panties and rubbed them inside and outside my wet pussy escort buca and put them in the loo on top of the washing to see if you see them and you did.”I went quiet I didn’t want her mother hearing our conversation. “How about you use your tongue on my pussy right now. Its wet for you.” she said slipping off her hot pants to reveal a shaven pussy glistening wet in the sunlight. “Put it away.” I whispered and she laughed “Mum went out ages ago. She gone shopping, its not going to lick itself.”I didn’t need asking again. I was soon between her legs tasting her hot pussy juices. It was even better then the smell on the panties. Suzie was soon cumming on my tongue and groaning. “Yes, Yes.” she said in a low voice. My cock was rock hard in my shorts, as I stood up she saw my bulge. “Get it out then” she said. I dropped my shorts to the ground. I was stood here naked in a customers garden with he beautiful 18 year old daughter. My cock was dripping with precum.Her eyes opened wide at the size of my 8″ cock.”Its bigger then I imagined.” she said and before I knew it she was sucking on it greedily like a dog on a bone.Deep throating me my balls hit her chin. Her tongue expertly run around my cock. Soon I said “I am gonna cum.” She picked up the pace but kept the rhythm until I cum in her mouth. Suzie then swallowed, took my cock out and said “Oh Dan, I would rather see you work with your big cock out.” She smiled and got up, “Our secret.” she said and disappeared indoors.

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